The Great Global Turn-Around Boots Up

by Christos Lightweaver

Prophecy, predictions and portents for the future
    are all subject to global humanity’s free will power…

as the Aquarian Dispensation of Universal Love boots up the Great Turn-Around.

HEARTcom Network / Jan. 20, 2009

Two million people attended Obama’s inauguration as President.  The whole world was watching as never before – this is HUGE.  Will Obama rise to the occasion?  Will he assert the full potential of his intelligence as a teacher of Constitutional Law for ten years at the University of Chicago?  Will he finally explain to the world that we are experiencing – collectively – what the United States went through 233 years ago?

A Great Drama is playing out on the world stage.  The Great Turn-Around of Cosmic Cycles” is now being consummated in global events like clockwork -- the cosmic clockwork in the larger scheme of the 24,800 year “precession-of-equinoxes” - an astronomical period in which our solar system makes a complete orbit through our Milky Way Galaxy.  In this vast universe of quantum actuality that we subjugate as "reality", there is a frequency band of energies in this sector of our galaxy that repolarizes our DNA, consciousness, and the Morphegenic grids of the Earth as a platform for the evolution of souls.  And that frequency of energy has been known since ancient times as the Aquarian Age of freedom in the spirit of Universal Love.

From this perspective of Galactic Shift, global humanity is now awakening with a New Enlightenment as though stirring from a deep sleep. A good analogy for this accelerated shift in consciousness is what has transpired over the last 33 years with the computer/Internet revolution of instant-everywhere-interactive knowledge power.  This is the end of the world as we once knew it.  A new world is now what we make it.

The wheels of change are spinning faster on the 2012 timeline.
To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.
The downward spiral of bankster war profiteering is
 countered by decentralized global Net reality.
A new world of all-connected capability
for upgrading our core freedoms is
now mediating inner and outer
circles of the Power Shift
via the 1st principle of
spirit that matters
for recreating
our global

This is the time of the “Great Purification”, as was known to ancient Hopi and Mayan calendar systems, and it's now happening spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in our consciousness, BEING, and world-at-large. The old momentums of the worldly kingdom of outer 3-D reality as we have known it is getting the boot as the inner sense of 4th and 5th dimensional reality reboots our consciousness with the prime directive of the heavenly kingdom at this turning of Great Cycles.

By understanding the Universal Love coordinates ordained for Earth's Global "Galactic Shift",
 and by applying this golden rule/law language as a cyberethics interface for global Net reality,
 global humanity is now fulfilling our divine destiny with the evolutionary ascension of "HEART"
that is naturally outpictured in the world of form as a representation of the Spirit that matters.

"Naturally" is the operant word here.  The "light" of divine Love energies naturally disrupts the old momentums of prevailing perception that have been established in our social, political and economic institutions.  The old order still worth-ships materialistic idols of security without purity, and that paradigm paralysis is naturally being transformed as a more enlightened "kingdom conscience" upgrades our Net reality with an all-connected conscience.

Capitalism has succeeded to the point where gross defects now obscure actual gains.  Private capital under corporate law has hijacked public Constitutional law.  The privately owned "Federal Reserve Corporation" has taken over the public Treasury and the economy at the expense of economic health.  The same robber baron owners of the "FED" (the “banksters”) -- have used their moneyed power from Big Oil to suppress clean, virtually free energy breakthroughs that would eliminate contamination of planetary life support systems.  They have used their moneyed power from Big Pharma to suppress breakthroughs in holistic health care that would eliminate the sick system of using toxic drugs for whatever ails you.  They have used their ownership and control of Big Media to suppress the whole truth of all this that would eliminate their nefarious agenda for a “New World Odor” that stinks to high heaven.  And for lack of a social conscience, these psychopaths behind militarized corporate government have made a killing on terror, war, disease and virtually hell on Earth to order to concentrate their moneyed power through the creation and management of chaos, demoralization and destruction of all that free people have held sacred throughout history.


