2015 Integration Series
Heartcom Network

David Christopher Lewis, Founder of HeartsCenter.org,
introducing his new book for the Aquarian Age:
Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy

David will be my guest on Cosmic
Sat. April 18, 2015
and we'll be discussing advanced alchemy
for personal and planetary transformation.

Connect at: STATION ONE: 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET (U.S.).
Streaming live to 62 countries. Shows archived for free replay HERE.

Not only does David have his own radio show,
interviewing luminaries like Gregg Braden.
He also heartstreams messages with
a heart coherent connection in
quantum Source field.

David will provide Saint Germain's message
with highlights from his
Advanced Alchemy
 plus those principles and processes for
involving & evolving our

at the heart of The Presence that
lights every soul in embodiment
 at this 'Turning of the Ages'.

Welcome David Christopher Lewis to
  Cosmic with Your Presence,

Saint Germain's Quotes - Excerpts from Advanced Alchemy

"The radiance of the heart is the alchemical key in all experiments of the spirit. When you fully realize the intensity of this flame, nothing shall be impossible unto you. Your life will take on a miraculous aura of peace and divine ecstasy which is almost indescribable. Your inner knowing and growth will be most tangible to you and also to those around you. Ever has it been our cause to raise men out of mediocrity into the fullness of their divine potential. Yet most would have it not, having borne the hurt of past failures rather than looking forward to the glory of new and cosmic achievements.

"When you abide in love, I abide in you, for I am the embodiment of God-love as your Aquarian master. Portia and I anchor within the Earth the golden age consciousness of Father-Mother God, which they would have you also be.  For when the many choose to become this love, Earth shall truly be Freedom's Star!

"We come to deliver to you vials of love to counteract the vials of the seven last plagues.  Contained within these vials are components of each of the seven rays as elixirs, distilled down to the very essence and intensity of those rays. We are cosmic homeopaths, alchemists of the spirit, who bring to you the ascended-master antidotes to the perils within the Earth. These vials of love as concentrated quintessences of the rays will literally charge and change your beings in the twinkling of an eye when you imbibe them and allow a spiritual chemicalization to occur within you while maintaining your harmony, stability, and equipoise."

"My sacred formula for world transformation begins with love, it ends with love, and within its very center is the flame of eternal love. Therefore you must begin every experiment that you desire to be successful on your knees before God, in love with your Presence, whereby you submit all to that eternal science of the spirit through which there is the ennoblement of the soul through integrity, through that which you offer in service.

"Jesus said that all the law hangs on these two: to love God with all you heart, your mind, and your soul; and to love your neighbor as your Self. This is true, and thus you can see how love, as the alchemical key, conquers all. There is simply no space for fear, no place for anxiety, no place for rebellion or ignominy in your life. The darkness flees from you because you emit the solar radiance of your Source; and there is no shadow and no night where you stand, because the supernal Christic light flows and glows from your being, one with mine.

"I hear the questions of your mind before the frequencies of its emanations reach the higher octaves, and I answer each query with my ray of love, through which you may discern for yourself the answer. The Socratic method, whereby the master elicits from you your own true inner wisdom, is the way of Aquarius. We will draw out of you your inner genius, for it must be forthcoming in this age. We will magnetize, and where necessary, sterilize that which flows through your aura for the highest purpose of your soul; to know and experience God.

"I am your Knight Commander, I command you to love with a cosmic fiery heart, through which you may know your Self as gods and goddesses."

~ Saint Germain via David Lewis in
Advanced Alchemy
333 pages