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Heartcom Network
Heartcom” (with Heart)
 “Network” (Community

July 4th, 2014

PART TWO... Continued from Part One

Celebrating Global rEVOLUTION,
Honoring 90% of the Word

by Christos Lightweaver

Heart Coherence, the Global TeLeComm Standard,
 and Co-Creation with the
Divine Feminine

InnerNet Tech” (IT)

Part One: THE VIRTUE of "IT"
Part Two: THE VISION of "
   Part Three: THE
VALOR of "
     Part Four: THE

It is well established by true adepts
divine love, as heart coherence,
is the natural golden ratio frequency
that weaves the fabric of all creation;
a fractal
Geometric Ordered Divinity
throughout the holographic universe’.

GOD-LOVE ‘TLC is thus wholEness
as the
holy spirit of LOVE-in-action
in all Creation, and the
TLC standard
of, by and for the
Divine Feminine as
the first principle at the
heart of our
personal and planetary
For all adepts who comprehend this
‘Mother of Universal Co-Creation’
it naturally follows that the principle
and person of ‘
The Divine Father
loves the
Divine Feminine above all.

The Power of Love is this marriage,
and 'Global TeLeComm' is the fruit.

How that works - the future of Earth
is THE VISION that will make it so!

The universal nature of sacred geometry
 centers the processes of consciousness
 with the
Language of the Angels of Love.

The purpose and plan of conscious evolution
is not a mystery when known.

What InnerNet Tech Looks Like:
Five Core Freedoms Upgraded
In Our Global Social Networks:

Part 1-  The Virtuous Open Circle,
representing the 'Power of One'
known as Freedom of Assembly

What goes around naturally comes around; law of the circle.
What we do to the web we want,
is ultimately what we do to our  conscious evolution as a whole.

If we want to come into unity  through a TeLeComm process
that cultures global community,
then Freedom of Assembly is
the 1st principle to make it so!

The Global Mind is spherical
in a well-rounded way that
represents quantum reality;
the InnerNet at the heart of
our Net reality on the Internet.

In a free will universe, we tend
to get what we 'ask for'... so
keep putting out good because
it will always come back to you
in unexpected 'nonlinear' ways
of a spherical~spiritual nature
behind all physical manifestation.

The law and language of universe
is the heart of Inner Sense, and
heart coherence is the standard
for mass-to-mass communication
that assembles freedoms with a
TLC that is the heart of 'smart'.
This science is the solution of, by
and for divine feminine energy
as nurtures global wholEness;
the resonant heart of cosmos
that gives birth to a New Earth.

Imagine what this will look like:

(InnerNet Technology)
Co-Operative TeLeComm Co-Ordination;
A LOVE Interface at the Heart of IT;
Worldwide Web We Want:
(all US of Earth United)

 Part 2- The 'Language of the Cross' as
            the 'Power of Two-in-One' via
  Freedom of Speech

Speech  Rights in the Public Sphere

The origination and evaluation of content on
the Internet is the new freedom of speech
that represents our collective conscience.
The Third Wave of the Internet created a
platform for culturing social consciousness
in our all-connected social networks, but
global cross-cultural integration of ideas
beyond compartmental language barriers
has limited global interaction capabilities.
The Fourth Wave of the Internet creates a
a universal interface for cross-referencing
meaning, value and purpose in the process
of originating and evaluating programs with
the language of light-as-consciousness at
the heart of this 'enlightenment process'.
By utilizing a 3-D cross-referenced frame
of reference for consciousness within the
brain field 'holodeck', utilizing 3 numbers in
sequence to represent a dot in a 3D cube
at any moment of an online presentation,
a hundred or million people could respond
at the same time, providing a synopsis of
collective consciousness in response to
the content at that corresponding time.
New videos could then be originated that cross-reference the highlights of evaluated videos, referencing any one context in terms of collective E-valuation cyberEthics
coherent representation of conscience in this 3D model of the holodeck brain field,
optimizing freedom of speech for all of US,
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 Imagine what this will look like:

(InnerNet Technology)

Co-Operative TeLeComm Co-Ordination;
Networking Social
An enlightened worldwide web,
culturing social conscience
as natural progression

Part 3- The 'Language of the Trinity' as
          the 'Power of Three-in-One':
    Freedom to ‘Co-Create’

(to ‘petition’ government)

Just as the Law of the Two-in-One (Cross)
follows the Law of the One (atONEment),
so does the Law of the 3-in-One (Trinity)
represent a co-creation process whereby
  + = as a whole greater than the
sum of linear compartmentalized left-brain
logic when in balance with the nonlinear
intuitive knowing of the right hemisphere.
In other words, when the mind is congruent
in balance with right brain heart coherence,
our hearts and minds naturally 'co-create'
with wholEness as interactive 'holy spirit'
that represents -in-action in all
dimensions of the interactive holodeck...
from our lower brain to upper brain and
left-brain to right-brain and the hindsight
of the rear-brain to forebrain foresight...
and in real time... moment-to-moment.
In the full spectrum of cognitive abilities,
spatial pattern recognition capabilities
represent left brain 'masculine' traits,
and non-spatial (nonlinear) capabilities
represent right brain 'feminine' traits.
It is thus the marriage of space and time
with union born of -in-action
that gives birth to holism as wholEness
in the personalplanetary holodeck.

Imagine what this will look like:

(InnerNet Technology)
Co-Operative TeLeComm Co-Ordination;
Networking Social-Global
Free online Universal Self Care,
healing faithless fears with
fearless faith in

Part 4- The 'Language of the Square'
             as the 'Power of Four-in-One
          via 'CAPstone Conscience’

(Creative Ascent Process)

The Four Paths to 'CAPstone Conscience' and
Four Ways to Perceive Time in the Holodeck.

Thinking types experience things in terms of linear time,
continually relating past to present to future.

The other three types concentrate on 
one particular dimension of
the timeline. 

Feeling types relate primarily to the past,
sensation types to the present, 
and intuitives to the future.

- Time is circular; the emotional past dominates
     with past feelings revolved in the present with
     reference to either heart coherence... or not.
        With right brain dominance, mind follows heart.
 AFFIRMATION for this feeling type:
LOVE is for giving,
not for getting.

- Time is linear; sequential time events dominate
        from the past through present into the future with
      reference to logical pattern recognition abilities.
      With left-brain dominance, mind rules the heart.
  CONFIRMATION for this thinking type:
With as the rule.

- Time is now - in depth; and action is the only
      appropriate response for those whose habit is
     to leap before they look at all consequences.
       DETERMINATION for this sensation type:
Do that which the poor in spirit
are not able or willing to do.

      - The Future is all; when future vision is dominant,
                what will happen in the continuum is more real than
             what is happening, inspiring others to make it so.
        INTEGRATION for this intuitive type:
Conceive IT and believe IT
to achieve IT.

 5-D InnerNet Tech:
To better comprehend the holographic principles
of natural law language for the holodeck, see
'5D Conscience', 'The Brain Holodeck',
and the 'The Future of Time'.

(InnerNet Technology)
Co-Operative TeLeComm Co-Ordination;
Networking Global
Next Economy will emerge
Culturing TLC at the heart
of our social networks

The evolution of business thus becomes
the business of evolution.

Continued with 'CAPstone Summary' at: