The 2012 Thrival Series

Something Big is About to Happen

It's bigger than 9-11, bigger than the global war on terror,
and bigger that the portents for WWIII in the Mid-East.

·  The energy fields of Earth are rapidly morphing.
  Spontaneous evolution is globally accelerating.
  Collective common sense 'Unity Conscience'

by Christos Lightweaver

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If you don't understand the energy shift driving the
accelerated rate of global change, you either
haven't been paying attention, or haven't
had it spelled out clearly, or perhaps
just don't care enough to know.

Know better to do better
in good

Mankind has free will, so anything is now possible
in our instant-everywhere interactive Net reality.

The free-will choice of global humanity in 2012
is not a mystery when you connect the dots to
the big picture of Galactic Alignment as our
 Solar System crosses the Galactic Plane…
known anciently as the ‘Great Crossing’
in the 25,920 year cycle known as the

See the amazing 3-D animation of the 25,920 year precession-of-equinoxes at this
2 min. YouTube video: 

The ‘Source Field’ is surging
 and 3-D density is purging
all that betrays 'urging'
of, by & for 'Source'
co-Creation with
the power of

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."

Conscience as Source Code for 'G.O.D.'
Geometrically Ordered Divinity)

The power of G.O.D.~
is a Higher Power that is
‘morphing the matrix’

for co-Creation via
the unified field
 Source Field.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field, l'll meet you there.

~ Rumi, the Sufi ‘Poet of Love’

That ‘field’ is not a battlefield but a ‘unified field’
of intelligence at the heart of the
Source Field
which is now surging with the etheric ‘Light’
that is flooding the Earth and transforming
our DNA, our consciousness and world.

At the heart of the Source Field is a ‘Force Field’,
the power of Cosmic
 framing Creation
with the ‘Cosmic Code’ that is not only beyond
time and space but also deepest within us all.

The core nature of this ‘Source Code’ is the
 universal urge to unite. We resist this urge
 at our peril because the power of

is the source of the force that gives us

the meaning, value and purpose of life.

"We can never predict what will happen exactly when a group becomes authentic
and open to the Spirit.  It's full of surprises.  Thank God, because while the
outcomes are usually quite different from what we imagined,

they are often far better than we could have dreamed."
~ Dr. Scott Peck, M.D., from his book,
A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN - Civility Rediscovered

As the G.O.D.-  code for our
   personal and planetary ‘holodeck
    reboots all-connected
    a new awareness of our wholEness
    will conceive, believe, achieve and
    thus receive abundant blessings of
 peace with a new ‘inner sense’ of
   the power of wisdom via universal
   love in our collective

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

We are here for a purpose – to thrive,
and we are all part of this together.

  All life serves this larger purpose,
 and our
freedom to know better
opportunity to do better
  compels that we
make it so.

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream.
The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and
in the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs.
Dreams are the seedlings of realities
The vision that you glorify in your mind,
the ideal that you enthrone in your heart,
this you will build your life by,
this you will become.” 
~ James Allen


Article follows:

Something Big is About to Happen

The Nature of the 2012 Perceptual Shift
In the 4 Quads of 2012

4 quads of 12 weeks + 4 week-long transitions
between the 4 quads of 2012 = 52 weeks

The following article represents the ‘holographic time coordinates’ for 2012, the ‘time codes’ for our individual and collective ‘holodeck’ as explained in the previous articles linked above.

How we perceive time is how we manage our perceptions and 2012 is an unprecedented ‘window in time’.  That window is opening from a ‘closed’ 3-D perception of ‘linear time’, as it goes ‘nonlinear’ in 2012 with ‘real-time’ (4-D) providing a bridge to 5-D Unity Conscience.

This process of ‘mass awakening’ is according to 'real time' cycles governing the ‘Source Field’ as is surging now with Galactic Alignment and re-alignment of our Conscience, BEING and all-connected Net reality.

