Christmas Greetings
Christmas 2009 ~ LOVE to All

From: Christopher

The Festival of Lights is Upon Us.
Highlights of the year are celebrated.
Aquarian Love is the dispensation
  as birthing of Christ is consecrated.

Affirmations of faith are remembered.
Holy purpose transcends mediocrity.
Heaven knows it's time for mass birthing
of Christ-like ascent, the opportunity.

The 2nd Coming is clearly upon us.
The Big Shift of cosmos ordains it.
Eternal life is an on-going process
and LOVE now simply re-frames it.

Three Wise Men are gifting the Christ.
Power, Wisdom and Love embodied.
Gifting the trinity that keeps on giving
as holy spirit of co-Creation rekindled.

LOVE is for giving - for Christ's sake.
The light is what changes the darkness.
The gift of such gifting is priceless.
No change is enlightened if heartless.

All heaven rejoices the mass gifting.
The Family of Man is now ready.
TeLeComm unites our global village
as Great LOVE vows to hold steady.

All souls are now feeling the changes.
The gifting of LOVE is transforming.
The currency of conscience goes global
  with a gold standard of virtue restoring.

WholEness in LOVE is the movement.
Evolutionary ascent is our future.
Christ Mass awakening, it's happening,
with angels of our better love nature.

May Christ Love bless all and all ways.
May this find you uplifted - up wising.
The best of 2009 to you and yours with
rEVOLUTION  -- a global up rising.


2009 Christmas Letter to All
and the
Twelve Gifts of Christmas

It's been quite a year here in Paradise Valley Montana and in our global village.

With my children grown and out on their own, I've had more time to think globally while acting locally.  Writing has become my passion.  For balance,
my work out has been ranch work in Paradise Valley, and painting t
wo houses in Golden Age Village while cutting grass in the common areas.  I like to think of myself as an enlightened Forest Gump while mowing the soccer field... divine gumption.

"Christhood is what Christhood does."
~ the Ascended Forest Gump

I realize that it is far easier to gump my way through life with stupid as a side-kick, but the fruits of that are stupid. We're known by our associates and who (or what) we associate with. That's why I'm writing you - the nearest and dearest -- who at least tolerate my proclivity for enlightened self interest.

Christ would save the world. I guess the mind of Christ can't think of anything better to do. Some things just don't change.  Christ in you would save the world too!  Always would - all ways will.  It's a Christhood  thing.

What an idea!  Imagine it going mainstream...
Christ-like mass consciousness.

Adoration of the Christ child has always been a core message at Christmas. The birthing of the mind of Christ within us -- individually and collectively -- is the pure intention of this adoration.

Such adoration is, at heart, divine LOVE.

Obviously there are no human solutions to human problems.  There are only divine solutions to human problems. Human solutions only compound the problem, which is where Christhood comes in as a soulution -- the quintessential light-as-conscience that lighteth every soul that comes into the world.

A mature conscience forgives a multitude of sins
with LOVE that is for giving (not forgetting).

Those who aspire to such mastery know how the mind of Christ-like intelligence works -- the mind that knows the meaning of LOVE as a frequency... as in frequently.

The holy spirit of LOVE-in-action is the frequency of
enLIGHTened intelligence.

Now is that time prophesied when great light will awaken many souls unto their divine destiny in the image and likeness of Christ -- the 2nd Coming in our heart and minds... en masse.  The emerging blueprint for a golden age reflects and perfects this heart-mind connection ALL WAYS.

The pure in heart know this intuitively - the Spirit that matters.
Enlightened minds see an emerging blueprint of global LOVE.
The light of such LOVE leads to global rEVOLUTION .

2009 has been a great year for BIG changes.  The Earth is going through BIG changes on the accelerated 2012 timeline.  Human consciousness is going through BIG changes with a massive dimensional shift in the quantum field of galactic energies. The portents for global rEVOLUTION are self-evident.

Ready or not, all souls on Earth will be affected.

The first principle for a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness is not a mystery when known.  It may yet be the common sense that's uncommon, but COMMON SENSE sparked the American Revolution, and a new COMMON SENSE is going global. We're all in this together - revelation rEVOLUTION.

A New Conscience is emerging with the Spirit that matters.

Call it "judgment time" or just the end of stupid times as we have known them.  Stupid is retro.  Once a soul is enlightened, there's no going back to stupid.

The Divine Destiny of Earth awaits your participation.
The victory of LOVE is won heart-to-heart.

The web of light is the web of conscience that sustains Mother Earth.  The Mother of all Networks -- the Internet -- has now matured with the potential for birthing Christ Mass Conscience -- an enlightened social conscience in our instant-everywhere and interactive social networks.

Mass-to-mass TeLeComm with LOVE is not just possible.
It is the divine destiny of Earth's evolutionary ascent.

I'm grateful to give as I've been given. I'm thankful for all who have helped. 2009 has been an awesome year for outpicturing a comprehensive vision of the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.

By the grace of Christ-like conscience in our global social media,
 the vision of
LOVE-centric mediation principles and processes
heartware cyberEthics for healing mass media consciousness --
will reboot the divine from 2009 and go mainstream in 2010.

The gift that keeps on giving is the top line that runs through to our bottom line - the Next Economy -- and I need your help in this regard.  Culturing Christ-like mass-to-mass consciousness is a gift you can give to make it so.

Pure intention will increase attention for evolutionary ascension.

What goes around comes around - please forward this for love to all.
       Blessed are those who get it and give it - the spirit that matters.
Realize that all social solutions naturally engage hearts and minds
TeLeComm, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommunity
with unity of a LOVE-centered and connected nature.

Ask what Christ would do for lack of anything better to do.

Ask yourself what vision is most valuable for global healing at this time.
    Review the highlights of the year
and link the light - make it yours.
   Consider how the holy spirit as LOVE-in-action, at the heart of
   mass-to-mass TeLeComm~unity, can heal all social problems.

The frequency of Collective Love is the 2nd Coming in our hearts

Claim the victory of the "LOVE Frequency" on Earth as in Cosmos.
   Conceive it with pure intention and believe it to make it so.
Believing is seeing how the holy spirit thus streameth  for
  Keepers of the Frequency of Divine Love,
as in frequently,
culturing social conscience in our social networks.

Pay Attention because Attention Pays

Become a "Keeper of the Frequency" (KoF) of Cosmic LOVE.
  Interact via on-line community forums that combine blogs,
       Facebook and Twitter. Contact me before the new year
to receive the gift of a free one year subscription to
"KoF Coordinates" - just ask.

Keep on Keeping on, Gifting and Re-Gifting the
Presence of Christ at the heart of all Presents

Gift the gift that is all ways for giving in the Spirit of Christ-like LOVE.
 Consider what contribution you can make -- the highest and best
use of your gifts, latent talents and resources for greater LOVE.
  Win stripes for your ascension by networking for the Net worth of
Net reality as will represent the Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action.
  Give freely as you've been given, adding to the web of light that
     weaves the fabric of space and time with the Spirit that matters.

May the Cosmic Christ Spirit
Come Again in 2010

Christ above and so below,
Christ before and Christ behind,
Christ within and all around,
Christ the LOVE for all mankind.

Time to know, LOVE is for giving.
Time to get it - a fresh beginning.
Time to continue with thanks giving.
Time that ordains we are all winning.

All Ways ,


The Twelve Gifts of Christmas
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