Timely Tune-Up with

The Eye of G.O.D.~

2012 ~ May 23rd

When we see the best in people, a window opens to the realm of blessings in our lives. The kind man of G.O.D.~  sees G.O.D.~  in all mankind.

This is the opening of the ‘good eye’ – the ‘One Eye ’.
You are the One Eye
 when you look to SEE and know to BE the nature of spiritual geometry

…how the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. frames
the Language of the Angels of

The ancient mysteries are not a mystery when known. To have a
'good 3rd eye’ is to conceive, believe and achieve more light, life and love… easier and faster. An 'evil eye' slams that door shut.

Blessings bestow the Holy Spirit of -in-action that is
for giving…momentum to moment… building the momentum that floats all boats higher on the sea of life.

Enlightened Self-Interest will see the best in people as will empower the vision of virtue and valor for the victory
of conscious evolution... for one and all with
One Eye in everyone.

For Victorious Ascent of WholEness,

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