Humanity’s DNA Upgrade

by Christos Lightweaver

For a little perspective from the other ‘Northern Hemisphere’ of Earth,
consider these two recent articles regarding DNA and ‘disclosure’:

DNA Science and What Russian Researchers Have Surprisingly Discovered

2- Russian PM Not Joking - Extraterrestrials Live Among Us 
 According to Russian 'Men In Black' Documentary


It’s been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it… and that this is the greatest power we have as ‘co-Creators’… to be chalices for Creation, conduits for ‘Creator-Source’, and good captains of our own ‘soul ships’.

“I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
     Some letter of that After-life to spell:
      And by and by my soul return'd to me,
         And answer'd
I Myself am Heav'n and Hell’."
         ~ Omar Khayyam

A previous article, Our DNA Evolution with Source Code provides the basic science behind conscious evolution in the continuum we call ‘incarnation’ here on Earth. For those who have taken your first baby steps toward understanding this quantum connection between The Unified Quantum Field and our DNA, this following article on our conscious evolution will not be a quantum leap.

More like a self-evident truthJ

We crawl before baby steps, and we grow up to ‘run’ with high performance of all kinds of gifts and talents coded in our DNA and nurturing one’s nature physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

All together, this integrated multidimensional process co-Creates ‘above as below’, from left brain to right, and within as with ALL… manifesting on Earth as in “Heaven” (Source Field).

This is the 'upgrade' ordained for our DNA, consciousness and world-at-large at this time. It’s happening in all dimensions of ones personal 'holodeck' as corresponds to the 'Cultural DNA' at the heart of the global holographic field of conscientious common sense.

That’s the optimal future of, by and for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

This upgrade is to balance both hemispheres of the personal and planetary ‘brain’… with each of us cells in this biological model of the community body as a holistic, healthy, holographic and otherwise holy whole.

This new common sense 'Unity Conscience' is how we are all
winning from the beginning of the evolution revolution.


Article Follows: The Source-DNA Connection and
Galactic Administration of Earth’s DNA Upgrade

There is an intelligence in ‘The Quantum Field’ that has always been the Source of ‘the force’ as has been popularized in the Star Wars movies. The REAL story, however, is much better than the ‘make believe’ version.

Believe it or not, in the infinite-eternal continuum, there is a Creator-God ‘Source’ of all-pervasive/universal power, wisdom and love that weaves the fabric of space and time BEYOND the limited human sense of separation from All That Is Real... for greater unity in diversity as will gather the tribes of 'Is Real' as United Sovereigns of Earth… empowering wisdom with love at the heart of a global golden age.

This 'Three-Fold Flame'
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


Intention, attention, retention and ascension
in the soul's
dimension of 'Co-Creation'
~Source on Earth
as it is in cosmogenesis-at-large.

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

The ‘heart’ of our Milky Way Galaxy is the ‘Great Central Sun’ which is like the powerful EM fields generated by one’s heart. The modern science governing quantum reality has shown that ‘Heart Coherence’ is in fact resonance with the ‘Presence of Source’ in our Great Central Sun and systemic in ‘The Field’ connecting our hearts, galaxies and worlds without end. 

 This is HOW the ‘kingdom of heaven’ in indeed within you, and
this ‘cosmic connection’ is in fact the ‘Operating System’ for
conscious evolution in the ‘Unified Source Field’.

The higher the concept of this “OS” (Operating System) for the holographic universe – and the holodeck between our ears – the greater the results.  That’s not just the frequency harmonics of heart coherence which resonates with the Presence of Source, but also, it is the fractal nature of heart congruence aligned with each one's ‘Cultural DNA” (Source Code) that frames the “G.O.D. Code” (Geometric Ordered Divinity) at the heart of cosmic-universal .

This ‘Operating System’ for heart coherence and congruence represents
not only the ‘
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.’ (linear left brain), but also,
 the ‘
Language of the Angels of LOVE” (non-linear right brain),
to create a balanced ‘whole brain’ field of consciousness
that is the domain of
Effective Sensory Perception.