The cosmically ordained turn-around strategy is as simple as it is profound in its implications.  A moral compass at the HEART of our social networks will provide social conscience for moral direction.  An unbiased moral initiative of unbiased integrity -- at the interactive interface heart of our all-connected social networks -- will reboot core Constitutional freedoms at the quintessential foundation of social conscience.   More “light” of a moral nature will naturally neutralize the dark-side activities that value their power to profit more than the first principle of the Aquarian Dispensation – Universal Love.

The generation of baby-boomers who came of age with anti-war protests for “Light and Love” is now the generation that can see, as no other, how “commerce without a conscience” (material security without spiritual purity) has allowed the war racket to morph into a monster that is devouring the fabric of civility by bankrupting the currency of conscience at the foundation of healthy global economics.

The self-evident solution for corruption is conscience of a more enlightened nature.
The inordinate love of power depends on FORCE without a conscience.
It resorts to faithless FEAR to scare the be-Jesus out of conscience.
Conversely, the ordained power of love has no will to corrupt power;
the golden rule/law language at the HEART of every golden age
 naturally RULES with fearless FAITH in the power of love above all.

The ordained “mediator” for checks and balances on the use or abuse of power is the Constitution.  Since the beginning of the Republic, the most powerful private special interests in the world have attempted to control the Republic through control of the currency.  We see the fruit of FED fraud now.  What is not so apparent is how global up-wising can reboot a global up-rising for self-governing self-elevation out of this mess in “salvation” terms.  Indeed, there’s nothing more valuable than this vision that has found its time.

Pure intention with this DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE will focus attention on "MASTERMINDING"
at the highest level of personal and planetary evolutionary ascension.  And the vision alone
-- how that PROCESS will holistically upgrade our
TeLeComm infrastructure for HEALING CONSCIENCE --
will naturally provide the cultural DNA catalyst for self-correcting turn-around success.

The law of the land -- for global reboot – is the “Conscience Connection” on demand.  Civility demands it.  Social conscience demands it.  Reboot social conscience with "web 3.0" -- the web of light that represents the Higher Power of Higher Conscience -- and a comprehensive turn-around is conceived, believed and achieved.  This is the opportunity that ALL free people have waited for.  It is the one MANDATE that U.S. Founders would now reboot. 

To the extent that the high-sounding words of Obama and his team reflect and perfect this one core purpose and plan, to that extent will all their promises to uphold and protect the Constitution be fulfilled, finishing globally what U.S. Founders began locally...

... to network for the Net worth of full spectrum social conscience of the Big Picture that represents
"The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth so help me God!"

Freedom of Religion represents the free will that optimizes pure intention of, by and for good conscience;
the HEART of your religion is, indeed, the HEART of all great world religions.

Freedom of Assembly represents the Net reality of the Mother of all Networks – the local/global Internet;
the HEART of every social network is the
currency of conscience that cultures social conscience.

Freedom of the Press represents the ability of all global Netizens to publish in our core social networks;
the HEART of a free press is the ability to publish content that enlightens Net reality.

Freedom of Speech represents the e-valuation capability of all Netizens in our instant-everywhere social networks;
the HEART of free speech is the creation and e-valuation of content in our social networks.

Freedom to Petition government warrants a Space Age upgrade of horse-and-buggy representation capabilities;
the HEART of petition capabilities is the holy spirit of mass-to-mass LOVE-in-action, synergizing all the above.

"Fear not for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

Heaven knows that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is the “Kingdom Conscience” whereby all are sovereign “K-IN-G” with the “Keys to the INternalization of God”.  The “Keys to the Kingdom” are thus the archetypal keys to divine LOVE conscience.  These are the core Constitutional keys to an upgrade of our core freedoms in a global village of instant-everywhere-interactive connection.

The VISION alone, what that will look like and how that will work,
is whole enough and bold enough that when told enough
- positioned at the HEART of interactive
TeLeComm -
that it naturally becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
by involving and evolving our consciousness
with the core language of consciousness
culturing the currency of conscience
- the heart of global enlightenment -
 with the Kingdom Conscience
that provides cultural DNA
through the framework
of the “Constitution”
geometrized by
L O V E.

