The Evolution of Currency

Since Bitcoin matured as a standard, I have followed
the evolution of cryptocurrency for decentralizing
 or 'unbanking' central banks as we knew them.
The most advanced and successful system
 has unprecedented growth in real value.
If you are open to an innovative way to
secure and increase some currency
 invested in OneCoin, please watch
the following videos and contact
me with questions. THANKS,


One Minute Intro on Cryptocurrency

Executive Summary on OneCoin

 Short Video Introduction to OneCoin

Long Video Introduction to OneCoin / OneLife

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2016

Following is the video of OneCoin's Founder,
  at the European conference mentioned above.

"We are writing history with cryptocurrency.
 We not only describe the future of money.
Actually, we take a very active approach
in shaping the future of money."
~ Dr. Ruja Ignatova