Luminary leaders of the Alliance – a wide range of lightbearers and lightworkers – serve the  mass awakening of humanity for a singular purpose – our evolutionary ascension via pure attention that will pay attention with love’s retention into the 5th Dimension of a new common sense Unity Conscience.

“So long as space remains, so long as sentient beings remain,
I will remain, in order to help, in order to serve,
In order to make my contribution.”

~ from 'The Open Heart'
by the Dalai Lama

This is the purpose and plan the ‘Light’ knows and serves;
more ‘Light’ of an inspired nature… easier and faster…
 to culture global enlightenment in the 4 quads of 2012:

 ~ 1st Quad
From Winter Solstice 2011 (Dec. 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere)
 to Spring Equinox 2012 (March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere)

   In the 1st quadrant, pure intention empowers  the year cycle.
    If the momentum is sufficient, “moment-to-moment” (real-time),
pure intention will empower wisdom with love for all of 2012.
Pure intention is the ‘Cosmic Fire’ infusing 2012 from Source.
This ‘Fire’ burns through the density of 3-D with the 5-D ‘Fire’
   that is ordained for this time of perceptual shift enlightenment.

 ~  2nd Quad
From Spring Equinox 2012 to Summer Solstice 2012;
Initiating ‘Level Two’ of the ‘Founders Program’.

In the second quadrant, focused attention initiates wisdom.
 If momentum is sufficient, “moment-to-moment” (real-time 4-D),
focused attention enlightens the wisdom of  in 2012.
focus is on the ‘Cosmic Intelligence surging via Source.
 This Intel focuses ‘discernment of spirits’ to clear Conscience
as is ordained for this time of perceptual shift enlightenment.

 ~  3rd Quad
From Summer Solstice 2012 to Autumn Equinox 2012;
Launching ‘Level Three’ of the ‘Founders Program’.
In the third quadrant, love’s retention communicates better.
Once harnessing the power of love with your
pure intention and
focused attention, the moment-to-moment momentum of change
    naturally enables mastery of communication tools and processes
 that represent the highest and best use of your gifts, talents and
   resources for serving more Light and
, easier and faster.

 ~  4th Quad
From Autumn Equinox 2012 to Winter Solstice 2012;
Launching ‘Level Four’ of the ‘‘Founders Program’.

In the 4th quadrant, evolutionary ascension is mainstreamed.
         As a critical mass of global Netizens engage the process of conscious
       evolutionary ascent, the momentum naturally goes mainstream with
          systemic integration with the first principles and processes governing
          co-Creation with Source - the “
Creative Ascent Process” (CAPstone) -
           defining, refining, combining & ‘shining’ the Light of
G.O.D.~ .

     It is the momentum of “real time” (4D) integrity that is the key to ‘5D’
as we assemble the progressive components to the

  The VISION of pure intention;
         The VIRTUE of focused attention;
  The VALOR of love’s retention;
    The VICTORY of our ascension
into unity’s dimension with
 += in all 4 quads of 's 
‘CAPstone Conscience’

This Unity Conscience
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Earth's evolutions have finally reached the time - 2012
when the worldwide wide web of consciousness
is now
awakening with a new awareness
of opportunity for freedom of choice
as will involve and evolve our
individual and collective
'common sense' of

2012 is building to a grand climax of ecstatic revelation:
the revelation of
G.O.D.~ as ALL and in all.

This is the meaning of the ‘2nd Coming’ as the "budding" (Buddhic)
'mass awakening', coming as Christ-like spiritual virtue in our
collective  hearts and minds.  This is the way out of the
‘healing crisis’ whereby universal love heals all;
the end of war whereby Love conquers all,
winning hearts and minds by uniting
along more enlightened 'lines'
framing the Constitution
of one-universal

The web of consciousness with the “www” (world wide web) today has matured to this point of a natural mandate for the 'grand plan' - our divine destiny of, by and for self-correcting sovereignty principles at the heart of Net reality, a "high touch" (personalized) vision for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm - an upgrade of, by and for the all-connected web of Unity Conscience at the heart  of the web of life.

