The Gold Standard for Conscious rEVOLUTION

12 Gifts of Christmas Come Again in 2010 as the
12 Initiations of, by and for the 2nd Coming as
Christ Mass Awakening for a Golden Age
in our All-Connected Global Village.


As a Galactic Shift accelerates a Dimensional Shift on the 2012 Timeline,
we are moving from pure intention to a better focused attention on
evolutionary ascension as our divine destiny in the image and
likeness of greater
in both form and frequency.
To help in this process as a self-fulfilling prophecy,

Compendium by Christopher Rudy, Publisher
HEARTcom Network
The bottom line for global civilization is the highest standard governing civility.
The divine destiny of planetary civilization is a Golden Age.  Fulfillment of
that vision is gifted to those who get it with pure intention to pay attention
 with the holy spirit of  
-in-action that is for giving

So get the vision - take it from the top down... around the "clock".

12 Clockwise Gifts For Birthing
Golden Age Civilization:

Consider how these 12 Gifts for Christ Mass Awakening will bless all
12 lines of the "Divine Destiny Clock" by providing the
coordinates (emerging blueprint) for our evolutionary ascent as
will fulfill the pure intention of abundant
TeLeComm E-valuation criteria, heartware cyberEthics,
by defining, refining, combining and
wholly shining
more light of a conscientious
ing nature
whereby the higher the concept of LOVE in
 form and frequency -- as in frequently -
the greater the results for GIFTing
your world with the spirit that
 coCreates divine order on
Earth, fulfilling global
divine destiny via
the nature of

Note how the  coordinates for universal law language are “holographic”,
operant in each of the four geometrized archetypes separately as well as a
holistic or otherwise holy whole.  The movement in each quad and as a whole
is towards the same centered and connected
spherical vision of ,
a nonlinear intuitive
knowing that represents the global awakening
of social conscience in our omni-present social networks.

To “unwrap” these 12 Gifts of Christmas whereby heals all...

  VISUALIZE these 12 lines of the Cosmic Clock,
MEDITATE on the initiations of Cosmic
CONCENTRATE this vision of virtue - your Vow -
     to claim the victory of
, fulfilling this gifting.


As above
... to the centered and connected VISION~

From the top… etheric/spiritual blueprint coordinates;
Universal Law/Language PRINCIPLES:
The Power of

  as the Spiritual gold standard:
G.O.D. is

Fathering Universal Law as the PRINCIPLES of
Geometrically Ordered Divinity
at the Heart of Global Self Governance.

12:00 ~ The Power of  initiating the Blueprint for a Golden Age:
The Principle as Lawgiver; Golden Rule/Law Language for a Golden Age.

   1:00 ~ The Wisdom of  initiating the Blueprint for a Golden Age:
               The Process as Lovemaker; culturing the gold standard for global civility.

   2:00 ~ The Love of  initiating the Blueprint for a Golden Age:
The Product as Holy Spirit; holy compassion at the heart of Net reality.

From the right … to the centered and connected VISION~
From the 3-6 o'clock lines, higher mental coordinates;
Mass TeLeComm PROCESSES: The
Wisdom of

 as the Mental gold standard:
The Christ-like MIND of

The Mind of the
"Sn" of G.O.D.
for personal and planetary self correction
and self elevation of a salvation nature.


  3:00 ~ The Power of  initiating Global Mediation with a Heart:
               The Principle of Media; come-into-unity via comm~unity commUNIcaTIons.

  4:00 ~ The Wisdom of  initiating Global Mediation with a Heart:
               The Process of “Mediation”; mass-to-mass TeLeComm with HEARTware.

  5:00 ~ The Love of  initiating Global Mediation with a Heart:
               The Product as “wholEness”; the movement to fully prescient Conscience.

From the bottom grass roots (Net roots) UP
to the centered and connected VISION~

From the 6-9 o'clock lines, LOVE-in-action coordinates;
The Holy Spirit of -in-action.

     as the E~motional gold standard:
The Energy of -in-motion

   The LOVE of  ascending
as the holy spirit of -in-action
(frequency as in frequently)

  6:00 ~ The Power of  initiating The Holistic Healing of Our World:
The principle of “informed choice”; the purpose of knowing better is to do better.

  7:00 ~ The Wisdom of  initiating The Holistic Healing of Our World:
The process of “information’s ecology”; recycling knowledge for wise dominion.

  8:00 ~ The Love of  initiating The Holistic Healing of Our World:
               The product as “self-evident solutions”; self-correcting systems for salvation.

