Emerging Global Order in a Tangled Web of Confusion

A public plan with public options is emerging
based on core Constitutional freedoms and
the value of conscientious common sense.

That may be challenging for status quo interests
that have privatized core public institutions for
less public oversight and more covert control.

Resolution of this conflict between freedom and tyranny
is the divine destiny of Earth's evolutions as will fulfill
a global rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness.

By Christopher Rudy


For those who can step back and objectively survey the tangled web of confusion challenging resolution of core issues with the economy, health care, government  and global civilization-at-large, you may find this interesting.

If you've been paying attention with pure intention for real change that we all want to see, you are well aware that the great experiment in global freedom and opportunity is reaching a climax with mass awakening to core self-evident truths:
1.  How good things could be for all humanity with the potential for unprecedented abundance;
2.  How opposition to the abundant life is naturally neutralized by mass awakening in abundant conscience;
3.  How the divine destiny of global independence is the rule of law with the Constitution of Universal LOVE.
The 3 keywords for this emerging order are abundance, conscience and love.

"To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself."
To be more specific:

1 - Consider how good things could be for all humanity with the potential for unprecedented
It was a common layman, Thomas Paine, who sparked the American Revolution with his wildly popular publication of COMMON SENSE, and it is the spirit of that same COMMON SENSE behind the global Revolution in Higher Consciousness that is now creating a surge of innovative intent to find spiritual, mental, financial and technological solutions for the type of change that all enlightened people want.
Just how good could that be?  Is it true that there are extraordinary untapped global resources that humanity could now utilize for unprecedented abundance?  Would you agree, that's a good thing?
Consider how super-electrolysis breakthroughs could liberate humanity from toxic petrochemical pollutants.  Homes or neighborhoods could have their own water-to-hydrogen generator with no pollution.  Cars, trucks and planes could be pollution free, running on simply the hydrogen in water, released on demand (no need for storage of hydrogen) through state-of-the-arts super-electrolysis technology.
Consider how holistic health care breakthroughs could liberate humanity from the systemic consumption of toxic synthetic drugs that treat symptoms but compounds the systemic toxicity in the body, creating more disease.  The core health principle of "do no harm" could restore the emphasis on building public health by preventing disease, and the public could have free access to information that achieves this for their own unique biology, psychology and holistic health philosophy.  And since that which naturally builds health is also best, at therapeutic levels, for treating disease, the healing of the sick health care system could evolve rapidly.
Consider how interactive media breakthroughs could liberate humanity from lockstep "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis) by culturing conscientious common sense through a mass-to-mass communications upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms.
The evolutionary ascent of Global Independence in our new global village
will naturally embrace a new Common Sense with self-evident truth:

Energy independence that sustains our environmental life support systems;
Health care independence that sustains holistic health of body, mind & spirit;
Media independence that sustains social conscience in our social networks.

2 - Consider how opposition to the abundant life is naturally neutralized by mass awakening in abundant

It's one thing to know that there are corrupt institutions that profit from war, disease and the cowardice that tolerates victim dictum rather than victory virtues in abundant
conscience.   It's quite another thing to champion the type of integrity and courage that U.S. Founders demonstrated to pioneer the Great Experiment in self-rule through a well-informed conscience.

is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution,
4th U.S. President

Conscience is the pure intention of common sense for our common wealth.  The currency of conscience is the most sacred currency that the economy needs for sustainable common wealth, and this most sacred of all property wants only the liberty of appearing in all our social, political and economic institutions.