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. 
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." 
~ Chief Seattle

                Conscious Co-Creation with Source~G.O.D.~

Witness how the mysteries of time and space are being unveiled – quantum reality -- with an emerging “common sense” (Unity Conscience) which honors our new instant-everywhere and interactive response ability -- the ability to respond by linking the light of -centric Conscience; weaving the fabric of the web of life with pure intention that focuses attention on our evolutionary ascension as a holy whole… a holographic unified field of enlightened full-spectrum CONSCIENCE  in the “global brain” (5-D Conscience), i.e., a ‘prayer field’ of expectation and anticipation for the ‘KINGdom CONSCIENCE whereby all are sovereign “KING” (Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D.); This is the internal Constitution...

       ... the inner net  at the heart of the Internet and the
golden rule of  -- whereby  rules :

    ~ Affirmation of the aw of  via VISUALIZATION ;
inear eft-brain ogic of the “ogos” (aw) as a
          framework for a 'Conscious Constitution' of 
              ("Masculine" (assertive) principle; ‘Father as awgiver’)

  ~ Confirmation of the Spirit of with MEDIATION ;
         Non-linear right-brain intuition - the Spirit of the Law as
 at the heart of .
              ("Feminine" (nurturing) principle; ‘Mother as lvemaker’)

          ~ Determination of the 'Great Spirit' with CONCENTRATION ;
Co-creative synergy of the left and right brain hemispheres
                   as a balanced whole which is greater than the
 +  parts.
                       (Masculine/Feminine Law/Love principle: ‘
Unity Co-Creation’)

             ~ Consecration of the Spirit that matters with INTEGRATION ; 
Integrating the four sides to the “capstone” (5-D Conscience)
                      as the role and goal of
UNITY CONSCIENCE for a holy whole.
Spiritual~Mental~Emotional~Physical wholEness: ‘


 - Pure Intention of the 1st quad sets the matrix for 2012
     with the full momentum of
spiritual fire to burn through
       or otherwise transcend 3-D density and denial of cosmic-
       universal law-language governing global transformation.

           - Focused Attention in the 2nd quad launches the Alliance
                   with our
pure intention of, by and for wholEness as defines and
                         refines the ‘Circle of ne’ with the Law of the Angles of  “
Geometrically rdered Divinity) framing the ‘Spirit of the Law’
                       with the “Language of the Angels of
(our better nature).

         - Love’s Retention (3rd quad) combines the pure intention
              of the 1st quad with the
focused attention of the 2nd quad for a
              whole that is greater than these 3-D parts to “real time” (4-D).
Love’s retention of momentum, moment-to-moment ‘in time’,
           will culture unity at the heart of the ‘2012 Perceptual Shift’.

 - Evolutionary Ascension (4th quad) fulfills wholEness
                       by defining
pure intention, refining focused attention, combining
power and wisdom with loves retention, and thus culturing
                    the natural evolutionary ascension of the Family of Man with our
                     ‘real time’ capabilities for
Unity Conscience in our global village.

For more on the holographic ‘Source Code’ coordinates for the ‘holodeck’ between your ears, see also: The 2012 Source Code’.


The Alliance in no longer ‘anonymous’ in 2012.
 We’re unanimous in our magnanimous intent.

2012 is what we make it. This is no time to fake it.
This time is beyond ‘time’ as we have known it.
To realize  that our divine destiny is to thrive,
 global Netizens are seeing with real eyes…
for gathering the tribes - all that IS REAL.
Now is that time foretold and ordained.
We are ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth’.
 We are united in our vast diversity.
We know we have the response
ability - our responsibility - to
wise-up’ and ‘rise-up’ to
heal our ‘global village’
and begin the world
over again… with

Always … All Ways,


“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from: Conscious Co-Creation


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