Bringing In the Light… Coming for a Purpose
as the Great Awakening Goes Mainstream

Declaring our Independence Series

 Fulfilling the Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience

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"The Great Awakening"

By Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

We are entering the energy portal that funnels U.S. (Unity State)
into a planetary consciousness shift representing the Aquarian
Dispensation of freedom in LOVE as universal law language.
There is an order to the universe, a blueprint of divine order.

This order permeates the Galactic plane of our Milky Way.
It is infused by the Photon Belt (Galactic stellar bodies),
providing the full spectrum of Great Light
centered by light-as-intelligence of the Great Central
Sun that our entire Milky Way Galaxy evolves around.

This intelligence has always governed all Creation,
the fractal geometry of the universe and,
weaving the fabric of space-time perceptions,
coding our DNA and processes of cognition,
and now bringing in the light of Cosmos as
our solar system orbits into full alignment
with the full strength of the Photon Belt.

This unity convergence is happening
 now over the next year, 2010-2011
and it’s time to get past the past
and welcome the intelligence
that cultures an emerging
blueprint for a Golden
Age of good works
in the pure form
and frequency
of universal

And into that funny funnel (above) will pour
 the highly energized intelligence of a global
rEVOLUTION in Higher
the end of the world as we have known it.

If you think the Internet and quantum reality
has brought big changes thus far,
you ain’t seen nothing yet

The best way to prepare for the Big Shift is to
begin focusing the lens of perception with the
pure geometric thought forms that represent
quintessential processes of consciousness at
the core foundation of conscientious common
sense self-governance (see light language).

For what’s coming in 2010-2011, we all must prepare for
the reality of infinite possibilities in an infinite universe
that has very finite laws of a universal cosmic nature. 

As we become conscious of those laws in form and in
frequency – as in frequently – we are transformed.
The power of pure intention is the power behind it.
The focus of one’s attention directs that power.
Evolutionary ascension is the natural consequence.

To say that global humanity will go through a massive change
is an understatement.
The science of the soul will be known.

This mass awakening will include an awareness of
the hierarchy of life in the universe
and exquisite metaphors – modern day parables
referencing a parallel universe of higher

Some will get past the past and “get it” (awakening),
to “realize” (with real eyes) what is really important
for the gathering of all the tribes of IS REAL with the
pure intention that focuses attention on evolutionary
ASCENSION, a new Conscience, emerging now.

The Great Experiment in Self Government
began with the American Revolution
and is now going global.

The Great Drama of Freedom in LOVE
is now going mainstream with
the Spirit that matters.

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometrically Ordered Divinity


The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Published by the HEARTcom Network, June 30th, 2010
with cosmic coordinates of the day as a unique

Octile Hexagon Pattern – A Rare Configuration:


Octile Hexagon... a unique frame of reference for the holographic maps of consciousness that frame each one's "holodeck" as mass awakenings stirs the slumbering inertia of the status quo's mainstream "BS" (Belief Systems) ~ CR

This unique configuration of space/time coordinates features a complex, dynamic aspect pattern known as an Octile Hexagon.  At least six planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter, are equally spaced at 45 degree intervals, forming two Hard Rectangle patterns and one Grand Cross pattern. 

This configuration tends to channel much restless energy as the full-spectrum
Conscience of Galactic Alignment goes mainstream for all of of "U.S." (Unity State of United Sovereigns).  This funneling of unity consciousness into the collective Conscience unifies one's "supraconscious" (pure intention) in relationship to subconscious and unconscious habits, ideally as directed by the "prescient presence" of
Conscience that focuses attention on the accelerated wave of, by and for the collective initiation of Aquarian ascension currents.

As you become more conscious of HOW you are conscious, enlightened Conscience naturally becomes a Self-fulfilling prophecy.  The challenge of this day, at this time in unprecedented cosmic history, is to be congruent in full spectrum Conscience as will naturally funnel the strong compulsion of this configuration to DO SOMETHING.

This will translate to different things for different people, depending on the extent of one's  pure intention for defining, refining, combining and shining their God-given gifts and talents for the higher purpose of Higher "Power-in-LOVE".

Properly funneled or otherwise channeled, this energy will manifest as the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action, which combined (pink + blue frequencies) is the violet energy of the holy Spirit.

Lacking the holy Spirit, the energizing influence of this configuration may lead to compulsions to DO SOMETHING, whether that be work, travel or whatever comes to mind.  You tend to be very versatile at this time.  When you get burned out from one activity, you may switch to another.  Sometimes you take a break in order to rejuvenate yourself.  You enjoy alternating between big projects and little projects.

Keep in mind the timely need now for the Great Awakening
  as the potential for global rEVOLUTION goes mainstream.
Now is the time to win "stripes" for your up-ward mobile
~ CR


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Geometrizing Global 'Spherical Conscience'
at the Heart of a LOVE Frame of Reference
  for the rEVOLUTION in Higher
  The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.


Full-Spectrum Awakening 

To Establish THAT Foundation...

-- above all -- is for giving.


 with all your strength and all your mind and all your heart and all your soul,
nd your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.