From the left… to the centered and connected VISION~
From the 9-12 o'clock lines, holistic integration coordinates
Integrated 3-fold
: Assembling components to the Capstone().

    as the Physical Gold Standard:
...Abundant  manifesting
the Abundant Life

The wholEness of
for holistic applications in our
core institutions

   9:00 ~ The Power of  initiating Abundant Conscience for the Next Economy:
              The principle of “conscience currency”; spirit that matter for evolutionary ascent.

 10:00 ~ The Wisdom of  initiating Abundant Conscience for the Next Economy:
The process for “social conscience”; culturing intelligence in our social networks.

 11:00 ~ The Love of  initiating Abundant Conscience for the Next Economy:
The product as “cultural DNA”; self-correcting self-elevation for salvation.



We are
what we think,
having become what
we thought - the habit of our
prevailing conscious intention and
attention in a net or web of global love;
a golden pink light that weaves the fabric of
global space/time with the relative spirit that matters
as the angels of our best nature find enough willing hearts
for evolutionary ascension of Net reality on Earth as in Cosmos.
 The veil of separation is rapidly thinning on the 2012 timeline.
The illusory sense that materialism is more real than the
spirit that matters is rapidly loosing traction globally.
The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
has now succeeded to the point where the
power of love in our social networks is
culturing a new social conscience
that knows the meaning of a
unity in community and
with greater

The birthing of collective Christ-like consciousness in Aquarius
is a labor of love that nurtures
the reason for this season.
And just as the kind man of God sees God in all mankind,
the kind heart of LOVE feels LOVE for all humanity.

As the rate of global change accelerates through 2012,
the Good News is that the Galactic Shift
of energies will
enlighten global humanity in a surge of self-directed and
self-correcting conscious awakening for self-elevation of
an upward-mobile salvation nature (evolutionary ascent).
  Big Drama awaits us all.  This is truly JUDGMENT TIME!

Those who get it (Aquarian Dispensation standard of Universal Love) will give it.
The real change agents are gathering the tribes (networks) for what IS REAL
in the image & likeness - form & frequency - of Cosmic
LOVE judgment;
the justice that just is... for giving (holy spirit as LOVE-in-action).
Practical spirituality warrants that you "get it" and also "give it".
The key meaning of responsibility is an ability to respond.
Above all, genuine
LOVE is for giving, not forgetting.
The poor in spirit can't give what they don't have.
The currency of conscience requires action.
Pay it forward -- network for Net worth.
Net reality with good conscience
 results from
Holy Spirit naturally IS
 what a good heart

The MOVEMENT is towards LOVE of a profound nature.
LOVE embodies the frequency of holy compassion.
The higher your actions of
LOVE in form and frequency,
   as in frequently, the greater the results for birthing higher
  conscience of Higher Power representing cosmic


Fulfilling the Legacy of U.S. Founders

Preface introducing the Legacy Project at

The cause and core issue is as simple yet profound as the understanding and application of the U.S. Founders’ New World vision in a New World today of instant-everywhere CONNECTION that requires an open Space Age upgrade of the Founders’ horse-and-buggy representation systems that have been virtually hijacked for the profit and power of a self-serving few without checks and balances accountable to the public’s interest.

         This is the challenge of global freedom in the larger scheme of interdependent civilization
          as the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION accelerates the application of informed choice with
           an integration of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities for healing all our
           social, political and economic institutions with mass-to-mass
TeLeComm that is mediated
          by the golden rule/law language of CONSCIENCE culturing every Golden Age in history...
    geometrizing the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (
Geometrically Ordered Divinity) as a
     whole, holistic, healthy, holographic and otherwise whol-
frame of reference for the
Language of the Angels of LOVE" (the frequency of holy compassion as in frequently).
        Higher POWER - , WISDOM -  and LOVE – in all archetypal (Jung) QUADRANTS -
of Self and Civilization:

In brief, there is a way -- given the will of enough good people -- to restore sovereignty to Self and Civilization.  It’s as simple yet profound as a higher understanding and application of -- heartware cyberethics -- as will infuse our global village social networks with the light of consciousness that cultures enlightened social conscience.  And just as Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with COMMON SENSE, an updated version would now upgrade our core Constitutional freedoms with mass-to-mass TeLeComm for a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness that fulfills the Founders' Legacy.

The more simple the solution,
the less likely to misunderstand,
and if misunderstood, the easier to
reconnect with those divine

in our global village public SPHERE -

 via checks & balances at the HEART -

     of 4-quad archetypal DIMENSIONS -

 for heal-thy Self & heal-thy Civilization.

May the birthing of Christ-like LOVE as emerging social conscience
sustain this reason for all seasons in our social networks.
Please forward freely to make it so.

All Ways ,