Look to the Heavens
for Timely Signs of the Times

Heads Up! 
People worldwide are now seeing 'two suns';
see the pictures and videos for yourself.

There's a message here that you won't get
  anywhere else: THE REST OF THE STORY!

It’s ALL connected… as above ~ so below…
on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Timely TuneUp 2012 for May 25th

In yesterday's TuneUp, I discussed the ultimate choice every individual makes moment-to-moment… either devolution as disconnect from 'wholEness'... or  service to others in the spirit of wholEness.  This is the 2012 testing of all souls as the ‘veil’ thins with dimensional shift as discussed numerous times in archived articles.  The spirit that matters for winning from the beginning in 2012 is…

Service To Others

There is a story about an initiate of the mysteries of life who wanted to see Heaven and Hell while he was still alive. He was at the spiritual level where he could make such a request, so an angel let him experience it in a dream.

He entered a banquet hall where people had long spoons tied to their hands trying to eat their bowl of soup, but the spoons were too long and they were unable to reach their mouths. “This is hell”, the angel said.

Next, there was a dimensional shift of the same scenario, only here everyone was feeding their neighbor. The angel said, “This is heaven.”

Heaven is thinking about others and getting our needs met as others think about you.  The golden rule rules.  In 2012, we learn that service to others as thyself – cooperation along more enlightened lines ordained for these times -- leads to plenty for everyone.

The dimensional shift and the
movement to wholEness

"When you are engaged in absolute Reality and absolute Unreality,
 then your vision by
Love can span all dimensions. 
But when you are not, beloved, then your vision is limited,
the senses of the soul are not awakened,
and the third eye has no clear vision. 
For, beloved, God does not open the kingdom of heaven to you
unless he also opens the depths of hell.
Understand, then, beloved, that those who truly love
will not fear the embrace of Christ
or the challenge of Death and Hell.

~ John the Beloved, June 24, 1990 via E. C. Prophet

Got that? No fear as you
Look to the Heavens
for Timely Signs of the Times

There is an interesting consensus among the “cosmic correspondence crowd” (on Earth as in Heaven… as below, so above) that between the May 20th Solar Eclipse and the June 5th Venus Transit, a 'critical mass' (paradigm shift) is occurring in humanity’s collective Conscience of, by and for wholEness.

This is the
dimensional shift I've been anticipating over this last year... in synchronicity with the appearance of the 'Planet X Complex' that is being photographed with videos appearing of 'Two Suns' around the world.

Note the use of different color filters on this
telephoto lens shot of the ‘two suns’.
Technically, the Planet X complex is not a sun
but a mini solar system with a lot of space debris
that is being ‘back-lit’ by our sun to light up
as though it were a 'sun' from our perspective.

See also this recent video clip: Two Suns sighted in the UK

If you do a search for "two suns sightings", you'll find a lot more pictures and videos. Some of the better ones have been removed.  This is a rather taboo subject in the US with an orchestrated suppression of any official recognition of "Planet X" (Nibiru, Wormwood, '2nd Sun', etc.).  Ostensibly, this is to prevent panic, but we'll all be seeing it before long, so it is important that you know...


Authentic experts on this subject, like Gordon Gianninoto, have been reporting on this with numerous talk show appearances this last year, including Coast-to-Coast AM. His source of information is the ZetaTalk website that has 40,000 pages of Earth changes information that has proven to be highly accurate over a decade

Gordon is convinced that the PX complex is the harbinger of cataclysmic Earth changers, and he has a rather bleak doomsday view of the near future, but what the Zeta's have said is that there will be no severe cataclysms if the collective consciousness of humanity shifts "sufficiently" (critical mass) from 'Service To Self" (Social Depravity) to '
Service To Others' (Social Conscience).

That's where dimensional shift comes in...
a classic "Jonah and Nineveh' moment
for global humanity.

 Obviously, Gordon is right if there is not a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness of global humanity. The depravity of terror, war, Fukushima radiation and disease profiteering is destroying life on Earth... and if we don't self-correct quickly, it is the mercy of the Great Law that Earth 'reboots' before a greater suffering comes upon all sentient life.

