Clear the Holodeck - Time to Reboot!

by Christopher Rudy, Montana ranch hand, house painter,
       Clear View Window Cleaning Service, Netizen journalist
and Host of 'Cosmic Love'

4-D Time/Space Coordinates - July 15h:
Full Moon in Capricorn and beginning of the
'4th Night' of the final 2011 '9th Wave'
of  the Mayan Calendar System

Keynote "Energy Signature" at this Time:
  A new understanding of 5-D holism in the
holographic field of quantum 'Net reality'
Co-Creating 'above-as-below' by way of
    morphic energies of synchronous synergy
    with the Power of Love on the threshold of
   Mass Awakening ~ Unity Conscience.

“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from: “Conscious Co-Creation


As global weather and human affairs on Earth becomes unstable during our solar system's alignment with the Galactic Plane in 2011, there are naturally disruptions in the quantum field of our Earth holodeck 'classroom' (platform) for the evolution of souls.  Earth changes are accelerating. Magnetic fields will dramatically change with the Planet X fly-by. EM fields in the brain's 'holodeck' will be greatly affected.


Now is the time to prepare for the Big Shift, to strengthen your 'light body' and anchor consciousness with those archetypal thought forms which geometrize 'Source Code' for your holodeck.

Mass awakening will REBOOT with Unity Conscience beyond faithless fears.  For those with nonlinear "future memory" (beyond the 3-D linear timeline), this is already occurring. For those stuck in 3-D, inordinate fears challenge ordained faith, and that reality betrays resolution.

"These are the times that try men's souls..."

  ~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, 1776


Now is that time when the 'Great Testing' in the quantum field of the spirit/matter matrix is the 'Great Purification' of, by and for the Spirit that matters... above as below... on Earth as in the heavens above. And there are 'rules' -- the Universe has 'methods' -- whereby 'Universal Co-Creation' will make it so.


It's a 'vibrational' thing. 'Vibes' matter - the 'Spirit that matters'. And at the universal heart of this Spirit that matters is the "Language of the Angels of Love" (pure intention) -- as focuses attention with the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) for 'temporal retention' (4-D) and evolutionary ascension into the 5th dimension as the 'Common Sense' (Unity Conscience) which has sparked the 'vibe" of every UP-GRADE (for up-wising and up-rising) in the eternal scheme of soul rEVOLUTION.


The Internet has been the prelude of the InnerNet,
the etheric web of
Unity Conscience which is
going mainstream via Galactic Alignment.

This process of UP-GRADE with '
Conscience Reboot' naturally heals the full-spectrum autism, disconnect, dissociation and dysfunction in the collective consciousness of humanity.  Such an up-grade -- as in 'graduation' from 3-D paradigm paralysis -- is a RE-BOOT of the currency of Conscience at the heart of our Net reality in a new global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet connection.
The full implications of this UP-GRADE of Net reality is a synergistic integration of hardware, software and netware with heartware, and after we UP-LOAD
heartware into our social networks -- to upgrade the Operating System with 'Source Code' -- social Conscience will naturally RE-BOOT in our all-connected social networks.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

~ Author of COMMON SENSE, Tom Paine (a common man's 'common man'), who sparked the American rEVOLUTION with conscientious common sense.

Since our new global Net reality has now succeeded to the point of unprecedented capability for 'Unity Conscience' (Common Sense), all social, political and economic problems can now be understood simply as a lack of pure intention for the Unity Conscience as will make it so.

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; 'tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial and article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated."  (The Political Works of Thomas Paine, p.55.)

Common sense would say that a comprehensive reboot of social Conscience in our social networks will culture unity-in-diversity for REAL come-into-unity COMMUNITY on all levels from local to global.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."

~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

This PROCESS of holistic reboot -- between our ears -- is a process of alignment with cosmic-universal order and those archetypal first principles of, by and for conscious evolution via Universal Co-Creation with the 'Source Code' for rebooting the holodeck 'matrix' in a systemic, synergistic and synchronicity way.

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution, and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to First Principles." ~ Tom Paine's COMMON SENSE, the same flame of Unity Conscience as is now finishing globally that which U.S. Founders began locally.

--------- Article follows:

Clear the Holodeck - Time to Reboot!

Civilizations rise and fall according to inexorable universal laws that will not budge.  When social Conscience is strong with conscientious common sense, civility thrives. By default -- when social Conscience is afflicted by divisive self-serving special interests -- civility is corrupted and civilization dis-integrates.

This 'common law', also known as 'natural law' or 'universal law' is the heart of common sense, i.e., '
Unity Conscience'.  This golden rule/law language for every golden age is not rocket science.  As the Piscean Master might say in contemporary Aquarian terms, it is simply:

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength, and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

This first principle of, by and for Aquarian-collective 'self-governance' is the heart of pure intention as will focus attention and sustain retention of the first principles for our evolutionary ascension into the 5th dimension -- the unified field which connects the holodeck between our ears and the holodeck we call 'universe'. Or as Einstein put it:

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security." (color emphasis added)

~ Albert Einstein, Letter of 1950, as quoted in The New York Times (29 March 1972) and The New York Post (28 November 1972)

As above so below; unity is what Unity Conscience does.  The self-evident truth of this PROCESS is that self-governing self-correction is the natural path to a self-fulfilling prophecy of a self-elevation or 'salvation' nature.

