Demonstrating a Self-Correcting Database System for the
 Holistic Analysis, Prevention and Treatment of "Dis~ease"

The race is on to demonstrate new standards for health assurance.

Race teams to be selected by application.  Selection process to include at least three competing teams
that will be held confidential until the
holistic standards race commences.  Each social network team
must provide a "transparent" (open-interactive) interface for navigating a database through the first "portal"
regarding one's "biological type" (metabolic type which corresponds to their blood type).  The 2nd "portal"
must provide four basic database gateways regarding one's symptom profiles in order of "density":
physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, mental symptoms and "quantum energy" (spirit) symptoms.
Each database then frames a "symptom profile" that matches one's current "dis-ease" symptoms
 with information that shows what different modalities of treatment will most likely work best.

 This results-oriented database must also be "self-perfecting" in the way that clients utilizing it can
show their gratitude by sharing their results back to the database with simple reporting protocols
for whatever individual or combination of modalities or remedies are chosen and used.

Besides this free public self-care database for informed choice regarding what works best,
each team must also provide a model of physician care protocols for the holistic analysis,
prevention and treatment of "dis-ease".  This is to include a
multi-disciplinary system of
advanced non-invasive diagnostic tools that include digital iridology scans, dark-field
blood microscopy, hair-and-saliva analysis and electro-accupuncture energy field scans of
the different meridian systems of the body.  Each analysis system will provide database
coordinates that are cross-referenced to provide clients with informed choice regarding
what holistic combination of life style and treatment remedies are most likely to work best.

Each team must thereby provide a web site database model that windows into free self-care services,
and also, provide a professional care service model with the same database navigation format and
results-based parameters for user-friendly determination of "what works best" on an informed choice basis.

Determination of the winners will be self-evident from investor interest in the
50/50 Co-Op Model
for profit sharing between private interests and the public's interest -- a big Win/Win that also
considers each team's business plan for licensing the advanced physician database to health care
practitioners who are certified in the use of the diagnostic tools and informed choice protocols
that will distinguish UltraMedics Services
as a definitive holistic standard for culturing
health assurance policies as a self-insured self-care PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

UltraMedics™ - doing for holistic preventive health care
as paramedics do for crisis medicine.

New standards for a new “health assurance” industry – an idea that has found its time.

Let the public decide which team's solution is most practical; may the best team win in the spirit of
definitive self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of dis-ease.


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