 "We have duties, for the discharge of which we are accountable to our Creator and benefactor,
which no human power can cancel. What those duties are, is determinable by right reason,
which may be, and is called,
a well informed conscience."
~ Theophilus Parsons, the Essex Result, 1778

Conscience is the focused attention of social institutions on core Constitutional freedoms.  This is where the most sacred of all property translates to the rights of all humanity.  That core concept of Tom Paine's COMMON SENSE was a sufficient catalyst for the American Revolution, and abundant conscience is likewise a sufficient catalyst for finishing what U.S. Founders began in our new global village of instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Conscience is the cooperative spirit of good will for good trade in a good system of commerce based on win/win rather than win/lose competition.  The evolution of business -- the Next Economy -- naturally follows this business of evolution through good conscience that knows better with pure intention to do better in the spirit of non-violent rEVOLUTION (90% of the word).  Commerce without conscience is a devolutionary force that destroys civility.  Or as the leader of India's independence revolution said,

Commerce without morality is a sin.
~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

3 - Consider how the divine destiny of global independence is the rule of law with the constitution of universal LOVE:

Abundant conscience
is, at heart, the constitution of universal love that checks and balances the inordinate love of money and power. 

Obviously, you can't legislate morality any more than you can legislative
love.  You can't order people to love.  You can't force people to love.  It must come freely.  To have a government legislature without love is like having sex without love.  It may procreate but the progeny tends to be as heartless as the legislation -- lacking love

The executive branch of government is supposed to execute laws in an executive way of Constitutional integrity.  This branch of government seized war powers with 9-11, a classic case of domestic terror trauma to create the psychology of subservience to tyranny.  This shock to the psyche of global humanity was a frontal attack on everyone's common sense of security -- our faith in

The legislative branch of government is supposed to lawfully represent
love of our core Constitutional freedoms that empower the constitution of universal love.  That constitution at the heart of the U.S. Constitution is great love for the freedom of all humanity as we would want freedom for ourselves, especially today in our new global village of instant-everywhere-interactive social networks with social intent for social conscience with social love

This concept of "social
love" is the fulfillment of the Constitution which was conceived with love, giving birth to a nation of love that burned bright in the torch of Liberty for all people of Earth.  This was a Christian nation that understood the golden rule.  What goes around, comes around.  We reap what we sow.  That's why the prime directive has always been, "Love is for giving."  We get what we ask for with consequences for our free will choices.  Collectively that understanding matures to fulfill the law of love in our social institutions.  That is the promise which all government representatives make when they are sworn in with their hand on the Bible while making the vow to uphold the Constitution - Christian love-in-action.

This pure intention was never more needed than in our world today with unprecedented knowledge power and capability for greater

Cycles in history repeat themselves with core themes of the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.  As civilizations evolve, they go through a cycle that begins when their core virtue of a spiritual
love nature creates extraordinary abundance of a materialistic nature that leads to "crucifixion" (suppression) of their spiritual nature until that civilization is "resurrected" (up-wising) with spiritual virtue-in-love whereby the evolutionary "ascension" (up-rising) of that civilization once again progresses.

"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth."
-- Thomas Paine (Common Sense, 1776)

Jefferson understood how society naturally evolves and how the constitution of love should represent the Constitution of representative government.

At least a billion people worldwide have come to a similar conclusion in their heart of hearts -- that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the divine right of ALL people a United State of
love.   The flame of freedom and opportunity can no longer be denied global Netizens in our New World of virtual omniscience -- all knowledge at our Google fingertips.  But what good is knowing better if we don't do better?
It is once again a critical time to appeal to the angels of our better nature -- as Tom Paine appealed in Common Sense -- to memorialize greater service as
love of, by and for THE LIVING.  Or as Thomas Jefferson said:

"Can one generation bind another
and all others in succession forever?
I think not.
The Creator has made the Earth
for the living, not the dead."
- Thomas Jefferson, 1781

The torch of Liberty was ignited by the living spirit of Common Sense love of the living; love of life, love by life and love for life -- ALL life.  The consequent enlightenment sealed the fate of tyrannical dark forces and brought the Constitution to fruition.  Now a new enlightenment is need to finish globally what U.S. Founders began. 
Such enlightenment shall not perish from the Earth as long as common sense in the spirit of
love prevails.

