Heartcom Network
Networking for the Net worth of a
 more enlightened Net reality.

The Business Concept:

HEARTcom Services is developing the systems, software and seminars
that define '
Web 3.0with 'Quantum Computing': the heart of interactive
mass-to-mass TeLeComm' as will involve and evolve our individual
  and collective social
Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

The 'product' is the process pioneered by HEARTcom Services...

...culturing social Conscience as social currency with Heartware
a universal interface - cultural DNA - for ‘universal co-Creation’
 through a process of
mass-to-mass TeLeCommframed via
the language of consciousness as involves and evolves
conscientious common sense -- Unity Conscience --
'Effective Sensory Perception'; cyberEthics
E-valuation criteria via heartware/

There are four ‘valuation keys’
  unique to this business model
that are worthy of ‘Net worth’
   in a clockwise affiliate model,
 The Founder's Program:

Assembling the components to the
(Creative Ascent Process):

  The VISION of pure intention;
         The VIRTUE of focused attention;
  The VALOR of love’s retention;
    The VICTORY of our ascension
into unity’s dimension with
 += in all 4 quads of 's 
‘CAPstone Conscience’

This Unity Conscience
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 

    With interactive heartware () as the rule for our Net reality
Ethics E-valuation criteria for mass-to-mass TeLeComm),
the Golden Rule/Law Language of
LOVE naturally rules.

 - The ‘product’ is the process:
         Free affiliation for the public
     via well-informed choices.

  - The ‘vision’ is the real value:
       Initiating process benefits
       of, by and for ‘Net reality’.

 - Co-Creative ‘Communicants’:
      Cultural-Creative Standards
      for our evolutionary ascent.

 - ‘Net worth’ naturally follows:
   personal/public win/win:
     culturing common sense;
Effective Sensory Perception.

To be more specific:

 - The ‘product’ is the process;
        culturing social Conscience:

The process of conscious evolution
 is a direct function of the interactive
  mass-to-mass communications that
  define and refine unity in our diverse
 global social network communities.

This is the currency of Conscience
   now culturing a ‘New Economy’ with
    the moral imperative of

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, and
4th U.S. President, James Madison

 - The ‘process vision’ is the value;
     there’s nothing more valuable
    for culturing our ‘Net reality’:

This is the vision of a process that
liberates our power and wisdom
with a standard for cyber
Effective Sensory Perception -
at the heart of our co-Creative
co-Operation with

as an interactive interface for
mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

This is how the ‘Power of Love
heals all in the ‘nuthouse’.

 - Co-Creative ‘Communicants’:
      Cultural-Creative Standards
      for our evolutionary ascent.

 Professional TeLeComm representing
4th Wave Business in the 21st Century
will co-Create social Conscience in all
   our social networks that utilize 4th Wave
-valuation criteria’ for ‘cyberthics’
 as an interface for real-time interaction
 of a dozen or a million online Netizens.

The vision of how this interaction process works
  to involve and evolve our individual and collective
Conscience in the personal/planetary ‘holodeck
can be the catalyst for a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’
whereby our evolutionary ascent is optimized.

 - ‘Net worth’ naturally follows:
   personal/public win/win:
     culturing common sense;
Effective Sensory Perception:

      Linear Logic of ‘Cosmic Law’
      ‘Articles of Faith’.

 - Nonlinear Intuitive Knowing
        in the global ‘public sphere’;

       ‘Process of atONEment

 - Co-Creation of  +  for
       optimal holistic synergy;

       ‘Balanced 3-fold flame’.

 - 4D portal to 5D ESP for
        conscientious ascent;

      ‘Unity Conscience’.

Centering and connecting all dimensions of 'TLC' 
components to the "5-D CAPstone"
Creative Ascension Process)
for the United Sovereigns of Earth:

 - pure intention as will
 - focus attention with
 - love's retention for
  - evolutionary ascension into the
 - 5th Dimension (Unity Conscience)

  TeLeComm:  pure intention for culturing social Conscience in our 
                                   instant-everywhere and interactive social networks;

 TeLeConscience: focused attention with the currency of conscience 
wise dominion and 'up-rising' (conscious evolution);

  TeLeCommunity love's retention with the frequency of -in-action
                                           at the interactive interface 
heart of Heartware.

 TeLeCare: evolutionary ascension for healing our core social, political and
                              economic institutions through the integrated synergy and real-time
                               synchronicity of 
's intention, attention, and retention.

 Unity Conscience: the 5th Dimension via the Constitution of Conscience
                                                  which assembles the four directions of a moral compass
                                                  with archetypal 
 components to the 'Capstone':
Enlightened Full-Spectrum Unity Conscience.

Culturing social conscience in social networks with an interactive interface 
for simultaneous mass-to-mass interaction that is framed by
a unique model of the Constitution of Conscience 
at the
heart of a wholEness movement,
emphasizing 4-way '
TLC' for
5-D Conscience via


Continued at the Business Model:
Executive Summary


 Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
the Full Spectrum of Light as Conscience 

Connect the Conscience ~ Link the Light:
Network for the Net worth of Net reality with

Universal LOVE -- in principle, form and frequency -- is, at heart,
the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
whereby the "Language of the Angels" is framed by
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that mediates
the mass media’s collective conscience
with the golden rule-law language
as the interactive interface
heart of Net-centric
of, by & for
the heart & mind of 
high touch HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
defining ~ refining ~ combining and shining
our God-given gifts & talents via Net Standards
for a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth
and the Abundant Life culturing the 
"KINGdom" Conscience
with "all" (om) as K.IN.G with Keys to the INner sense of G.O.D.