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The 'Re-Public' Heartland has Spoken

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  The American Republic is now being re-invented.
  This is actually the
Second American Revolution.
A new common sense has awakened to spurn
  the intellectual elite and power elite in America.

Heartland America has voted

Consider the red states and their 'character'
 - common country folk with common sense -
  who were called ‘deplorables’ by Hillary, and
  were scorned by talking heads in Big Media.
They've been seeing red (feeling outrage)
 and voted with resentment – for retaliation.

Realize that this was not a vote for Trump
as much as a vote against the Deep State
of Clinton-Bush; the
corporatocracy cabal
that impoverished America for their profit
and power OVER us... rather than of, by
and for all of “
US” as United Sovereigns.

Claim the Victory of the 2nd American Revolution

"We Have Won the Revolution!"
Published Nov 10, 2016 / StevePieczenik.com
Wikipedia bio of Steve Pieczenik HERE

So now Trump is faced with the most
   important deal-making of his 70 years.
He will either surprise us once again
 with common sense that’s best-for-all,
  or he will be a puppet for the pathetic
    potentates who have contempt for US.

Glenn Greenwald's article - MUST READ!
The Democrats Were Warned
Nov 9, 2016 / TheIntercept.com
The Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal
to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

EXCERPT: "The institutions and elite factions that have spent years mocking, maligning, and pillaging large portions of the population — all while compiling their own long record of failure and corruption and destruction — are now shocked that their dictates and decrees go unheeded. But human beings are not going to follow and obey the exact people they most blame for their suffering. They’re going to do exactly the opposite: purposely defy them and try to impose punishment in retaliation. Their instruments for retaliation are Brexit and Trump."

Here Is What Donald Trump Wants to Do
in His First 100 Days

Nov 16, 2016 / NPR / Amita Kelly

Trump Campaigned Against Lobbyists,
 but Now They're on His Transition Team

Nov 11, 2016 / NYTimes.com

(over the next 100 days)

  Do you remember how quickly Obama
betrayed his base of public support?
For his team of advisors, he selected
 banksters who bailed themselves out
  of economic crisis that they created…
    and look how well that has worked out.

 The super rich are now super richer
at the expense of the middle class,
 and the
Heartland wants CHANGE.
  (but not trickle-down spare change)

(@ 20 million views)



He will represent us - what’s good for everyone -
or he will do what the
Deep State has done, and
 create more austerity while promoting prosperity.

The Deep State of western monopoly capitalism
– top-down authoritarianism – is disintegrating.
A Unity State of 'United Sovereignty' (globally)
is integrating Net reality – our common sense.

Witness the Family of Mankind in
our all-connected global village.

 Realize that enlightened conflict resolution
 of, by and for global community could now
mature quickly in global social networks...
 ending the dark night of the soul for 
US as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

What’s best for 'US' is also best for the World.

Julian Assange Issues Statement on the US Election
Nov 7, 2016 / ZeroHedge.com

    Perfecting the ‘United State’ of ‘US’ means correcting
 imperfections and moving forward in good faith that
emerging blueprint for national/global win/win will
   reflect and perfect meritocracy and cooperation with
   ALL global Netizens united for co-creation of peace
    and prosperity based on our enlightened Net reality.

  Global geopolitical reset is imminent. Consider the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age as the larger
 context for the November election FLASHPOINT.


Trump will rise or fall in popularity accordingly.
He will either negotiate peaceful prosperity by
 culturing common cause for public service,
 or self-serving corporatocracy will deal him in.

Trump has an opportunity to build momentum
by leveraging his election mandate for all US
 United Sovereigns – a win/win for ‘
 as the ‘
I AM RACE’ (anagram) for Net reality;
 the Family of Mankind in a new global village
  of interactive community for unity in diversity.
   This 2nd American Revolution will rise & shine
    with clear vision of comprehensive meritocracy
  as a compelling alternative to corporatocracy.

    The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
   is defining and refining our new Net reality
  with global relations of ultimate reverence for
  that which
unites US rather than divides US.

Edward Snowden (11-11) on the Trump Election
Click on the center arrow to make the video play.

Snowden @ 16 minutes replies to the Trump election.
(Note the emphasis on a social media solution for 'us'.)

  Enlightened meritocracy serves the vision
   of ultimate merit – spiritual virtue above all –
whereby the ‘
Currency of Conscience’ will
prosper at the heart of the Next Economy.

Or as the chief architect of the Constitution said,
“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Fourth U.S. President

Meritocracy has always advanced the prospects of
“good business”
   and it’s also the working model of good government.

     The business of evolution is the evolution of business
   from centralized, one-way, top-down corporatacracy
   to decentralized, interactive, bottom-up meritocracy.

Common sense Conscience may be uncommon,
  but the American Republic will not survive to thrive
   without a meritocracy that recognizes and honors
   the best solutions – from any source
for consent
   of the governed, and for our global holistic healing.


1- An Internet strategy that 'mediates' consensus
  - 'consent of the governed' with an upgrade of
  core Constitutional freedoms for representing
   Net neutrality that cultures our common sense
social conscience in global social networks.
A public health care strategy that liberates health
    - well-informed choice for universal health care -
      that includes a single payer system and provides
   free ‘health assurance’ policies with incentives
    for the public option of owning your own health.
3- Reset of the economy to redeploy public assets
 - the 1 + 2 path to an economics of abundance -
   with an abundance of conscience and health as
     the foundation for peace and prosperity globally.

Keep in Mind the Future We All Want:
Genesis of the Next Economy

The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age will
  include a new currency for the Next Economy
    and we'll see crypto-currencies as are evolving
    worldwide to increase the valuation of currency
     and culture global prosperity programs that are
     having unprecedented success East and West.

 Introductory videos at: ‘The Next Currency'


So keep your eye on the 'ball' - globally.

With more ‘Light’ – LOVE wins.
With less ‘Light’ – more chaos.

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age