The Mind, once enlightened,
  cannot again become dark.
- Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE

It was a
love to serve the public at large -- rather than the domination of elitist special interests -- that was a truly revolutionary concept in the New World of America.  Likewise, it is an equally revolutionary concept in the New World of instant-everywhere-interactive global village Net reality today. 
It was the printing press that empowered the publishing of COMMON SENSE that sparked the American Revolution, and it is the modern printing press the world wide web that has sparked a global enlightenment and freedom movement unparalleled since early America.
It was the printing press that led to the enlightenment in Europe and found fertile ground in the independent spirit of Americans.  Ben Franklin used that printing press to enlighten Americans with self-improvement virtues that reflect the golden rule.  Numerous other printers published COMMON SENSE because the vision of freedom was a hot item in early America. 

This vision of freedom and the opportunities with enlightenment go hand-in-hand with the virtue of love.

The New World of early America was a fresh start, a "white page" on which to write a new Constitution of freedom and opportunity for all mankind.  Tom Paine was speaking for all mankind -- now as then -- when he said:

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Indeed, the New World of America today -- the Net reality of our global village connection -- promises a global reformation and resurrection of freedom and opportunity for all mankind.  But as with the former Revolution, the problem is not so much getting the new vision of an electronic Space Age upgrade of the Constitution into our heads.  It's getting the old "horse-and-buggy" model of representation out of our heads; the anachronistic system that has been virtually hijacked by love-challenged organizations which barely serve the purpose for which our social institutions were created.
The new global enlightenment is now challenging this
love-challenged collusion of giant corporations with big government.  What is best for all people in our all-connected global village has been largely co-opted by powerful special interests whose bottom line is dictated by Corporate law that puts shareholders before the public whenever profits are at stake.
Corporatism, a form of fascism when in collusion with government, has put itself above the rule of law by the Constitution.  Since the Constitution upholds the public's interest in
love above special interests of self-serving private corporations, the conflict of interests perpetrated by Corporate law has continued to pit the profit and power interests of a new corporate tyranny against the Constitutional law that was created to keep this abuse of power in check.
For 231 years since the Revolutionary War, corporate insiders in government have been rewriting this common sense of common law whenever profits are at stake.  Corporate interests have infiltrated regulatory agencies to favor corporate interests.  High paid corporate lobbyists have increasingly pressured, blackmailed and outright bribed congressional representatives.
Early in the last century, private corporate banking interests took over control of the U.S. currency through the Federal Reserve banking act in violation of the Constitution.  The same power elite banksters were then allowed to finance World Wars I and II for great profit to themselves.  With the power to profit from war, these war profiteers increasingly seized power as they had covertly seized the power of the purse.  Few American even know the history of this lack of
love in a shadow government behind the scenes.
Since WWII there has been massive consolidation of all mainstream media by huge corporate conglomerates that are tied by stock ownership and interlocking directorates to the same oligarchy of banksters who profit from war, dependence on Big Oil, growth of the military-industrial complex, and a drug-based medical-industrial complex (Big Pharma). 
Most people reading this are well aware how this new corporate tyranny has put short-term profits for corporations above the law of the land and long-term health of the Republic.  Common sense would say that war profiteers are the real enemy of peace.  Peace would put the war profiteers out of business.
With profits at stake, the Iraq War was created with political doublespeak like “preemptive war” (offensive defense), utilizing mass media propaganda with outright fear-mongering lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.  War is the archetype of profits without Constitutional principle.


