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By Christopher Rudy, Publisher
Heartcom Network

July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse

The Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom and Opportunity
with an Emerging Global Economics of Abundance

 The global knowledge explosion with unprecedented knowledge power
is creating a new economics of abundance that makes the
oxymoronic “value of scarcity” obsolete with

free abundance of that which
all free people hold

sacred .
[Note: color coding for "Initiates" who appreciate
language of full-spectrum consciousness.]
The last 2000 year Dispensation of Pisces was distinguished with Great Love
which culminated in the Great Experiment in representative God Government.
The great desire for personal freedom has faced great challenges from those
who want to own and control the physical and human resources of humanity.

The Big Shift into the next 2000 year Dispensation of Aquarius is ordained to
pass the torch of Great Love that gave birth to American freedoms in what is
now a global village of instant-everywhere-interactive capabilities for culturing
 the holy spirit of
Love-in-action at the heart of global TeLeCommunications.

The beginning of a new world of
Love-centric TeLeComm is the end of the
 world as we have known it; with "
TLC" as the rule of, by and for Great Love,
our new pervasive social network
TeLeCommunities will culture a new social
TeLeConscience for the holistic TeLeCare healing of all our social, political
TeLeCommerce institutions; TLC rules for an economics of abundance.

The global knowledge explosion with unprecedented knowledge power has
 nurtured a new economics of abundance that makes the oxymoronic value of
 scarcity economics obsolete, just as mass-to-mass
TeLeComm applications
  will center and connect Higher Power that makes a scarcity of love obsolete.

This is the divine destiny of Earth's evolutions that is ordained for this time.
This is the global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness of Higher Power
  as will naturally create an abundance of that which free people hold sacred.
   With the golden rule/law language of universal LOVE as the rule,
TLC rules.

Good bye scarcity economics.  Greetings Next Economy!


Following is the "keynote"  (GeoNotes) for the July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse.
This is one of the longest and most powerful eclipses in modern history.
It is an alignment of the Sun and Moon that channels cosmic energies at
this auspicious time for the quickening of divine Father-Mother energies.
This celestial event amplifies the Ascension current on the 2012 time line.

Keynote Message of the Eclipse is coded in the following:


Abundant wisdom has a way of getting everything in order with a heart.  Smart without heart isn’t wise, just as heart without smart lacks wisdom.  But TOGETHER there is a unique synergy that has given rise to the evolutionary ascent of human consciousness with the currency of conscience at the heart of it -- the Next Economy .


·       The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in ordered memory (mental knowledge);

·       The more knowledge we have, the greater is the need to synergize mind and heart  (wisdom);

·       The more wisdom we have, the greater is our natural evolutionary ascent with abundant love conscience.


As the rate of change accelerates, a new economics of abundance is being reflected and perfected in the world wide web of consciousness – our new Net reality as The Family of Man in a global village of instant-everywhere-interactive consciousness.  We’re all in this together, like it or not, and one's global perspective helps the pure intention of this first principle for abundant wholeness and healing in our ALL-connected global village.


The unique alignment of energies during the July 21st Solar Eclipse are a conduit of cosmic
 energies from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy through resonant alignment with the
Sun, Moon and Earth in our Solar System.     The message of this cosmic connection
is qualified by three unprecedented geometric patterns called the “finger of God”
which includes the outer planets, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto.
The Sun-Moon conjunction is the focus of energies in one finger of God.
A Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is the focus in another finger of God.
Pluto is the focus pointer of energies in the third finger of God.
There is more to this eclipse than secular science admits.
Some say that it points to the pregnant meaning of
"It's All Connected" and "We Are All One".


Mother Earth is indeed a platform for the evolution of all sentient life on Earth… and it’s time to heal the post-traumatic stress of man’s inhumanity with the unconditional love of Nature’s God -- the angels of our better nature.


