Excerpts from Chapter 18 of P.M.H. Atwater’s new book,
'Children of the Fifth World - A Guide to the Coming
Changes In Human Consciousness',
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'Children of the Fifth World' is a guidebookIt explains the 'Fifth World' as "A time when polarities shift on every level, and that includes gender issues, genetics, the two brain hemispheres, religious factions, wealth, relationships, governments, business-politics. A time of fusion, merging."

This amazing guidebook connects the dots between the Mayan Sun Stone calendar of the 'Fifth Sun' ... and the 5th element of 'either' as the quantum
'Source Field'... and the 5th dimension of consciousness as a multi-dimensional fluidity for navigating the 'InnerNet' dimensions of the 'multiverse'.

Dr. Atwater has this to say about the '5th Dimension': "The first through third dimensions have to do with the laws of time and space. The fourth dimension includes the astral and etheric planes. The fifth dimension frees us from time/space dynamics altogether, while enabling us to weave our intentions directly into the fabric of what we want to manifest. Nothing is hidden in the fifth dimension; all is revealed. Intention directs movement and manifestation in this dimension."


Excerpts from Chapter 18, ‘The Fifth World’:

 Fifth Chakra: Various mystery school traditions tell us that as each Root Race advances, challenges specific to the wave of energy that group represents will accompany it. These energy waves correspond to certain chakras (or spinning wheels of light) located at each of the major endocrine centers in the body. The job of each Root Race is to fully develop the power
of its corresponding chakra throughout the populace, thus energizing those particular qualities, activities, and challenges within the social structures of the time.  The fifth chakra (willpower) is associated with the throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, and nervous system, and has to do with the world of ideas. Fifth-chakra energy wraps around issues of will and domination, and the question of power over or power to.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates, there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

- Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

Fifth Brain: The science of neurocardiology has established that 60 to 65 percent of heart cells are actually the same type of neural cells as those located in the brain. Thus the heart is now considered our fifth “brain” (the other four are the reptilian or old brain, the limbic system, neocortex, and prefrontal lobes). Science has also shown that the heart produces an electromagnetic field in the shape of a torus five thousand times more powerful than that of the brain and is the major glandular center in the body. It converts energy to create infinite numbers of wave harmonics, and reacts to conditions four to five seconds, sometimes minutes, before occurrence. Literally, our heart is our first responder, alerting the brain to what is about to happen before it does. The heart corresponds with higher energy fields when one feels good and when in love.

Fifth Brain Wave Frequency: A fifth brain wave has been verified: gamma waves. Gamma operates at 25 to 60 hertz. It modulates perception and consciousness, and relates to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas (i.e., involves memory, learning abilities, integrated thoughts, and information-rich task processing). The other brain waves are beta (12–25 Hz), alpha (7–12 Hz), theta (4–7 Hz), and delta (0–4 Hz). A dowser, when in the dowsing “mode,” can register both gamma and delta waves simultaneously (a sign of being wide awake while fast asleep). The new kids do this often—making it difficult to measure the true range of their intelligence.

Five Types of Intelligence: Intelligence IQ measures processes of thought and rational analysis. Emotional EQ measures intuitive, emotional understandings of the heart. Spiritual SQ measures wisdom in connecting with the higher self. Wholistic WQ measures profound connections to potential, knowing, and others. Quantum QQ measures superspeed creativity and connections to Allness. Science does not recognize anything it cannot physically measure; thus SQ to QQ is considered fiction. It is at QQ levels that many of our young function.

Fifth Ray of Destiny: As the human family advances in a quest to fulfill its destiny on the Earth plane, various rays of light are said to be beacons or guiding lights to make easier the way. Not to be confused with personal rays that may color one’s aura or signify his or her life’s work, these destiny rays overspread evolutionary movements. The Fifth Destiny Ray can best be understood through its symbolic connection to the planet Venus and the qualities of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love. It signals a time of embracing the Divine Feminine, the power of women, the joy of consensual sex, and the healing that is possible when we honor and care about each other.