“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of
fighting a foreign enemy.  Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is,
perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises
and develops the germ of every other...
No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution and 4th U.S. President

Common sense would likewise tell us that Big Oil is suppressing cheap-clean energy alternatives for their own profit and power just as Big Pharma suppresses non-invasive and inexpensive holistic healing modalities because it puts their profits at stake.  The agenda of Big Pharma is simply that a pound of cure with drugs is 16 times more profitable than an ounce of prevention -- turning common sense on its head just as the banksters have subverted the golden rule to mean He who has the gold, makes the rules.
John D. Rockefeller (the Father of Big Oil) virtually took over the medical-industrial complex with drugs-per-symptom medicine early in the last Century.  Most drugs are synthetic petrochemical derivatives and Rockefeller was pushing snake oil remedies even before he started buying up oil wells.  Rocky used his oil profits to finance 1,100 medical schools in American with pharmacology at the core of the curriculum, turning out “ethical” drug pushers every since.  It’s not just coincidence that Rocky and friends have controlling stock interest in most drug companies just like most of Big Oil and most of Big Media.  This is the dark side of monopoly capitalism that holds the U.S. economy hostage to its demands.

And what better way to control mainstream media programming of the mass mind than outright owning Big Media’s profitability by pushing drugs for whatever you?  Approximately 200 Rockefeller "families" -- related through marriage and interlocking stock interests -- virtually own controlling interest in major public institutions of energy, health care, banking and mass media. If you don't believe this, read the books by Eustice Mullins on "Death by Injection" and "Secrets of the Federal Reserve"; free online / search titles.

Some may wonder how Rocky's empire could grow so quickly, but consider that he was one of the founding stockholders in the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation.  This corporate empire of the superrich understood that the only way they could insure profitability is to make the rules for public institutions so they don't put their profits at stake.  That why Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banking and Big Media have infiltrated Big Government. 

It's not a conspiracy.  It's all right out in the open.  What we have now is an overt corporate tyranny that creates and manages Big War and vaccine-induced plague to justify Big Control -- virtual suspension of core Constitutional checks and balances that would put their profits at stake.  They force the issue of Martial law and totalitarian control out of THEIR FEAR of loss of control of core social institutions.  It is THEIR FEAR that creates and manages public fear so the public will surrender freedom for security... until we have neither freedom nor security.
So you see why common sense in the spirit of
love has become uncommon in America.  Giant corporations have become the enemy of our health and peace on Earth.  Our core institutions have been taken over by love-challenged institutions that have a vested interest in making common sense uncommon.
How many people realize that hundreds of thousands of American die every year from drug side effects?  Millions of Americans have died from cancer that was totally preventable or easily cured with breakthrough healing modalities suppressed since early in the last Century.  Indeed, millions of people worldwide have been killed or maimed for life by war profiteers
profiteers who make a killing, literally, on the creation and management of war, disease, death and a toxic environmental hell on Earth that poisons ALL life.

Love heals all, and this destructive lack of love is not sustainable.  Earth has had enough of this "crucifixion".  It's time for resurrection, one way or the other.
It is the angels of our better nature -- the
love of, by and for ALL life -- that puts public health and well-being above corporate profits.  Likewise, it is the Constitution of a universal love-centric frame of reference that can resurrect, reinvent or otherwise reboot divine rights in the public sphere of our global village.
True Freedom of Religion ultimately embraces the Law of the One in our all-connect Family of Man. Enlightened Netizens embrace this spherical consciousness of global relevance, global relationships, and ultimately global reverence.  This is the spiritual heart of a New World of global village Net reality -- One Earth with one
love of a natural universal law-language nature.  Common law has its roots in that common sense -- the "Best for All" Principle.  But those roots have been uprooted by corporate law that puts stockholders first whenever profits are at stake.

That uprooting of core
love virtues has mutated the golden rule into "He who has the golden goose for profit makes the rules".  This is the challenge to the first principle of abundant conscience in love that embraces what is truly best for all.

I could not be leading a religious life unless I identified myself with the whole of mankind, and that I could not do unless I took part in politics.  The whole gamut of mans activities today constitutes an indivisible (holy) whole.  You cannot divide social, economic, political and purely religious work into watertight compartments.

"Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi, who championed India's Independence

True religion is like honorable politics or pure apolitical science.  It is the spiritual experience of a whole that is greater than the sum of all religious, political or scientific parts.  This is the spiritual experience that our ALL-CONNECTED global village has brought us to.  What goes around, comes around to this ALL-connected realization.  The resurrection of love is the 2nd coming of spiritual fire to Earth.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

The computer/Internet revolution has once again resurrected a new common sense that has brought the whole world to the threshold of a spiritual experience that will harness abundant knowledge power to heal the life-support systems for Earth.  But that decentralized grass-roots (Net roots) revolution with abundant conscience in love has hit the wall of an economics of scarcity that corporate tyranny maintains to profit a few while the destruction of life and liberty threatens the very survival of love on Earth.
Within the last century, hundreds of millions of people have been killed due to tyrants and bad leaders with power-mad intent to own and control the physical and human resources of Earth.  But just as the kind man of God sees God in all mankind, so do enlightened people now see how a New Global Enlightenment will put the Dark Age of 20th Century inhumanity behind us.

Global TeLeCommunity is rapidly decentralizing with response ability
for global responsibility culturing
abundant love conscience. 

A new global “judicial system” (love of wise dominion)
is culturing our common sense Net reality with
open systems of public representation
- a new global legislative system -
that cultures a new public
response ability and
of, by
& for


A new wisdom – that knows when to thrust with power or cohere with love
checking and balancing the love of power with the power of love.

~ excerpt from "First Principles for Global Wholeness and Healing"


The shadow government of, by and for secretive, dark-side “powers that be” is being exposed, checked and balanced by a new light full spectrum consciousness – that is matriculating the matrix of global Net reality with a wholly new currency of conscience. 
We're not out of the woods yet.  Corporate profits-before-people interests challenge public interests more than ever before.  Giant corporations in collusion with corrupt government leaders have usurped the Constitution for profit and power.  

All laws of man are accountable to the ultimate laws of life and liberty -- call it "Natural Law" or "Universal Law" or the "Law of
Love".  All sacred scripture references this law and common sense knows it as the "golden rule".  To deny this "rule of love" at the heart of the rule of law denies the purpose for which the Republic of the U.S. was created -- rule by Constitutional law rather than rule by self-serving corporate law.   Such institutionalized selfishness has always been the nemesis of true servant leaders "of, by and for the people" -- ALL people of the current generation living on Earth.

This is the spirit of "the angels of our better nature" (
love).   This is the flame of liberty and common sense that overcomes the warring in the mind and heart of omnipresent humanity.  It ain't rocket science.  Every enlightened soul knows we are all ultimately accountable to universal laws of justice just as every social network on the World Wide Web would ideally represent abundant social conscience in the spirit of love.

Obviously, we won't see holistic healing of all our social, political and economic problems with the same consciousness that created the problems.  It takes a leap of faith in the Great Law of the Great Spirit with
abundant love conscience.  If we are to be ruled by ultimate accountability for what we believe, think, feel and do, THEN WHAT WILL BE THE MEDIATOR THAT BRINGS MORE LIGHT (to enlighten) GLOBAL NET REALITY OF A LOVE-CENTRIC NATURE?  Forgive me for shouting except to proclaim this point with emphasis.  Mass enlightenment will naturally follow enlightened interactive mediation of mass consciousness with love Consider the truth of this -- how that will work.

"It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry."
- Thomas Paine

Ask yourself, how else do you get a hundred or million people responding to the same Net media program at the same time without creating noise? 
Is it true that mass responsibility naturally follows a more enlightened process of mass response ability with an
informed conscience?
Would you agree that a standardized model of "e-valuation criteria" (cyberethics) is needed for real-time mass
response ability


Based on your response, consider how that interactive interface for mass response ability must be based on the constitution of consciousness if it is to involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience.
It is the language of light-as-consciousness that provides the ideal mediator for a process that involves and evolves more light with the wisdom of
abundant love at the heart of it.  Call it one's Higher Self as a mediator for a Higher Power -- each souls mediator for Higher Conscience.  The higher the concept of a cybethics mediator for abundant love conscience -- for global TeLeCom --  the greater the results.
Bring this same process of mediation to the interactive interface heart of our instant-everywhere social networks -- the Internet -- and you can imagine what will naturally happen. 
Abundant love conscience has always been the great healer and peacemaker.  Call it the intelligence of common sense that connects us with a Higher Power, or call it simply the spirit that matters on earth as in heaven. 
The one great "self-evident truth" that global humanity must now confront is an uncompromised vision for culturing
abundant love conscience that represents the victory of freedom and opportunity for all mankind.