Common sense tells us that the Family of Man cannot be responsible for self-government in our global village without response ability.  Disconnect from awareness of the timely capability for a Constitutional upgrade of social responsibility is inadvertently denial of the moral imperative for social conscience in our social networks.   Whether through willful ignorance or cherished self-delusion, denial of this divine destiny for America and the world is denial of the right to genuine freedom for humanity.  It is the two-faced, fork-tongued betrayal of politicians who sabotage our divine rights in the name of “security” until we have neither freedom nor security… all with the sinister agenda of keeping representative government FROM the people rather than of, by and for the people – ALL people in our all-connected public sphere.

If should be a self-evident truth that the Obama team’s pure intention -- to turn things around -- will reboot our core Constitutional freedoms with an electronic infrastructure upgrade that makes the process of self-correcting self-governance more self-sufficient… with the currency of conscience at the HEART of it.  But the momentums of “DUH consciousness” -- behind the betrayal of social conscience in previous administrations -- will not end unless and until the bright light of full-spectrum public conscience focuses “more light” (power of love) where healing love has been lacking.

As the fiery spirit of global transformation grows brighter, many are the poor in spirit who won’t see the light until they feel the heat.  That heat will test all of us on the 2012 timeline, and as the veil thins, THAT TESTING IS GOING GLOBAL, ready or not.

The Bottom Line:  Be Prepared for Come What May

The future is not foreordained or otherwise “etched in stone”, so the wise ones will read the signs of the times and prepare.  One way or the other, we’re about to see the end of the “worldly world” (where materialism rules), with the emergence of a wholly new “Kingdom Conscience”.  The birth of the Aquarian Dispensation through 2012 will at least be traumatic for those who don’t “get it” – the big shift to the spirit of universal love in the image and likeness of the “universal Christ-like mind” that mediates precepts of G.O.D.~LOVE conscience at the HEART of the Family of Man. 

Calling all Lightbearers, Lightworkers and Lightweavers!
This is the time ordained for
more light .

Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth for those whose love of power and glory has eclipsed the power of love. Their time is short and wrath is great.  Their final rebellion against a God of Love may well be to make everyone as miserable as they are.  Fortunately, the Dark Age of moneyed power without spiritual principle is ending, and we can pray that the time of tribulations will be shortened by the true “elect” who elect or otherwise choose to reboot the divine in 2009.  

Rest assured that every soul goes to their just reward in the cosmic scheme of things.  The PROMISE, for every soul of light, is that pure intention will focus attention on our personal and planetary ascension of, by and for more light – the conscience connection.

This is the ordained path for the divine destiny of Earth. This is how we each and all will define, refine, combine-synergize and shine our individual and collective conscience - the moral imperative.  With that vision, people matter as much as private capital, and social conscience creates checks and balances on inordinate concentrations of power that subvert the public common wealth.

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns
 to the broader concerns of all humanity."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Two million people are estimated to be attending Obama’s inauguration as President.  The whole world is watching – this is HUGE.  Will Obama rise to the occasion?  Will he assert the full potential of his intelligence as a teacher of Constitutional Law for ten years at the University of Chicago?  Will he finally explain to the world that we are experiencing – GLOBALLY – what the United States went through 235 years ago? And that we need social conscience in our social networks as the the most powerful tool for real change?

"One of my fundamental beliefs from my days as a community organizer is that real change comes from the bottom up.
 And theres no more powerful tool for grass-roots organizing than the Internet."
~ Barack Obama, during the primaries

Wow, would that be refreshing!  Give us a real vision of where we are and where we’re going.  Nothing like jumping-starting a vision we can all believe in.  Let’s hear it for winning from the beginning with a vision of virtue for the victory of personal and planetary freedom.

May Enlightened LOVE Bless Humanity with the Power of Aquarius


Practical spirituality warrants that you "get it" and also "give it".
The key meaning of responsibility is an ability to respond.
Above all, genuine LOVE is for giving, not for getting.
The poor in spirit can't give what they don't have.
The currency of conscience requires action.
Pay it forward -- network for Net worth.
Net reality with good conscience
 results from LOVE-in-action.
Holy spirit naturally IS
 what a good heart


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"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin