Jeanine is a highly respected visionary success strategist, human potential advocate, speaker, author ... founder and C.E.O of Visionaries University. For nearly 30 years, Jeanine's innovative wisdom has empowered thousands of people to produce breakthrough results in their businesses, projects and lives. 

The Los Angeles Times said about her, "Jeanine is a trailblazer—a catalyst for change."  Her paradigm shift process is useful for assisting corporate clients, business owners and individuals:

"Jeanine is a very valuable resource in today's changing times —and when the going gets tough she will make sure you're headed in the right direction."

Jeanine speaks extensively on "real-world" success strategies that integrate materiality and spirituality, reinventing success, values-driven business, activating the entrepreneurial spirit, bio-energetic wellness and new manifesting technology. In her leading-edge awareness seminars ... you can expect valuable insights combined with practical how-to tools to create your own trance-formational shifting process.

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