What Thomas Paine did for America, and Gandhi did for India, needs to happen in our new global village -- Global Independence from those privatized public institutions where the love of power has eclipsed the power of love.

This is and will be a moral revolution in higher consciousness that represents a Higher Power at the heart of social conscience in our all-connected social networks.  It will finish what U.S. Founders began, upgrading our core Constitutional freedoms with informed choice that makes our social institutions accountable to the currency of conscience -- a moral compass magnetized by
abundant love conscience.

Abundant conscience with the currency of love makes the economics of scarcity obsolete just as a global upgrade of our Net reality with a reboot of core Constitutional freedoms will make obsolete the value of scarcity "BS" (Belief System) that sabotages
abundant conscience -- the love we hold sacred.  Divine direction, perfection and protection naturally follows the obsolescence of scarcity's oxymoronic "value".  The fruit of overcoming such self-contradictory "values" is what Thomas Paine called "Common Sense" and Jefferson called "natural law" -- the universal-cosmic law language that makes divisive religious and political belief systems obsolete.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
  that makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller

The real patriots in this movement -- to fulfill the divine destiny of global freedom -- are those who get it and give it pure intention with focused attention on the evolutionary ascension of humanity.  The role model for the real patriots needed on the world stage now are those in the humble image of Thomas Paine and The Legacy of U.S. Founders.

The more clear the vision a nonviolent rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness, the more self-evident becomes the compelling movement towards such a self-fulfilling prophecy. That's the action plan.  Conscience is what conscience does... networking for the Net worth of Net reality with love.  Please forward this in this spirit whereby love is for giving.

The holy spirit of
love-in-action is the highest level of communication.  There are three levels of communicating.  The highest level represents the abstract concepts of "Divine Destiny" (spiritual self-government) of a truly spiritual nature without inordinate religious or political "BS" (Belief System).  This "highest level" is the pure intention of the soul and this e-mail.  That level of "Common Sense" says that it is better to believe nothing (either know or not know) with discernment of spirit with a "yea or nay" via that small voice of abundant love conscience within you.

The next lower level is the personalities and personality cults that vest "BS" (Belief Systems) in the "superstars" among us -- see Legacy of the Superstars.  That level of "only human" limitations -- the human condition -- is highly susceptible to the monkey see, monkey do "monkey mind" of the human ego, copying the behavior of superstars for lack of discernment regarding one's own core spiritual identity.

The lowest level of communicating is from the afflicted perspective characterized by abject materialism -- who has the most "toys" with all the worldly perks of profit, prestige and power.  That level of abject idolatry and willful ignorance reflects unabashed "BS" (Belief Systems) of a lockstep bias, whether that be of a supremacist, egotistical, religious, political, racist or sexist nature.  Without pure intention at the higher level, the lower levels get our attention and influence our souls on the path of evolutionary ascension.  For your highest and best, choose wisely.


The end of the world, as we have known it, is the beginning of a new world.  Earth has been "crucified" in the crucible of despotic powers long enough.  A new "resurrection" for Earth is coming upon us quickly because the old paradigms of power are no longer sustainable and will be eliminated one way or the other.  There are consequences for unsustainable behavior.

The divine destiny of, by and for Earth's evolutions is not foreordained or otherwise etched in stone.  We can do it the hard way or the easy way.  We can keep the faith that magnetizes a moral compass for divine direction, perfection and protection, or we can back-slide into our worst fears coming upon us as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Mankind has free will so anything is possible.


