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Eclipse Oct. 23, 2014
(Heartcom Network)
  Eclipse began at 4:30 Central Standard Time.
Give it a few days to "morph the matrix" ~C.

Full Spectrum Conscience In An Autistic World

by Christos Lightweaver, Host of Cosmic LOVE

Enough with the fear stuff with Ebola and rumors of war.
 Heaven knows that the time we have is what we make it.

The paradigm shift to "nonlinear time" (love without end)
goes beyond the world of "compartmentalized thinking"
(left-brain dominant Western civilization) as we know it.

Fear is a failure... forgetting love.
Grace is for giving; love-in-action..

Culturing Full Spectrum Enlightened Conscience

 Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, and cars are an extension of
 the feet, so is the computer/Internet revolution an extension of our eyes,
 ears and brain. This new instant-everywhere & interactive capability has
forever changed the world as we've known it "BC" (Before Computers).

A Global Village for the Family of Mankind 
Article continues after this
 "mediation" (meditation):

 You don't have to be 'perfect'
to embrace the attitude that
     perfect love (heart coherence)
    is a higher standard for civility
 than "grading" memorization
 and "degrading" conditioning
that rewards heartlessness.
It's not aptitude, but attitude
 that determines 'altitude'...
how we soar like eagles on
  thermals of gratitude, rather
 than scratch like turkeys on
  those 'bugs of begrudge' of
 resentment and retaliation.
is for giving.
We can't give what we don't have.
  With all our getting (false-flag materialism),
we are consumed by what we consume...
 and more love sure beats the alternative:)
There is no security without spiritual purity.
It is pure intention that focuses attention with
 love's retention for conscious ascension in a
 spiritual-universal cosmic dimension wherein
  naturally rules without apprehension.
The attitude of affirmation: I Am
   manifests as confirmation: I Can
 leading to determination: I Will
resulting with integration: I Do
There's not much time in a linear (3D) sense,
  but there's plenty of time in the nonlinear (4D)
   timeless now of Effective Sensory Perception.

Look to See, Know to Be, the Nature of
Geometric Ordered Divinity


Article continues:
This year finds our world in a major paradigm shift with a new 'Net reality'.  Social conscience is surging in our new global social networks.  On a planetary scale, the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet has surpassed mainstream corporate media as the news source of choice.
The old paradigm of highly scripted one-way media programming of a centralized, top-down, perception management nature is giving way to interactive decentralized social networks that mimic the natural structure of brain cells and galactic clusters throughout the universe.
The 'Big Shift' is upon us with almost 4 billion global Netizens who are now online with desktop, laptop and palmtop computers such as tablets, iPads and smartphones.  Shift happens, and this shift is like the neural networking of the 'Global Mind', our all-connected Net reality.
Like an infant's brain, our new Net reality is rapidly maturing with a new social conscience activating in our global social networks. This has vast world-changing implications for self learning, self healing and otherwise self-governing social networks in a world waiting to be born with greater Love.  
Global education got a huge boost on August 11th when the 'OuterNet' launched with free satellite connection to Internet archives - a global library -- with extraordinary opportunity for self-correcting, self-healing self-elevation of a commonwealth 'salvation' nature: 'The InnerNet'.

The power to know better and do better is thus accelerating the awakening of the global mind with the computer/Internet revolution from it's early emphasis on "hardware" (mainframe computers) to "software" (desktop computers), and then "netware' when the personal computer connected with the global network of computers - the Internet (web 1.0) - followed by web 2.0 with social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. 
Now we'll see web 3.0 emerge with 'Innernet Tech' (IT) activation of enlightened Net reality with heartware TeLeComm at the heart of TeLeCommunity (e-government), TeLeConscience (e-learning), TeLeCare (e-health) and TeLeCommerce (cyberEthics)... all emphasizing TLC with heart coherence.
The TLC 'InnerNet' as Mediator of
both Internet and Outernet
The organization principles involved mimic the order of the holographic universe from atomic to galactic.  They represent the pure geometry "archetypes" (Jung) framing the universal law language of consciousness for culturing social networks with spiritual, mental, emotional and love-in-action integrity: full-spectrum enlightened conscience.
A New Enlightenment... Worldwide.
What a Concept!

