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   80% of Your Immune System...

Your Colon and Endocrine Glands
by 'Dr. Christopher' / Jan. 22. 2014


As a naturopath who managed 3 holistic health centers over decades, I keep up on biological science.  In the early 90's, my third clinic, I was a pioneer in 'quantum medicine', the new 'bioenergetics of health' paradigm that will someday surpass
the 'chemistry of disease' paradigm of contemporary drug-based medicine. 

In order to help the most people now, I write about the most important things I've learned for holistic self care, specifically a strong immune system.

You may already have heard the statistic that 80% of your immune system is related to your colon.  It is also related to the different glands of your endocrine system which secrets the hormones that regulate all the systems of your body.

There is a direct cause and effect relationship between your colon and hormonal health. When people corrupt their colon with the "Standard American Diet" (SAD), a toxic gut poisons the entire body, weakening the glands and afflicting the immune system.

Life in the fast lane with incessant stress is a gut-buster, impacting the solar plexus energy center as corresponds to digestion and the colon.

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 25 million Americans, 
and is the leading cause of work-related absence."
[Harvard Women's Health Watch, April 2004.]

Some of us tend to be more sensitive to gut-wrenching emotional stress, yet 'hold it in'.
Others tend to be less sensitive and just 'blow it off', flatulence included.

This is no laughing matter if you are over 40 with diminishing digestive enzymes and increasing gas, bloating or the full range of gut imbalances from constipation to diarrhea. This always puts a burden on the immune system.

The whole body is like a plant that grows out of the 'dirt' in your colon. Healthy 'dirt', rich in bio-available nutrients, creates a healthy 'plant'. But a toxic gut is commonly caused by poor digestion, bad food-combining, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, toxic food additives, trans-fats, etc. Taking toxic drugs to suppress the consequent 'dis-ease' symptoms only compounds the toxic gut problem.

Those toxins pass through the permeable colon membranes to poison the glands and cause the pandemic of auto-immune diseases we now see with 'food sensitivity' which is a dysfunctional inflammatory immune reaction to different foods.

Here are just a few of the possible symptoms of food sensitivities:

  • Head: Migraines, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, brain fog;
  • Mouth and throat: Coughing, sore throat, hoarseness, frequent throat clearing;
  • Eyes, ears and nose: Runny or stuffy nose, ear ringing, blurred vision, watery eyes,
                                    hearing loss, dark circles under eyes;
  • Heart and lungs: Irregular heartbeat, asthma, chest pain, shortness of breath,
                             bronchitis; congestive fluid retention;
  • Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas,
                             stomach pain, heartburn;
  • Skin: Hives, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, hair loss, dry skin;
  • Muscles and joints: Weakness, joint aches, arthritis, swelling;
  • Mental: Depression, memory lapses, mood disorders, apathy, aggressive behavior,
                learning difficulties, confusion, cravings, binge eating or drinking.

Reversing auto-immune disease begins with strengthening the immune system.
Many people have asked me what the most important supplements are for building
the immune system and preventing disease.

Colon health with the best available 'probiotics' is at the top of the list. If you are "pro-life" (pro-bios) for your life, the health of your 'poop chute' is the bottom line. But all probiotics are NOT created equal.  Very few probiotics on the market provide peer-reviewed clinical research for validation of efficacy claims. The best results I've found came out of six years of global research regarding the most advanced "Soil-Based Organisms" (SBO's).

Also at the top of the list is nature's most complete 'micronutrient superfood' for your endocrine glands. This nutraceutical grade 'royal jelly' provides the precursors to the hormones that your glands secrete to regulate your whole body's immune system.

This "glandular superfood" (SPX) is also a metabolic activator for cellular cleansing. Each cell has a mitochondria 'powerhouse', and SPX is nature's DNA 'powerfood'.
This cellular power is used to "clean house" (dump toxins, cleanse wastes, etc.).

Healthy cell metabolism, and the healing process in general, requires that you get toxic wastes out of the body - a systemic cellular cleanse -- to optimize cell regeneration.

The combination of superior probiotics with this glandular superfood is far better for
over-all immunity benefits - biological synergy - than the sum of separate benefits.
'Super-Immunity Combo' is highly beneficial for more than 80% of your immune system. And the addition of essential fatty acids like organic flax seed oil will turbocharge the bio-synergy immunity benefits even more.

The future of 'Informed Choice In Health Care' is emerging with 'Universal Self Care'. And in the meantime, you still have the right to own your own body, mind and spirit.

For Your Holistic Health,

UltraMedics Services
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