~ excerpt from 2012 Unveiled

There have been many prophecies converging at this time, but no one knows for sure what will happen because kind men among mankind may well  fulfill their divine destiny with abundant conscience in love -- a gentle rebirth rEVOLUTION.

If not, there are consequences because global judgment IS what global judgment DOES... as an ascended Forest Gump might say:)

Perhaps only a remnant will survive what's coming.

Researchers from numerous fields of study are finding that there is now approaching an enormous celestial body (our Sun's binary twin), accompanied by its gravitationally gathered swarm of smaller celestial bodies, cruising into our Solar System on a predictable, cometary orbit having a 3,600-to-4,000 year period.  This cometary cluster is collectively forming an astronomical shotgun blast into the underbelly of our Solar System, and while being pulled in by the Sun, will pass us and interact with the facial features of Planet Earth (i.e. mountain ranges and ocean beds), while jerking Earth's head back -- not by direct physical contact -- but by enormous gravitational and electromagnetic forces which all physicists and textbooks popularly teach in terms of "action-at-a-distance." ~ John DiNardo

Those who are aware what's coming may also be aware that the sunspot activity of our Sun has been virtually nil while this inbound dwarf star comes closer.  The sunspots and massive solar corona solar flares were on the other side of the Sun, shooting out into space towards the highly charged electromagnetics of this dwarf star.  But now this "cosmic dance" of the Sun and it's "dark twin" is coming around the Sun in relationship to Earth with people worldwide viewing this comet-like presence, especially in the Southern Hemisphere.  They are also viewing massive sun spots with concern for massive solar flares in the direction of Earth.

Nature's God, as Jefferson called it, works in mysteries ways.  The people of Earth can either "repent" with
abundant love conscience -- a positive energy that "repels" a worst case scenario... or for lack of love, the negatively charge morphic grids in our collective conscience and our living planet can magnetize or otherwise attract the consequences for the lack of love.

Think of the reluctant prophet in the biblical story of "Jonah and Nineveh".  He was so sure that the people of Nineveh would not repent with the
power of love to forestall his prophecy of death and destruction, that he was angry at God when they did repent and nothing happened.  A lot of human prophets do that -- great spiritual pride in their doom-and-gloom prophecies.  But they can be as wrong as Jonah was.

The best way to prepare is, above all, is "lifting of the veil" (spiritually) with
abundant love conscience... AND IT'S HAPPENING!

~ excerpt from 2012 Unveiled

We all go to where we're coming from in the cosmic scheme of things.

The global rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness is simply a
"lifting of the veil".

Keep the Faith --
Love Wins Sooner or Later,

I Am,
One for All.
Holistic Visionary
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Promoter, Global Upwising ~ Global Independence


PS:  There is no need to prepare for what's coming upon Earth -- "Global Judgment" -- if you are already prepared for come what may.  As you know from previous articles, big changes are coming, ready or not.  If it is your divine destiny to survive and thrive, you may be interested in the July 18th radio talk show on Cosmic Love with the founder of Alpine Aire Foods and Prepare Direct - his new website.  Coupon code #709 at checkout will give you a 5% discount on all purchases for the month of July.


Summary Points at
"First Principles for Global Wholeness and Healing":


      The mass awakening of the Great Spirit with global upgrade of our
Core Constitutional Freedoms
        is evolving with new cosmic energies for “lifting of the veil” with the
 currency of conscience
       as the space-time continuum as we know it morphs with a
 dimensional shift
             and our DNA naturally evolves via "nonlinear synchronicity"
 (2012 Unveiled)
          to adapt to the accelerating rate of personal and planetary change
 - The Conscious Movement -
       as will define and refine evolutionary ascent of the
 Aquarian Dispensation
           thanks to checks and balances on the inordinate love of power via
 The Power of Love


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
- Teihard de Chardin

See: "Cosmic Fire"

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon




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