Time as we have known it is rapidly becoming “timeless” as the rate of change accelerates on the inexorable 2011-2012 timeline.  Thanks to our new Net reality (Internet connection), time and space have been eliminated.  The mysteries of G.O.D.~LOVE have been unveiled.  Global Netizens who “get it” (pure intention) are now nurturing the nature of every good Mother who focuses the attention of her children with the unconditional love of the Divine Mother.  This unconditional love honors the first principles of universal LOVE conditioned by the Divine Father. 


Divine harmony embraces divine order which embraces divine harmony.  This is the divine destiny of Earth’s evolutions with the rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness that will make it so – the marriage of the divine feminine energies with the divine masculine energies within each and all.

Heaven knows that it is this marriage of divine order and harmony within “US” (United Sovereigns) that will claim the victory of “Higher Power” (Higher Conscience) as global humanity fulfills our divine destiny with a rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness


·       Unconditional Love of the Divine Feminine is for giving; pure intention that asks nothing in return.

·       Conditional Love of the Divine Masculine is for getting; focusing attention with pure intention to "get it".

·       The marriage of these divine attributes gives birth to higher consciousness of Higher Power within “US”.

·       By raising the standard of Divine LOVE at the heart of global TeLeComm, we fulfill our divine destiny.


Give it?  Got it?  Good!


The price of freedom and opportunity in our global village is no less and no more than the priceless love of truth as the truth of universal .  The heart of the Constitution has always been the constitution of universal .


"As a man is said to have a right to his property,
he may be equally said to have a
property in his rights."
--James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constition
National Gazette Essay, March 27, 1792


It is only the marriage of divine attributes  -- both conditional love () and unconditional love () – that will create the abundant love conscience () as will culture our vast, virtually untapped capabilities  () for healing the post-traumatic stress of 9-11 for what it was and is – a wake-up call for global humanity. 


It’s time to reboot the memory of the divine for healing of the “only human”
tendency to misuse the Higher Power of
vested in each and all. 
It is
pure intention that focuses attention on one’s evolutionary ascension
 That’s true for all of us, and it is also our collective divine destiny to
 utilize the operational Internet tools given us to make it so...
a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness.

Consider the full implications of potential abundance, now emerging in our social networks.


The cost of memory storage on the Internet has become so low, with memory storage so inexpensive and abundant, that Google’s YouTube can allow core freedoms of speech, assembly and "press" to people worldwide as U.S. Founders could never have conceived nor believed.  If you tried to explain what the Internet would do -- before the Internet -- people might think you were a nut case.  But just look at the free video archive provided by YouTube.


“YouTube let’s anyone post a video to their site free,
and lets anyone watch a video on their site free,
and it doesn’t have to pass judgment on the quality of the videos.”

~ The New Yorker, July 6 & 13, 2009


This is an extraordinary example of abundance through the new freedom of the press – a new type of “web press” – that makes your computer monitor the modern printing page, movie screen and interactive interface for mass-to-mass communication… coming soon to a social network dear to your heart


The trendline is self-evident if you connect the dots.  The Big Picture of emerging social conscience in social networks is following a natural trajectory – a dramatic upward spike.  Abundant conscience is thereby defining, refining, combining (synergizing) and shining a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness. 


You might call that the divine destiny of Earth’s evolutions or simply the natural consequence of abundant love conscience that holistically heals our consciousness, BEING and world-at-large.


For the poor in spirit who lack this vision of abundance, scarcity’s value still rules their worldview based on the prevailing economics of scarcity… that there’s not enough smart and heart  to take heart with abundant wisdom. From that perspective of scarcity, abundant love conscience  is just dreaming a reality that doesn’t exist  (to them).  The price of freedom for such scarcity of conscience is too expensive  (for them); the price too high (to them). 