See the video on 'RESONANCE': the connection between Earth's
"Heartbeat" (Shumann Resonance) and Spontaneous Evolution


The ‘Father of Quantum Coherence’, Dan Winter, has pioneered this field of 'heart resonance' with 'The Field' for 33 years, and his ‘Heart Coherence’ application for the i-phone and i-pad has the world-changing potential for culturing social conscience in our social networks.

In the continuum, this has already happened...
 the 'InnerNet' as the last frontier of the Internet.

Dan's recent videos on Earth's DNA upgrade HERE speaks for an advanced understanding of the fractal order of the universe and the torus fields connecting the unified field from the atomic and cellular to heart coherence and the galactic.

It's all connected. It's all alive and intelligent through
'Co-Creation' with G.O.D.~ ~Source
on Earth as in cosmogenesis-at-large.

All 'techno-babble' aside, Dan speaks of, by and for the harmonic order of the universe that is an exquisite metaphor -- modern day parable -- for the golden
rule/law language at the heart of every golden age in cosmic history.

Cosmic as 'law' and 'language'
is not a mystery when known:

The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated
by near-death experience researcher Kenneth Ring


In less than 4 minutes, this video clearly elucidates
the universal law 'language' of Cosmic as
the judgment at the heart of each one's 'life review'.

The 'inner space interface' for the ‘InnerNet’.

That may sound far-fetched, like talking about the Internet before the Internet, but consider what Net reality will look like when a heart coherence standard for cyberEthics upgrades the computer/Internet revolution with this gateway portal from the Internet to the InnerNet... the web of light in 'The Field'… for navigating InnerSpace with Effective Sensory Perception. 

 This is the ‘upgrade’ that is defining, refining and ‘shining’
'4th Wave' of the computer/Internet revolution as will
begin culturing the '5th Wave' - 5-D Conscience -- at the
 heart of the Aquarian Dispensation;

Could that personal and planetary 'holodeck model' provide an 'Operations Manual for Stargate Earth'... a universal standard for global conscious evolution... and a frame of reference for the Constitution of Conscience as cultures a new common sense of God-Love/Creator-Source intelligence? 
Is it true that the vision alone -- how this process will upgrade social conscience in social networks -- could be the catalyst for global conscious evolution as a self-fulfilling prophecy? 
Would you agree that the intelligence of
G.O.D.-Source-LOVE will naturally harness the ‘Currency of Conscience’ with the 3-fold flame of Power-Wisdom-Love at the coherent heart of the universal field?

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
- Teihard de Chardin 

 In The Galactic History of DNA by Dan Winter, we discover that DNA and heart coherence has an incredibly important role in stabilizing conscious evolution on a vast scale from personal health homeostasis to stellar cosmogenesis… making it sustainable, self-organizing, fractal and holographic… harnessing intelligence through co-Creation with the ‘holy whole’.

This process of self-correcting, self-organizing ‘self-elevation’ in consciousness is sometimes referred to as ‘syntropy’ which is the opposite of chaos or ‘entropy’.  In terms of the conscious evolution process, this syntropy is the ‘self elevation’ known anciently as ‘salvation’… to ‘come up higher’ in consciousness as represents a direct connection with ‘Source’… the ‘Prescient Presence’ of the Creator… and the ‘OS’ standard for stabilizing conscious evolution through DNA ‘congruence’ and heart ‘coherence’.

We shape our DNA and our DNA shapes us in frequency and form. Harmonic vibratory patterns set the matrix of our DNA as proven by brilliant classic music directors who’s Mothers played great classic music while they were in the womb, growing up with an extraordinary ability to direct the music they were exposed to at a pre-natal age.

The miracle of DNA replication and regeneration is an extremely advanced science that, from a conventional 3-D perspective, approximates ‘magic’. But from a quantum 4-5 D perspective, it is the natural expression of ‘Effective Sensory Perception’… also known as ‘Enlightened Sensory Perception’,

There’s nothing ‘Extra’ about ‘IT’ (Innernet Technology)
when you’ve got it. And there’s nothing more valuable
than this vision that has found it’s time for application.

Immortality and eternality is not a mystery when ‘known’.  ‘Heaven’ or ‘hell’ is what we make it – there’s a choice involved.  No matter what level of heaven or hell one finds oneself in – or the ‘shadow lands’ in between – there is a dynamic involved for navigating this ‘InnerSpace’ of thought and feeling.

