BANKSTER BAILOUT:  Socialism for People?  Or Privatized "Corporatism" for Profit?

Either government is of the people or over the people.
Government of, by and for the people only works
if the perks of privilege, party, profit & power
 are all regulated, governed or otherwise
controlled by love of a Constitution,
 a system of laws representing
the public, and ultimately
the Constitution of,
by and for one

Most people just can't get their head around it...
the bailout of the banksters, by the banksters and for the banksters.

I think any thinking person today knows the United States is now
 under the control of these multinational corporations.

These are global fascists. And lets get that term nailed down. When I say fascists I use it advisedly. Look in the dictionary. The dictionary definition of fascism is the combination of state and corporate power, usually fueled by nationalism. Okay?

Now, Mussolini himself, who coined the term because it came from his Blackshirts, the Facistas, he said that maybe fascism isn't the correct term. He said the more correct term is corporatism, rule by the corporations. I think any thinking person today knows the United States is now under the control of these multinational corporations. What I'm trying to tell you is, they were either created or bought up by these displaced National Socialist Nazis after World War II, and they've been slowly buying up corporate America.

The big fish eat the little fish, until now there's just a handful of these corporations; and they're all controlled by the same families, the same companies, the same bloodlines, who were connected to the rise of national socialism in Germany.

Let's explain. The big bankers want to train us and domesticate us with social engineering to pay our money to them so they can steal it. Look how the bankers got the bail-out. 
Look how fear mongering has worked form 9-11 BUSHwhack to the bankster bailout.  Socialism for them. Public extortion for their private gain. Then they use our tax money to create a police state, creating and managing chaos and terror to orchestrate Martial law for tyranny under militarized corporate government. Classic Machiavellian tactics on war steroids.

Realize how their fear of losing power -- and fear of what's coming -- has frozen their conscience.  Consider the Nazi fascist component that came out of England and Germany with the social engineering, with the PhDs that come out of Prussia. That's the micromanagement, the control, by the neocon gurus, the intellectual elite sycophants of the power elite psychopaths.  These are those whose inordinate love of power without principle has eclipsed the ordained power of love.  They care only for themselves.

This is their agenda, replacing fearless faith in the Constitution with faithless fear that surrenders genuine freedom for illusory security until we have neither. The fruit of that bankrupt conscience is a bankrupt economy, domestic terror, endless war, a backwards disease care system and sacrifice of the sacred for the gold calf of Wall Street profits.

The bottom line is that there is "bad juju" (evil spirits) that have infiltrated government like a cancer in the body politic.  Call it greed or the arrogance of power or the antichrist energy that crucifies all that humanity holds sacred.  They know what's coming on the 2012 timeline and have prepared physically with their underground shelters and food reserves.  What they don't realize is that, sooner or later, we all go to where we're coming from.

The heaven or hell we go to is the one we "ask for" in the eternal scheme of soul evolution. 

Take Care and Prepare, All Ways.


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