Your Resurrection and Ascension

by Christos Lightweaver

Easter 2011 / Heartcom Network

Many people are waking up to the signs of the end times. 
Different people read these signs in different ways.

For some it is the crucifixion of Christ-like love they see in the world and feel in their life. When you suffer this 'crucifixion', it's easy to awaken to utter contempt for the whole experience, getting stuck in the suffering sinner/saint syndrome with no resolution.

Others will get past the crucifixion with a
Resurrection Spirit.  A philosophic calm sees the justice that 'just is' in this entire situation of 'end times'.  Such Buddhic calm is the Spirit that matters, like a still mountain lake which reflects the heavens and allows depth perception into the still waters of Conscience.

Reflections of Perfection; as above, so below.

It is this Resurrection Spirit which pricks the Conscience and brings one back to love that is for giving, rather than forgetting and blaming others for what's wrong in your world. Not all people have awakened to that Conscience, but when they do, there's no going back to "DUH" (Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless).

When in full
Conscience, one is 'resurrected' or otherwise 'enlightened’ and old habits of "DUH" lose their grip.  In full Conscience, there is only the pure intention to pay attention for our evolutionary ascension... hearing that still small voice of Christ-like discernment as a 'yea' or 'nay' at each fork in the road ahead.

The greater the LOVE, Unity in our Diversity,
the greater the natural result with our
Common Sense Unity Conscience.

Perfect LOVE casts out faithless fear and inordinate desires. It gets off the cross of suffering with a BE-attitude beyond pleasure/pain, loss/gain, fame or shame which is all the same when in the Resurrection Spirit.  'Polarity' (two-in-one Co-Creation with the Resurrection Spirit) is the ascension current -- the currency of Conscience -- which transcends 'duality' (divisive diversions, dysfunction and dis-ease) as the down-ward spiral which leads to death of Conscience.

With the compass of
Conscience, we are naturally guided for self-correcting self-elevation -- an upward spiral -- of a salvation nature... our own self-fulfilling prophecy on the ascending path 'home' to the one heart of all hearts.  The beginning of this 'Path of atONEment' is the end of the sense of separation and suffering as we have known it.

A new time follows the 'end times',
and that prophetic time is upon us.

Indigenous cultures worldwide have known of the prophecy for thousands of years.  A big change was coming.  Materialism would succeed at the expense of spirituality. The whole world would experience chaos.  But this too would pass.  The beginning of a new world will indeed be the end of the world as we have known it.

As the veil thins with Galactic Alignment in 2011, a 'Prophecy in Motion' is being revealed. Unknowing of the outcome, we are creating a path as we go.  All we know for sure is little more than what we feel in our hearts, think in our minds, and do with our hands.

The Great Testing of the Great Purification has begun, and either we awaken to eternal salvation with the Spirit that matters, or by default, the
DUH momentum of dark-side contempt keeps one on the cross of the 'crucifixion’.

The test that's best for all souls

This time of great testing has been ordained from the beginning of time. For some this is a bitter cup, seeing only  the problem with the opportunity to get past the crucifixion with the upward-mobile Spirit that matters. Others see the opportunity with the problem -- how to conceive, believe and achieve the
resurrection and ascent of Conscience.

Just remember that the highest and best opportunity -- as all hell breaks loose -- is to be centered like the eye of the coming hurricane-force winds of change.  This requires hyper-vigilance - unceasing prayer in a calm meditative spirit as will reflect, perfect and direct the 'Great Spirit'.  There's no security -- no protection -- without this purity.

The shift is hitting the fan.

The winds of change have their own agenda.  Mankind is reaping the whirlwind of deadly radiation from the Fukushima meltdowns. See the radiation 'weather maps' for your area HERE.  This silent killer is largely ignored by the mainstream media, but the coming Earth changes will be self-evident to all, bringing humanity to their knees.  It will be more true than ever that we ultimately have no place to go except to Spirit for salvation.

"Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do."

The blame game is off the mark.  Obviously, God loves the poor in Spirit or He would not have blessed the opportunity of life for so many of us.  But if we go to the dark side, lacking love, we feed into the problem rather than the solution.  Beyond blame is the real game; how we win stripes for the ascension.

As the veil thins in 2011, we're all accountable.

The "principalities of darkness" want us be
ANGRY at them, to keep the masses bound to them via the strong emotion of negativity which the dark side represents. That's why the rules of engagement with this enemy is DON'T ENGAGE!  Rise above their negative energy.  Either the wisdom of love transcends the inversion, subversion and perversion of the Great Spirit, or we become as miserable and hell-bound as DUH.

The 'fan' is governing the shift

The 'solar wind' of cosmic energy is intensifying with Galactic Alignment in 2011.  A perfect storm of 'solar wind' -- resonating through the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy, through the Sun of or Solar System, and through the miniature Sun in the nucleus of every atom in your body -- is destined to transform Earth with not only a physical pole shift but also a dimensional shift

This systemic evolution revolution is thus governed by the big shift of energies in our DNA, our consciousness, and the world at large.  Earth as a whole-living BEING (BE IN God) is ascending to higher frequencies.  A process of divine Co-Creation is rapidly matriculating the matrix of matter with the Spirit that matters above all... the nurturing-caring energy of Mother Earth in marriage to the divine direction-protection energies of Father-in-Heaven.  Together they are getting ready to clean house, on Earth as in Heaven... Big Time.

Get right with Mother-Father God

Embrace pure intention with the currency of
Conscience - our most sacred 'property'.  Call it Unity Conscience (Conscientious Common Sense), or 'Universal Co-Creation' with the Power of Universal Love which has governed Conscious Evolution from the beginning. Those who come up higher -- with the resurrection and ascent of Common Sense Unity Conscience -- will have their reward.

Hang ten and surf the tsunami

The massive change wave which is about to transform Earth is not the enemy.  It is ordained by a Higher Power - higher than man's puny comprehension of Universal Co-Creation with the Spirit that matters.

One for All and All for One

Be ONE with the One Law of what goes around, comes around... reaping what we sow. To each their own soul contract for atONEment. OWN IT... the highest and best use of your gifts and talents for
service to others... the love that is for giving.  If we forget to forgive, so will we reap the whirlwind of unforgiving circumstances, sooner or later.

Pay Attention whereby Attention Pays

Pay attention to the Seers and Visionaries -- Wise-knowers and Way-showers at this time.  Attention pays given pure intention for our evolutionary ascension.  Past this life, the only thing we will take with us is the record of how much we truly loved.

Golden Rule whereby Love Rules

The message of the Ascended Masters is paramount at this time.  The path of the ascension is not a mystery when known.  We ascend to the extent that we center and connect with the momentums of mastery which resurrect
Conscience in the image and likeness of heartfelt compassion - the holy spirit of Universal Love-in-action. 

Pay it forward

Network for the Net worth of Net reality with the
ascension current -- the currency of Conscience at the heart of our evolutionary ascent. The power of unfettered joy, peace, caring and love has always been a Higher Power which heals the cells of the body, clears one's state of mind, resurrects the Spirit that matters, and reboots the Earth platform for the evolution of souls.

So Take Heart...

 Hold the Vision, embrace the Virtue,
make the Vow and claim the Victory
  of your Resurrection and Ascension,
 Co-Creating with the
Power of Love.



~ Christos

"What is love? Love is whatever brings you to the feet of God, be it cataclysm, be it the perfume of a rose, be it the raindrop upon your nose. Whatever will shake you to the remembrance of me, saith the Lord, that is love."
~ Lord Lanto, from the book 'Lords of the Seven Rays'


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