Fifth Communication Wave: The first was sign language. The second was the use of stelae -- inscriptions on markers, stones, pillars, flat surfaces, walls. The third concerned the invention of papyrus as a paper-like material for writing scrolls and ancient documents. The fourth heralded the printing press and movable type—the first published book was the Gutenberg Bible. The fifth communication wave was the personal computer, introduced in 1982—the very year when the new children began to enter the earth plane in mass (the primary start of the Millennial Generation). Our new kids understand computers because they bear the “mark” or energy frequency of the computers’ entry into the world at large.

Fifth Discipline: This heralds the development of organizations, corporations, and businesses as learning centers—able to go beyond adversarial approaches and endless debates of head versus heart, left versus right, science versus religion, business versus government, altruism versus self-interest, vision versus practicality. They mark a new synthesis for combining the desire for profit with the dedication of seeking a higher road to the future and better ways of operating -- the discipline to overcome obstacles using a structured framework of personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning.

Fifth Agreement: Don Miguel Ruiz gave us The Four Agreements, which are: be impeccable with your word; don’t take things personally; don’t make assumptions; always do your best. The Fifth Agreement is: be skeptical; learn to listen.

Ruiz reached back to the Toltec wisdoms of his heritage and brought forth the essence of truth found within them. The guidance to do this came from his near-death experience. The world’s people say, “Thank you.”

There is another way to look at that Fifth Agreement, though.

It goes like this: “Show up. Tell the truth. And don’t be attached to the outcome.” Both versions of that Fifth Agreement speak directly to the heart of the Fifth Root Race and the Fifth World.


Not that this is necessarily important, but there are other fives of mystical note that have meaning appropriate to this primer. So let’s include them too.

Five Races/Five Senses: The five races of the human family are already known (although some scientists point out that there are technically only four). Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous psychics ever to have lived, said that each of our five sense faculties correspond to each of the races, as if that race had a major or dominant way of sensing that was recognizably unique in its strength. Certainly all peoples have the use of all faculties of perception and sensing (unless hampered individually); still, according to Cayce, there are standouts, depending on one’s race. His revelations follow:

White Race: Vision and sight

Red Race: Sensitivity and touch

Black Race: Emotions and taste

Yellow Race: Sound and hearing

Brown Race: Earthiness/the physical and smell

Five: it’s the number of humankind—two legs, two arms, one head, in spread-eagle stance, forming the five-pointed star . . . the biblical star of the Magi.

Metamorphosis Crop Circle, and da Vinci's 'Man Squaring the Circle'

Five: in the art of numerology, where each number has symbolic meaning, it refers to progress; change; sexuality; moving forward; curiosity; ideas; travel; communication; nervous energy; the physical need to move, exercise, experiment.

Generation 14 (1 + 4 adding up to 5): The Millennials, the nation’s fourteenth generation . . . the shift generation in the age of shift.

Born during that null space when the Great Shifting moved into place, readying the earth’s energy waves for rapid accelerations to come.

There’s never been a generation before like the Millennials, at least not that we know of. Although they possess the strengths and weaknesses covered at length in this book, no one can ever really know what or who they are, as they can alter in a flash. They come from null space, and its energy signature is the same as theirs—as with the 9/11s too—as it is they who bear the burden and the call of the deep truth of September 11: it is time to rend the three-thousand-year-old curtain of distrust and pain held in the ethers, so the old wounds can be healed.

Rumi, the great mystical poet, once said what the new kids are born knowing: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” [See 'The Field' ~CR]

It is obvious to me that we are still in Fifth World energy, and I predict we will remain so until 2132 or 2133, with the thirty-third passage of Halley’s Comet. As that comet once again streaks across earth’s skies,

Aquarian energies will ascend in measurable ways, revealing the results of our efforts now and during the years to come. We have another chance to remake this world and self-correct. Let’s not muff it.

Continued… with Chapters 19 to Chapter 21: ‘A Grand Plan’


'Children of the Fifth World - A Guide to the Coming Changes In Human Consciousness',
available at: Amazon.com