Christopher Rudy / TLC News Service / April 19, 2015

Keep the Faith - Big Changes Cometh

Almost 4 billion global Netizens want a free and open Internet,
but that challenges economics and politics of power to profit.

The currency of the realm has been based on scarcity's value for so long that an economics of abundance is an abstract if not bizarre concept. But the unprecedented abundance of knowledge power with the Internet has opened a Pandora's Box with abundant unexpected consequences.
The global acceleration of the rate of change with the computer/Internet revolution has reflected the instant-everywhere and interactive nature of our new Net reality.  Social conscience is rapidly maturing in our ubiquitous social networks. The Currency of Conscience is morphing the evolution of business with the business of conscious evolution.
A paradox wrapped in a conundrum
The valuation of scarcity with the prevailing economics of scarcity has created the global economy as we have known it.  But that's changing. Where it's going is not a mystery for those who connect the dots.
The oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' has succeeded to the point where scarcity's value has given currency to legalized plunder by giant institutions that create and manage scarcity for power and profit.
We've all witnessed how the military-industrial complex cares about as much for world peace as the medical-industrial complex cares for public health. Have you noticed that the biggest warmongers in Congress are virtually bought by military-industrial contractors via their K-Street lobbies?
Twice as much lobby 'contributions' come from Big Oil to congress critters who legislate for limits on solar energy growth and other free-energy technologies that have been suppressed since Nikola Tesla.
But the biggest contributions to congressional election campaigns -- about four times that of the military-industrial complex -- comes from the medical-industrial complex. Big Pharma gets the bulk of it, just as 6-of-10 of the most profitable Wall Street companies are Big Pharma companies that profit from a scarcity of health.

Just as "War is a racket" ~General Smedly Butler, so is disease a racket. MD's now prescribe 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of six. Toxic genetic poisons in a medium of aborted human fetal cells are injected in the most critical formative years for a lifetime of disease treatment with drugs for whatever ails you.

Corporate law has sanctioned that stockholder interests come before those of the public whenever profits are at stake. Those profits-before-people special interests have a vested interest in creating and managing a scarcity of peace, free power and health... NOT their abundance.
This is the method to the madness we see in the world today, but global humanity is wising up to the conflict of interest that pits Wall Street and K-Street against Main Street - the public at large.

Understanding the method helps overcome the madness.
We're told what's real in the mainstream media, and then we find what's really happening from good sources on the Internet.
Then it comes down to which "BS" (Belief System) you believe is true, or by default, going along with whatever "BS" that fits your comfort zone.
It's a different world we live in now.  An instant-everywhere and interactive global village for the Family of Mankind is emerging that naturally changes everything in potentially phenomenal ways.
That's the new 'Net reality' of almost 4 billion global Netizens connecting over the Internet. The technology has arrived for connecting hearts and minds worldwide. The Internet infrastructure is installed and operational.
The global mind is activating and organizing along more enlightened lines - universal principles for global common sense.
Imagine what that world will look like. Win/win cooperation for an economics of abundance will sooner or later overrule win/lose powers that sustain the prevailing economics of scarcity.
"HOW SOON" is the big question that enlightened Netizens are asking.
The answer is an on-going paradigm shift to holistic integration in response to systemic disintegration in core social institutions worldwide.

         Global Economic Reset is happening fast.
         Social Evolution Revolution is brewing worldwide.
         Urgent Signs of the Times fall on deaf ears.
Civility is strained folks. But we're at a turning point. Future vision of the opportunity for all is moving us in that direction.
Now is the time foreordained for many souls to wake up, wise up and rise up with enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
Remember that there are only divine solutions to human problems. We've got to rise up higher than the consciousness that caused the world problems we see. And the culturing of social Conscience with the co-creation capabilities of heartware can correct and direct the trajectory of our conscientious common sense in an upward-mobile way of "self-elevation" (salvation) for the Family of Mankind in our new global village.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good and Make it So!

PS: Modern quantum science and ancient advanced alchemy both utilize universal principles for manifesting optimal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical INTEGRATION - the 2015 keynote concept for initiating global holistic transformation. So take heart. Hold the vision of heartware for mainstreaming 'Global TLC'. ~CR


So keep the faith with the pure intention
of, by and for the children of Earth
who may thus grow and learn
to love and serve future
humanity with eyes
wide open for

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