Cosmic Love for Earth Day 2013

Interviewing Jeanine Just, 

Today is Earth Day, and my guest on Cosmic Love is Jeanine Just
who will share '
EVOLOGY' with us -- the 'Science of Evolution' --
to understand the process of conscientious evolutionary ascent.

This is a live presentation on Cosmic Love (Station One),
at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT).

If you miss the live presentation, you can hear the
archived presentation HERE.


Understanding Evology


Based on Kathyrn Chardin's
Science of Evology'.

This spiritual science synthesizes modern physics, psychology, religion, economics,
 business, sociology and the healing arts into a process of, by and for our conscious
   evolution. This is the process that new millennium guides and trance-formers can use
 to consciously co-create the 21st century.

The Science of Evology teaches unconventional wisdom that's based on Universal Laws.
GATEWAY TO FREEDOM is a how-to-system for integrating spiritual and human realities.
  It provides an ingenious blueprint for conscious evolution in multiple 'dimensions' (levels)
    of personal, planetary & universal co-creation with the one-unified "Creator"
(Source Field).

It is important to grasp a few terms of universal law language as a context for understanding EVOLOGY.

1st is the understanding of the psychology of
EVOLOGY regarding the four archetypes of modern psychology (Carl Jung) as corresponds to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies of each person... as corresponds to the ancient maps of consciousness regarding alchemy (fire, air, water and earth), and also the four seasonal cycles of yearly astrology from winter solstice (fire), spring equinox (air), summer solstice (water) and autumn equinox (earth).  This is the common-universal language of the archetypal maps of consciousness that Carl Jung pioneered with modern psychology.

2nd is the understanding of the three dimensions of the brain 'holodeck' from upper to lower brain, from left to right hemispheres, and from forebrain (foresight) to rear-brain (hindsight). The first 'vertical' dimension is from the 'crown chakra' (enlightened freedom) to the reptilian brain (dark unconscious). The second 'horizontal' dimension is from the left-brain's linear logic (visual dominant) to the right brain's nonlinear intuition (audio dominant).  The third 'depth' dimension corresponds to the foresight dimension of 'future memory' and the hindsight dimension of 'past memory'.

3rd is the understanding of the five dimensions of 
EVOLOGY as a frame of reference for cognitive processes of consciousness regarding the three dimensions (space), the 4th dimension 'illusion' of time, and the '5th dimension' as the 'CAPstone Conscience' that integrates the 4 archetypal sides of the 'pyra-mid' of Self and Civilization.  That 'CAPstone' is the conscientious common sense of 'Unity Conscience' that unites hearts and minds with the 'heart coherence' standard for 'mind congruence' that together are synergized for whole brain conscious evolution... the 'Creative Ascent P
rocess' with heartware.
See these 'dimensional coordinates' in the
'PowerShift Chart'.

Interview discussion graphics follow.  Print to make notes during the show, or
open in a separate browser window to follow along for audio-visual synergy.