Insights on the Fifth Dimension and Life After Death

  P.M.H. Atwater was interviewed on her recent book release,
 'Children of the Fifth World - A Guide to the Coming
  Changes In Human Consciousness'
on Cosmic Love,
  Sat. Feb. 9th.
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Today, April 6th, she will be discussing her 33 year
research with about 4000 adults and children
regarding 'Near Death Experiences'.

~ Christopher Rudy, Host of
Cosmic Love

Dr. P.M.H. Atwater

Dr. Atwater has pioneered research in the field of near-death experiences (NDE's) and has written 10 books on the subject following her three different near-death experiences back in 1977.  Internationally renown for her best-seller, 'Future Memory', Dr. Atwater will be discussing her new book, 'Children of the Fifth World...' available at

In one Amazon review, famous NDE researcher Brad Steiger said that, "Children of the Fifth World is a masterwork, and it may well be the most important book in the consciousness field in the last 20 years."

In this book, Dr. Atwater explains that the past 30 years have seen a quantum leap in the intuitive, creative, and abstract-thinking abilities of children as well as an unprecedented rise in incidences of ADHD, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorders.  There are both upside and downside consequences; more savant geniuses and quite the opposite.

As Dr Atwater explains, we are witnessing evolution at work. The basic genetic pattern of the human race is changing, and not just because of Genetic Modified Organisms systemic in the food chain. Spontaneous DNA evolution is also being dramatically accelerated by the increase in gamma radiation from surge in the quantum Source Field - Earth/Galactic alignment with the Photon Belt at this time.

The changes in consciousness and brain function evident in these new kids signal the widespread emergence of the Fifth Root Race and, fortuitously, coincide with our transition into the Fifth World. 

Regular listeners of Cosmic Love may be very interested to hear what Dr. Atwater has to say about the 'Fifth World' as the 'Fifth Root Race' as prophesied by Edgar Cayce and messengers of the masters in the Theosophical Movement.

The prediction of the Theosophical messengers is that, during this 'Fifth World Root Race', "Consciousness separated into two hemispheres - East and West - would fuse back together; a global leap in species refinement."

This prediction, together with Cayce's claim of 1998-2015 for the entry of the Fifth Root Race, finds us now in a full-blown global revolution with a new consciousness in humanity as the 'Whole Brain' -- personal and planetary -- integrates with a new "singularity" (local/global) and 'synchronicity' beyond our linear perception of time as we have known it.

Think about that... how the Internet's growth rate was peaking in 1998 and how both hemispheres of our global village have been 'neural-networking' like emergence of a 'global brain' with the instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities of the Internet.
This is dramatically morphing our consciousness,
our DNA, and global conscious evolution now.
This is the time of the 'great unveiling' with global knowledge power at our fingertips, and new kids - the Millennials who came of age in the new Millennium -- are the 1st generation to grow up with their primary orientation to the world through a screen that connects them to the world.  Read about these 'Millennials' HERE.

These new kids live in a new global community; a new unity in our diversity... the 'global holodeck' on the threshold of an 'Operating System' for conscious evolution... personal and planetary 'Source Code' for conscientious common sense... the 'Constitution of Conscience' for global 'Netizens'... checks and balances for both hemispheres of the '
United Sovereigns of Earth'.

'Children of the Fifth World' is a guidebook.  It explains the 'Fifth World' as "A time when polarities shift on every level, and that includes gender issues, genetics, the two brain hemispheres, religious factions, wealth, relationships, governments, business-politics. A time of fusion, merging."

This amazing guidebook connects the dots between the Mayan Sun Stone calendar of the 'Fifth Sun' ... and the 5th element of 'either' as the quantum 'Source Field'... and the 5th dimension of consciousness as a multi-dimensional fluidity for navigating the 'InnerNet' dimensions of the 'multiverse'.

Dr. Atwater has this to say about the '5th Dimension': "The first through third dimensions have to do with the laws of time and space. The fourth dimension includes the astral and etheric planes. The fifth dimension frees us from time/space dynamics altogether, while enabling us to weave our intentions directly into the fabric of what we want to manifest. Nothing is hidden in the fifth dimension; all is revealed. Intention directs movement and manifestation in this dimension."

Or as I'm fond of saying, "Pure intention focuses attention with love's retention for conscious ascension in the 5th Dimension... the process of eternal progression framed by the LOVE Model.'

For more of Dr. Atwater's insights on the 5th Chakra, 5th Brain, 5th Brain Wave Frequency, Five Types of Intelligence, 5th Ray of Destiny, 5th Communication Wave, 5th Discipline, 5th Agreement (Don Miguel Ruiz ), Five Races/Five Senses, Five-pointed Star, Five in Numerology, and the "Five Generation" (Millennials), go HERE.

To Your Evolutionary Ascent,

Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic Love

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The Golden Rule dramatically illustrated by Kenneth Ring,
a near-death experience researcher: