Declaring Aquarian Independence;
the Path to Freedom

Powerful portents for transformation now manifest
as the divine order in the cosmic scheme of things
 is about to reboot global civility along enlightened
 "lines" of Cosmic "
" whereby LOVE rules.

This time may point to a quantum leap in consciousness.

June 26, 2010 -- Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
(Cosmic portents at end of article)

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

For almost three years, as the host of the Internet radio talk show, Cosmic LOVE, my sincere intention has been to focus attention on the Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.  Either we focus our attention on our evolutionary ascension -- a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness -- or by default we fail to ride the wave of accelerated change on the 2010-2011 timeline.

Having interviewed the authors of more than a dozen books on 2012, the subject of powerful portents for global transformation has been the recurrent theme of Cosmic LOVE.  This theme centers on the free-will choices with our new all-connected Net reality in a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities... as our solar system crosses the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy in alignment with the stellar bodies thereof, repolarizing the energies of Earth and our consciousness thereby.

A new "Net reality" will naturally fulfill the potential of the Internet with capabilities that reflect and perfect "virtual omniscience" as we have known with all knowledge at one's search-engine disposal. That requires omnipresence -- knowing what's really important to know.  And such intuitive KNOWING -- conscientious common sense -- ultimately arrives at omnipotence of, by and for the power of love.

I know, proposing a sane world sounds crazy.  But we all have the choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

My experience with Cosmic LOVE has ranged from great challenges to the corresponding opportunities... from Galactic Shift to a quantum leap in human consciousness... and from the victim dictum of disconnect from Mother Nature to the victory virtues that will mitigate cataclysmic Earth changes. 

One way or the other, big global changes are coming fast over this next year.  The portents for personal and planetary transformation are the subject of Cosmic LOVE.  And at least from my experience, there are certain self-evident truths that will define, refine, combine and shine our collective God-given gifts and talents.

For example, consider how the golden rule/law language for a golden age can provide the interactive interface for mass-to-mass communications, transforming the global Internet with a quintessential vision of values that culture virtue at the heart of a global "victory" -- a local/global rEVOLUTION in higher

Call it mass awakening, systemic enlightenment, or a quantum leap in consciousness... my particular bias has been to consider such a movement to be a good thing.  Or at least, I can't think of anything better to do than ride the wave and encourage others to do the same

Now don't get me wrong.  I've had my suspicions that global humanity has been struggling with global awakening for some time.  Thanks to the Internet, we have all the knowledge power in the world at our search engine finger tips... and we know we could utilize this knowledge power for global empowerment (free energy), global healing (health assurance) with heart-centered mass-to-mass TeLeComm

Unfortunately that big shift is a big challenge to the deep doo-doo with giant institutions that monopolize "dirty power" (Big Oil), disease profiteering (Big Pharma), and the "mind control matrix" (Big Media) that is virtually killing us to save us.  You know, like killing more than a million Iraqi's to save them for nation building of, by and for the multinational oil firms that now control that nation's oil reserves.

Obviously, you can't have free energy if you are slave to Big Oil.  Neither can you have holistic health if you are slave to a medical-industrial complex that rivals the military-industrial complex.  And if you have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you're set free to think for yourself,  which is dangerous to the monopolized mainstream media that makes a killing promoting fossil fuels and foodless food (that makes you sick) and then drugs for whatever ails you.

That system of systemic greed-centric monopoly of our hearts and minds has nothing to do with "nation building".  It is destroying us.  It is NOT sustainable.  Even in the short term, we can all see that the golden rule of civility is being betrayed as our life support systems and our sacred DNA is being destroyed by toxic genetic poisons in our air, food, water, and then taken as "medicine" in pills or injections.

When profit trumps golden rule principle, the people perish.  Common sense is then turned on its head with a pound of cure more profitable than an once of prevention.  That's when war profit trumps peace values.  Consider how the U.S. Commander-in-Chief -- who won the Nobel Peace Prize -- fired one of his military generals for saying in Rolling Stone Magazine that war is basically a racket, knowing full well that Afghanistan heroin production is once again supplying 90% of the world's heroin after it was virtually eradicated under the Talaban who are now considered the terrorist enemy by our war misleaders.  And just as Great Britain made huge fortunes to sustain their empire off China's and then India's opium production, the U.S. now enforces control of this classic "off the books" black operation that the prostitute press rarely mentions.

One way or the other, this systemic empire madness is coming to an end.  "You can't fool Mother Nature" was an overused advertising slogan in the 70's, but it's back with a vengeance in real life now.  If we don't end the madness, that madness will end us.

That madness could now end with free energy technology as could liberate us from the fossil fuels that are polluting the air we breath and destroying life in the oceans with the oil spill.  It's all connected; more than half of Earth's oxygen is produced by photoplankton in the oceans.

According to the Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) sources within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Pentagon and Interior and Energy Departments told the Obama Administration that the newly-discovered estimated 3-4 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico would cover America's oil needs for up to eight months if there was a military attack on Iran that resulted in the bottling up of the Strait of Hormuz to oil tanker traffic, resulting in a cut-off of oil to the United States from the Persian Gulf.

As for prior knowledge, see: "Obama to make $85 million from BP disaster?"  And no one knew the disaster would occur?  DUH!

In other words, it was the military-industrial "Big War" values in collusion with Big Oil interests that created the oil spill, and the real "clean-up" needed begins with the golden rule for civility that ends the black gold's dark standard of "He who has the power makes the rules" (suppressing clean free energy independence).

The power of choice in a world waiting to be born

The good news is that the oil spill may be the significant emotional event that bumps us out of the illusion of separation and into a healthier relationship with one another and the planet. What is called for is no less than a spontaneous spiritual evolution from children of God to adults of God, from victims and villains to aware, responsible co-creators.  It's never happened before. But never before have we had the worldwide network of communication to create an open-source approach to a situation that threatens every one of us. ~ from Steve Bhaerman's article, "The Oil Spill and the Blood Spill: Same Problem, Same Solution"

Global madness could end with a system of mass-to-mass TeLeComm -- emphasizing the "TLC" -- whereby social Conscience is cultured in our ubiquitous social networks.  What better way to heal the mass media mind control matrix than liberating the conscientious common sense that is pro-life for our lives? No wonder the power elite want to shut down the Internet; they would lose power if it evolves to actualize its inherent potential.

"The institutionalized order cannot tolerate any deviation from the mindset
it has worked so hard to maintain. At least since the time of Gutenberg,
it has been at war with any expressions that undermine the status quo.
As the political establishment continues to collapse, its war against the
transformative nature of information becomes intensified. Efforts are
currently being made by some politicians and governmental agencies
to control the Internet; to give to the President a "kill switch" that would
allow him to shut down, on his dictatorial whim, this decentralized and
unrestrained engine of communication whenever he considers it necessary
for the interests of 'national security'. That Sen. Lieberman - the sponsor of
such a bill - justifies the measure on the grounds that the Chinese
government has such power, is indicative of just how strongly the
established order feels threatened by free minds!"
~ from: "Making It McChrystal Clear"
by Butler Shaffer

The reason that political insanity feels threatened by the Internet is simply because the capability of open source solutions could virtually heal the institutionalized corruption that is destroying our core life support systems.

Declaring independence from the "Mutually Assured Destruction" (MAD) model of the REAL terrorists -- whose love of power eclipses the power of love -- is the beginning of holistic healing:

1- Healing the planetary ecosphere with free energy for clean toxin-free independent living;
2- healing our Net reality with enlightened Conscience for mind-liberating independence;
3- healing our health care system with Universal Self Care for health-assuring independence.

Why? Why not?  The alternative to holistic healing is systemic dying of our planet and our lives.

To say that these are interesting times is an understatement.  There is an imminent crisis facing global humanity.  And there is an extraordinary opportunity for meeting that crisis with "flying colors" (full spectrum Conscience).

"We have polluted our inner being with dark behaviors and dark thoughts filled with egoism and yearning for power. We have polluted our entire outer environment with dark energy and its by-products, poisoning most of life-forms around us. What goes around, comes around to haunt you later, and teach you the only Divine lesson there is and can be: The Lesson of Love. Everything is a circle; the Everything is a Sphere."
~ from: "The Beginning of the End, or the End of our Beginning? Our choice."

The choice for each soul is to either be victims or victors. We can suffer the "Satanic Rite" (ritual abuse) of principalities of darkness or we can unite with the spirit that matters for overcoming the organized greed of corporate tyranny that suspends Constitutional principle. 

Ultimately it is the principle of universal
as cosmic law and language that governs the order of the universe.  God has methods.  There's no security without purity of intention and attention to those methods.  Institutionalized corruption is a mockery of those methods.  And one way or the other, the ordained power of will fulfill the Great Law with the Great Purification.

We have all witnessed how the principalities of darkness invert, subvert and pervert the light side of the force for the power to enslave hearts and minds with fear and the psychology of subservience to tyranny.  But this too shall pass.

The authentic power of lightbearers has always been the "inner sense" (innocence) that sees, hears or believes no evil... but this strength -- in excess -- blinds lightbearers to the principalities of darkness which sustain treachery and treason as has infiltrated core institutions with the power to profit without the principle of enlightened LOVE.


You have a choice.

In the realms of the Spirit that matters,
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action is
for giving.
It's not your aptitude but your attitude
that determines your "altitude"
whether you soar with the eagle's vision
or scratch with the turkey's feast
on bugs of begrudge.

Are you aware that the "chosen" has always been those who choose
gold standard for conscientious common sense?

Is it true that your affirmation and confirmation of LOVE as the
gold standard is your
determination of, by and for the
golden rule/law language for a golden age?

Would you agree that the higher the concept of LOVE as light's law and language,
the greater the results for independence from principalities of darkness and
"DUH" (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless)?

Based on your response, please forward; care enough to share with those you love.


 Bottom Line: 
Determining the High Road
to Higher Consciousness
of, by and for Cosmic

Activating the Ascension Code for Sentient Life:
 June 26th Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Interpretation at: "Cross-Referencing Cosmic Codes".
  See also:

Today's (6-26-2010) Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in Capricorn is an intense lunar eclipse. Eclipses always mark times of irrevocable change, and as the veil thins at an accelerated rate on the 2010-2011 timeline, cosmic signs of the times provide shift coordinates for mass awakening to the nature of the Aquarian Dispensation. This is a uniquely powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in a tight formation of planets in a Grand Square/Grand Cross that includes most of the planets in our solar system: the Sun (conjunct Mercury) opposite the Moon (conjunct Pluto), and Saturn opposite a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.  This Grand Square/Grand Cross is like looking down on the pyramid of Self and Civilization, and this core thoughtform is the "" archetype in the Model that has long been considered by alchemists, mystics, Tibetan mandalas and the Ascended Masters' Teachings as "the most powerful thoughtform in the universe and the key to the ascension of the planet".  With this in mind, here's an invocation with pure geometry visualizations that you can sustain as a "mediation" (meditation) that affirms the High Road of Higher Conscience with Cosmic :


before me, behind me,
Above as Below and All around me.
   I Am G.O.D.~
protecting here;
I Am G.O.D.~
directing now;
         I Am G.O.D.~
perfecting all ways.

May it begin with "US" -- United Sovereigns in a United State
heals all,

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