Either civilization is busy being reborn in the
image and likeness of 'Source Code'',
or it is busy dying due to '
(Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless)

The PROCESS of atonement-as-atONEment has always been the common sense governing social relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence for the holy whole of sacred Conscience.  Such conscientious common sense understands how the current 'debt crisis' is due to the inversion, subversion and perversion of the currency of Conscience

How else do you explain the affliction of Main Street for the profit and power of Wall Street?  Is it true that the predatory policies of highly organized greed and selfishness has profited from war, disease and destruction of our environmental life-support systems?  Would you agree that mass awakening with a global rEVOLUTION in common sense
Unity Conscience will finish globally what U.S. Founders began locally?

Ahhh... the vicissitudes of Conscious Evolution... the stubbornness of "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis)... and the intransigence of fork-tongued, two-faced politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths while rationalizing and justifying public debt for private bankster profit from, and control over,
the public.  Is there something wrong with this picture?


 "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue,
deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments
 by controlling the money and its issuance."

 ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President

OK... so we all know that the American Revolution jump-started self-governing conscious evolution worldwide as has arrived to the point of global rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word.  We all want to see that as a fulfillment of the Power of Love and Wisdom beyond any debt... forgiving our debts even as we would have our debtors forgive us. Ready or not, that may become a core survival talent.
Granted... there is nothing that will unite global humanity like a crisis on the scale of global pole shift, and the cosmic timetable for that global event is at hand... ready or not.  The question is whether global humanity can mitigate that 'natural process' through a PROCESS of alignment with natural-cosmic laws governing conscious rEVOLUTION... or will it be for the remnant to reboot global civility along more enlightened 'lines' which frame common sense '
Unity Conscience' with the 1st principles of the Constitution of Conscience.

"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress,
and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink;
but he whose heart is firm, and whose
conscience approves his conduct,
will pursue his principles unto death."
~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1, 1776

Ask yourself:

If it were a matter of life or death for global humanity, would enough good people rise to the occasion and unite via alignment with a Higher Power governing our divine destiny?


Is it true that there is a Natural Law governing conscious evolution whereby divine order in the universe frames the Constitution of Conscience... worlds without end?

Would you agree -- in all humility -- that the higher one’s concept of Universal-Cosmic Law, and alignment with it, the greater the results as will most likely warrant divine intercession via the mercy of the 'Great Law'?


"The Universal Law is: 'Ask and you shall receive.'  'Knock and the door will be opened.' There is another Universal Law that states: 'The call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed.'  These are nonnegotiable tenets of our sacred gift of Free Will. These Universal Laws mean that our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven cannot intervene in our Earthly situations without our permission." ~ Patricia Diane Cota-Robles from: Important Preparation for the Global Activity of Light in August 2011,

Worldly 'Powers That Be' (PTB) have shown us that the most difficult thing in the world is to remain non-attached to temporal worldly power and control over the financial and human resources of the planet.  The PTB have shown us what happens when highly centralized, top-down, self-serving, privatized public institutions conflict with core Constitution freedoms as could now provide highly decentralized, bottom-up, "grass-roots" (Net roots) social Conscience in our social networks.

But that gridlock shall pass,
one way or the other,
ready or not.

The ordained power of love is now, and increasingly will be, the resolution of the inordinate love of power.  Universal Co-Creation with this ordained Higher Power is the genesis of Unity Conscience.  It is the conscious evolution of global humanity in Co-Creation with Higher Power which resolves the devolution and dissolution influences of the corrupt worldly PTB.

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, 1776

These words were read aloud to the rag-tag Continental army on Dec. 23, 1776, two days before the Battle of Trenton, the turning point in the Revolutionary War. It was also published widely in the Colonies, an attempt to bolster morale and resistance among patriots, as well as shame neutrals and PTB loyalists toward the cause of freedom.

Today our new Net reality compels rEVOLUTION of a non-linear nature from the inside-out. The 'enemy' is simply a lack of
Conscience.  The 'test' is to get past THE PAST... to clear the holodeck for reboot of our collective consciousness via the Constitution of Conscience.

"...striving for such achievement is in itself
    a part of the liberation
and a foundation
for inner security."
~ Einstein, full quote above

It doesn't take an Einstein to realize that pure intention of, by and for conscientious common sense will create a prayer field for Unity Conscience. That prayer field is a unified field of expectation and anticipation for the liberation of humanity along more enlightened lines framing the Constitution of Conscience.

There is no security without inner purity,
and there's no social dispensation
 of salvation via Higher Power
without consensus in
the power of

All the spiritual revolutionaries of history have had the same message for our conscious evolution with the Spirit that matters.  Spiritual foundations are eternal.  Universal-Cosmic Law will not budge.  Or as wise old Ben Franklin said to those revolutionaries who ratified the Constitution in the 'New World' of America,

"Either we all hang together or most assuredly,
we'll all hang separately."

And so it is with the Constitution of Unity Conscience in our new world of instant-everywhere-interactive TeLeComm capabilities today.  We can either unite in alignment with Higher Power or suffer the separation from the blessings thereby. 

Mankind has free will so anything is possible... even the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love whereby the personal-planetary holodeck reboots along more enlightened lines framing the
Constitution of Conscience.


The rEVOLUTION needed now is spiritual above all - the Spirit that matters. It matters when you take response ability -- your ability to respond.

Either you are part of that solution, or you're part of the systemic '
D.U.H.' problem. Do what you can because you can!  Link the Light of Universal Co-Creation by re-posting "Holodeck Reboot" to syndicate this vision for the 'Great Awakening' of Common Sense Unity Conscience.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

 ~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi, Father of India’s Independence

In the Spirit of Universal Co-Creation with Truth and Love, our Sacred Gift of Free Will Ultimately Embraces the Constitution of Conscience, Claiming the Victory of Conscientious Common Sense as our Unity Conscience,

~ Christopher

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