2012… Interesting times to say the least!

 Timely Tune-Up for 2012 - May 24

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There is an interesting consensus among
the “cosmic correspondence crowd”
(on Earth as in Heaven… as below, so above)
that between the May 20th Solar Eclipse
and the June 5th Venus Transit,
a critical mass of dimensional shift
in the actual mainstream-collective
consciousness of, by and for humanity
will “move” (conscious evolution)
 from the highest pure intention of
the 3rd dimension of "3-D"
(opening of the ‘3rd eye’
as explained HERE)
into a 4-D experience of
moment-to-moment momentum
that will accelerate the fully present
(pure intention of focused attention
  with love’s retention for ascension)
as will naturally provide the
momentous opportunity to
wise up and rise up into
5-D Conscience in 2012.

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