The 50/50 Profit Sharing "Co-Op Model" for Public/Private Win/Win


by Christopher Rudy,
Publisher of the HEARTcom Network

We all know that public-Constitutional law represents the public’s interest in five core freedoms.
By contrast, Corporate Law represents stockholder interests whenever profits are at stake.
This obviously has become a huge conflict of interest with the merger of giant corporations
forming huge blocks of corporate power that makes a mockery of core Constitution freedoms.

This challenge to the core sacred freedom that all people of Earth have honored in America
has now succeeded to the point where gross defects are fast obscuring actual gains.

The Race for Global Reboot

What we need is an entertaining way to increase awareness or otherwise culture conscience
with an unprecedented opportunity to take stock in an incentive plan for public/private
collaboration and partnership as will educate everyone as to obvious solutions
that will make the old counter-productive problems obsolete.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
  that makes the existing model obsolete
~ Buckminster Fuller

Business Plan for the Great Race

Ethical corporate sponsors will support any of the three races by sponsoring them.
This will pay for set up of the “The Great Race Web Site” that will provide a
“Social Network Commons” where people worldwide can meet to view the
progress in the three races, with an open system of participation that will
reward those who make the best contribution with a unique model of
  profit-sharing (bonus pool) as voted at all levels of this social network.

50/50 public/private win/win PROFIT SHARING

The evolution of business is ultimately the business of evolution along more enlightened lines of a
50/50 public/private win/win PROFIT SHARINGEach of at least three teams competing in the three races
will register according to the terms of a 50/50 public/private partnership.  The public's interest will be
represented by the non-profit HEARTcom Network.  Private Interests will be represented by a newly formed
 corporation called "Golden Rule Industries", with 50% of original stock to be “voted” to the participating teams,
divided up  according to “stock votes” during the race.  The other 50% of stock is to be held by a public common
law Trust, with 100% of income committed to innovative application of technologies showcased in the races.
"Trustees" will be elected via state-of-the-arts systems for real-time mass-to-mass "e-valuation" (voting)
with a model that demonstrates social conscience in social networks as defined in
Race #2.

Interactive “Voting” during the Great Race

A new paradigm of metrics for "meritocracy" (win/win) is needed for public/private profiting...
a system that is interactive with response ability to "vote", “bet on” or otherwise invest in the
“public offering” made in this new partnership; not only by taking stock with one’s attention, but
also with a social conscience criteria for "stock value" as defined by the profit sharing plan.

Voting Rights in Non-profit and Profit Categories

Voting for "stock allocation to winners” will be equally represented in
the four categories of the Founders' Program:

1-  Free affiliate voting from the public at large – 1 vote per individual;
2-  Voting from registered subscribers to the HEARTcom Network;

3- "Stock purchases" (non-voting stock) via registered “Communicants” in the HEARTcom Network;
4- "Stock purchases" (non-voting stock) from registered “ADEPTS” in the HEARTcom Network.

Bottom Line:

Empowering the common sense of honor, fairness and humility with the higher power of love
that represents higher intelligence and “wise dominion” (wisdom) with the selfless attitude of
 servant leadership of, by all and for all of “U.S” (United Sovereigns)…


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