Humans are supposed to be stewards of the Earth,
husbanding all life on Mother Earth.

But the game is not over.  People are waking up to 'eternal salvation' as well as 'eternal contempt' for those who have sold out to the self-serving wolves in sheep's clothing whose time is short and insanity is great.

The ‘mask’ is coming off all of us
as the veil thins rapidly in 2012.

The 'game plan' for a global revolution in higher consciousness is understood by few.  This 'game' is either for 'utopia' or 'dystopia'... for either a 'Great Purification' through conscious rEVOLUTION, or via cataclysmic reboot for a remnant who will survive and thrive. 

Obviously, the Universe has it's own agenda with Galactic Alignment
and passage of our Solar System through the Photon Be
of the Galactic Plane at this time of '2012'.

Personally I prefer the scenario whereby humanity unites with a dimensional shift in collective Conscience as naturally harmonizes the morphegenic energy grids of the quantum field... mitigating Earth changes as humanity 'husbands' a healing process on Earth.

For each unique soul and for all collective humanity
this is classic
'final judgment' stuff.

Either way, the Aquarian Dispensation for the next 2000 years is ‘ordained’ to have a golden age that may not be what you expected, but yet, far better than you may have ever hoped for.

The MOVEMENT we need to grasp -- for mitigation of 'judgmental dissonance' (and dysfunction) -- is the full meaning and potential of global
dimensional shift from the inside-out... to be the change we all want to see.

This 'Conscious Evolution Movement' is gaining momentum -- moment to moment - as more 'fence-sitters' cease to be subservient to a corrupt political system wherein the wheels of injustice are still turning.

Big ‘
DUH’ = ‘Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless’,

But this too shall pass.

A new order of the ages is emerging that will
look back at our past century as the new
C” (Before mainstream Conscience’).

The dimensional shift I'm talking about is a MOVEMENT from the highest pure intention of "3-D" (opening of the ‘3rd eye as explained HERE). This is one's initiation of a 4-D experience of "Social Conscience” (Service To Others).

As thus, it is the end of the world of ‘DUH
as we have known it.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies".
~Dr. Ron Paul



The choice is not between 'Left' or 'Right'.
It is the choice that is either for the insanity of endless terror war...
or against it.

It is the choice for either supporting the tyranny of the REAL terrorists...
or against it.

You either support the Constitution and the public for which it serves

or the corporatocracy and the stockholders for which it serves.

     When the law of the land is corporatocracy on demand,
 'Citizens United' is over-ruled by "Corporate Law"
(privatized profits trump public service).

Peace and Freedom WIN when you

A process of ‘mass awakening’ is now accelerating our fully present 4D real-time Social Conscience... the pure intention of focused attention with love’s retention for our conscious ascension. In good Conscience, we have the momentous opportunity to wise up and rise up into 5-D Unity Conscience in 2012.

So Claim the Victory of the United Sovereigns of Earth.

Join the 'Alliance' - Please forward freely,

~ Christopher

PS: This is more about our conscious evolution than 'kicking at the pricks'.
       This movement in our hearts and minds will neutralize the fear matrix
        with unabashed faith in a Higher Power for our thrival.

So take careful AIM with your prayers.
Be careful what you
AIM for because
what goes around comes around as
the veil ‘thins’ fast throughout 2012
- the
Ascent Intent Process” (AIM).


Pray that the Thrive Movement will thrive for 100% of humanity.
Pray that we come out of denial of our core social problems.
Pray that we come into forgiveness of all ill-gotten debts.
Pray that we begin holistic healing in sick institutions.
Pray for divine direction, perfection & protection.
 Pray for a global upgrade of our 'Net reality'.
 Pray for social Conscience in Net reality.
 Pray for the currency of Conscience.
  Pray for open & honest elections.
 Pray for honor in government.
Pray to lead by example.
Pray to do your best.

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding,
and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion, which desires the greatest good of
the greatest number are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never been employed. 
It can today save the world." 
~ Master Djwhal Khul 

Bottom Line:

For more on the Thrive Movement - the opportunity now -
see: '2012 DECODED'