That dynamic is the nature of prayer and meditation,
  the centering of pure intention and focused attention
 for conscious retention in a divine dimension where
 the highest and best use of one’s soul faculties are
experienced through affirmation and determination
for integration with Creator-God-Source within us;
 a ‘Co-Creation’ process at the heart of conscious
evolutionary ascentworlds without end.

Yes, there are heart-congruent ‘thought forms’ for the expansion of ‘G.O.D. consciousness’, and this is the emerging blueprint for a golden age. And yes, there are heart coherence frequencies that represent the angels of our better nature, and this is the resonance with Source that cultures the full-spectrum intelligence at the heart of a golden age.

But optimal conscious evolution comes from the best of both worlds in the holy trinity of Co-Creation whereby the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. is synergistically integrated with the Language of the Angels of LOVE co-Creating with G.O.D.~LOVE for a holy whole that is greater than the sum of the linear and nonlinear parts… the balance of the ‘’ and the ‘’ in the ‘’ in all 4-quad dimensions of the ‘’… the ‘holographic’  Model.

Co-Creation through the holy spirit of -in-action
is the genesis and regenesis of DNA as the chalice for
the Spirit that matters for our conscious evolution.

Why is that so important now?  Is it true that a spiritual revolution in higher consciousness is the ultimate solution to self-destructive civilization? Are you aware that global humanity is on the threshold of utilizing Cultural DNA to involve and evolve social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks?  Would you agree that this is a matter of thrival for the ‘remnant’ who survive the cancer plagues killing one out of three Americans?

This Cultural DNA for the Worldwide  Foundation is “inclusive and proactive” (win/win) rather than “exclusive and reactive” (win/lose). It is the definition of ‘co-operative co-ordination’ for ‘Co-Creation’ at the highest level of individual and collective mind congruence and heart coherence… the ‘Higher Conscience’ of, by and for authentic power based on the universal archetypes embedded in the  Model as a PROCESS governing Co-Creation with G.O.D.~ .

This PROCESS has already occurred as
the archetypal blueprint for enlightened
conscious evolution in the continuum.

Common sense would tell us that the higher the concept of ‘Source’ – “geometrized” (coded) via  G.O.D.~  -- the greater the results for Co-Creation with G.O.D.~ .

 So BE the future you want to SEE.

Abundant  will define and refine the Next Economy with the Currency of Conscience that makes scarcity consciousness obsolete.

Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear as
the ordained Power of Love checks and
balances the inordinate love of power.

Abundant-clean and virtually free energy technologies will be liberated as Cultural DNA liberates social Conscience in our social networks with an upgrade of our five core Constitutional freedoms at the heart of our Net reality.

The powershift to a centered-and-connected ‘Higher Power’
- a direct connection with Source~
G.O.D.~ Power -
will naturally restore resonance with that ‘Higher Power.

Universal Self Care will likewise be liberated to optimize freedom of choice at the heart of free on-line holistic healing standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease; a golden age in global holistic healing.

SUMMARY: Spontaneous evolution is accelerating in our DNA, consciousness and world.  We shape our DNA and then our DNA shapes us. DNA upgrade is a process that is greater -- for the Creative Ascent Process -- than the sum of the archetypal components to the 'CAPstone' for 5-D wholEness:

Spiritually... Pure intention for the Will of G.O.D.~ is not seldom the prelude of the revelation in one's heart of hearts - the 'white fire core' of the web of light that connects every heart with the heart of Source; Co-Creation.
Mentally... Focused attention via the Mind of G.O.D.~ is a method of 'perceptual framing' that provides an 'Operating System' for your holodeck that involves and evolves your DNA for Enlightened Sensory Perception.
Emotionally... Love's retention as -in-action is "energy in motion" (e-motion) that naturally morphs DNA with the frequent expressions of holy compassion and loving kindness that the blind can see and deaf can hear.
Physically... Conscious ascension in an integral function of your 'light body' and your DNA is the 'chalice' for that light that corresponds to your immune system and two superior supplements for optimizing 'more light' and health.

To Your Whole Health,

~ Christos