Neither the pride of great intelligence - the intellectual elite,
nor the pride of powerful influence - the power elite,
nor both together can make for "genius".
Great LOVE is the soul of genius.
The truth of wise dominion
is the wisdom of


What is too expensive for our global village now is the consequence of victim dictum rather than victory virtues.  The cost of "scarcity's value" is too high.  The price of love-challenged policies is too great.  There is no future in "DUH" (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless).  The scarcity of love "BS" (Belief System) is only sustained by the perverse love of scarcity... as though that was a sustainable value with a sustainable future in the face of an unprecedented potential for abundance of that which all free people want most.

Lack of love is actually the cause of all contemporary evils;
quick to judge, easy to anger, slow to understand...
prejudice, fear and ignorance go hand-in-hand.


The only cost for the victory of freedom on Earth is the virtue of abundant conscience.  It was the defining Prophet of the Piscean Age who said, to paraphrase, Seek ye first the kingdom conscience, and all else shall be added unto you.  That is the same spirit of abundant sovereignty whereby all are king with love of the Constitution that is, at heart, the golden rule/law constitution of .  Or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution said,

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President


One may well ask, “Where is this all going?”  Not just this treatise, but also the global computer/Internet rEVOLUTION .  How do our other core Constitutional freedoms fit into this evolutionary mix?  And is a new economics of abundance making the current value of scarcity obsolete?


"Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks,

and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


Assuming that you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, let’s get right to it.


There are three categories of potential abundance that can now liberate humanity from the oxymoron of “scarcity’s value”.  It is abundant conscience – Higher Power as the holy spirit of -in-action – that mediates the New Media, heals via New Health Care, and provides the currency at the heart of the New Economy.


Each category has a multi-faceted claim to a wholly new
economics of abundance:

This information is "for Initiates only".  If you have not contributed as an "Initiate" yet, but would like to read these links above, please read and consider if you are able or willing to contribute.


Heaven knows that the divine destiny of global civilization has full regard for the eternal rules of cosmic order and moral virtue.  Or as the Founding Father, George Washington said so well,


"The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation
that disregards the eternal rules of order and right,
which Heaven itself has ordained."
~ George Washington


With TLC as the rule, rules!




One for All.
Holistic Visionary
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Promoter, Global Upwising ~ Global Independence




[Optimizing the Ascension current amplified by the July 22 Eclipse]


The Will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.
The Law of the Angles of G.O.D. frames the Language of the Angels of Love.


"When you are engaged in the process of discerning absolute Reality and absolute Unreality,
then your vision of, by and for
 can span all dimensions to discern Net reality. 
But when you are not – lacking the fullness of
, then your vision is limited.

 That’s when the senses of the soul slumber -- the third eye with no clear vision. 

The man of God sees God in all man, at all levels, for all time and in all ways.

God does not open the kingdom of heaven to you unless he also opens

the depths of hell where you may witness unto spirits that lack love.
 Understand that those with the fullness of
 will not fear
the embrace of Christ or the challenge of Death and Hell."

~ Christos Lightweaver via the Ascended Masters [reference:
John the Beloved, Dictation by E.C. Prophet, 6-24-90]



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Summary Action Plan:


Declare your independence from scarcity consciousness
- building the kingdom of heaven with abundant conscience -
 and claim the victory of the abundant life with global love.

Realize why we call it "2009 AD" (After the Death of Christ).
That's how one keeps the abundance of the living Christ alive.
Take heart that higher consciousness of Higher Power wins.

The end game of that millennial initiation of global humanity
is the new game of the next millennial initiation of global love.

The higher the concept of
conceived, believed and achieved,
the greater the results with a global rEVOLUTION of, by and for
abundant conscience of abundant
at the heart of the
abundant life.


Pray and prepare for come what may, ready or not.
There will naturally be disruption of corruption.
Corruption lacks abundant servant leadership.
Abundant conscience makes corruption obsolete.
The rate of change is now accelerating as never before.

Claim the Victory ~ All Ways


-- above all -- is for giving.

Networking for the Net worth of Net reality that
cultures the Power of Love at the heart
the HEARTcom Network


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin


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