"The cause of America is in a great measure
the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin
the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

As global humanity becomes conscious of HOW we are conscious
 - with surging social conscience in our new global social networks -
we come to the realization of unmitigated global free-will choice...
to balance 'smart' (intelligence) with our 'heart' (heart coherence).

Every moment that we express pure intention of, by and for
loving kindness as the Spirit that matters - heart coherence
THAT Spirit is strengthened in the 'Unified Quantum Field'...
and 'The Force' of that 'Quantum Source' is with all of "
United Sovereigns of Earth).
   That's a choice beyond all doctrine and dogma of the
left or right brain hemispheres of the global mind...
    a choice for coherence with the heart of the Creator
  and the process of 'co-Creation' with the 'Universal
Law of the Angles
' and 'Language of the Angels' at
 the interface heart of interactive mass TeLeComm.
    The global conscious evolution revolution of kindness
     is a natural counterbalance to a power elite who have
     organized society for their own benefit at the expense
   of the vast mass of people. Political power is shifting
 with a new currency of conscience that is morphing
   the 'matrix' of the old 'economics of scarcity', and an
   'economics of abundance' is emerging that no longer
 suppresses abundant life principles and processes
   with a higher standard, universal , liberating
    our hearts and minds with a vision of virtue and valor
       for the victory of social conscience in social networks.
     Global TeLeComm, heartware cyberEthics, the
heart of
TeLeCommunity: local/global TeLeCommunications;
   TeLeConscience: education of the heart (coherence);
  TeLeCare: free on-line interactive Universal Self Care;
TeLeCommerce: culturing 'currency' as conscience.

The AtONEment Way of
Streaming to an autistic world.
"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock,
the stream always wins . . . not through strength
but by perseverance."

~ H. Jackson Brown

One and ALL of "US" (United Sovereigns)
for atONEment as ALL for ONE.
We agree to agree that
 united with cooperation,
 our unity in diversity is a
higher power, wisdom,
   and love as a holy whole.
As we were whole in the beginning,
so will we be whole with finishing of
 the great mystery-paradox whereby
  only the whole can be made whole.

We must step into that circle of
wholEness to be made whole.
Only the whole-in-one (each one),
will involve and evolve wholEness
as is winning from the beginning.

Or as the ascended Forest Gumption said,
WholEness is what wholEness does...
Shift Happens:)

Have a Great Eclipse!

~ Christos

PS: For those who appreciate quantum field psychology,
         here's the latest report from New Paradigm Astrology.

To consummate this relationship,
I'm willing to engage,
As both a student and a teacher,
That Love may have its way.

Comment from this video's creator, Tom 'Kaypacha' Lescher:
Are we feeling it now?  If you're not, you gotta be pretty thick....whew.....
enter the eclipse... enter CHAOS!  I call chaos an "order we can't understand" (as in Divine). So though there may be some reason why you end up going north instead of south or don't get going at all, there are times like these when it is hard to figure just why.
The eclipses let in forces from deep space, way out there, totally foreign, into the earth sphere as the Moon blocks the Sun's rays from reaching us. These energies can be both creative and destructive, but regardless, both serve to make us more conscious, and that is just what I hope you are right now.  It is when we go bumbling along trying to just slide by half awake and half sleeping that we get the most upset from these energies.  Can be like a cold slap in the face!

No worries though....this too shall pass... and when it does this weekend, it is going to be like a great calm, beautiful sunset after the storm.  The Sun/Venus move on to trine Neptune, Mercury goes direct, and Mars moves into Capricorn (not necessarily producing calm that Mars, but at least grounding!).  So hold the chin up and take it all in stride..... you may just find the missing ingredient to the pie of your life and/or you may be an instrument of Life teaching another something.... don't take it all too seriously or personally..... let it go....


As the Big Shift accelerates now on the 2014 timeline
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
'The Foundation'.


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