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Brain-Body Benefit Breakthroughs

by 'Dr. Christopher' / July 27, 2013

Tonight on Cosmic Love, I'm interviewing one of my new heroes,
 Anthony Stephan,
who has improved the mental health of people worldwide.

See his introductory story
with short videos
Tony's tragedy-to-triumph story is heartwarming and courageous. He personally pioneered
the research and development of those brain nutrients and neural-transmitter precursors that optimize brain function... now validated as 'breakthrough' by leading psychologists and 41 researchers from 15 universities in 4 countries who have participated in the independent research studies over 15 years.

Personally, I greatly admire the way Tony has helped tens of thousands of people with bio- logically correct brain nutrition. I've worked with nutritional healing for over 33 years*, so I'm aware of advanced brain nutrients that Tony has combined for exceptional synergistic results.

My personal experience has largely focused on the breakthrough brain-body benefits of "SPX" (Swedish Pollen Extract).  Most readers are not aware that SPX has neural-transmitter precursors that are activated by saliva enzymes when the powder is put under the tongue, sublingually passing through the blood-brain barrier for optimal brain uptake. Usually I don't recommend it for this purpose because of the taste; the rich molecular RNA/DNA genetic material in SPX gags some people, which is why I generally recommend mixing it with a little honey if taken sublingually.  Or sprinkle it on cereal or mix in smoothies.  But I digress.

Tony's micronized brain food, Q96, has a lot more peer-reviewed clinical trials behind it to prove its efficacy for optimal brain function. As for optimal body function with a strong immune system, SPX has a lot more peer-reviewed clinical trials behind it, with a decade of use for immunotherapy (drip IVs) by medical oncologists in the U.S..

Yes, you can 'mainline' SPX into the brain sublingually, and you can swallow Tony's Q96 capsules to get it into the blood and brain through the digestive system.  For a multitude of debilitating brain-body dysfunctions, these supplements can provide a new lease on life.

But each body is unique.  One person's 'feel good' is another person's 'healing crisis'. It is
well known in holistic healing disciplines that sometimes there is an aggravation of symptoms,
 a 'healing crisis', before things get better.

This was once common sense.
You've got to get the crap out.

When healing physically, the cellular terrain of the body will sometimes purge cellular wastes that may cause flu-like symptoms as the body becomes strong enough to purge dead cells
-- like the kill-off of fungus, bacteria and viruses -- through the lymphatic system. 

When healing mentally, the energetic terrain of the brain will sometimes purge emotional toxins -- hypersensitivity to criticism for example -- that resists and resents any suggestion of mental 'dis-ease' or dysfunction. It's called 'normalcy bias' that resists even change for the better.

When one's neural-transmitter health is poor
normalcy bias, in excess, is exacerbated
and afflicts mental and physical health.

So be aware of the occasional 'side effects' of improved health in either your brain or body.
By increasing mental cognitive function, you may well become aware that you were not quite right in the head before, and that's a little disturbing, even if you are not mentally ill.

It was after taking Tony's Q96 for about a week that I wrote my all-time favorite article,
'Soul Soaring'.  Not being a poet of any great attainment, I was rather surprised, and humbled,
by what flowed naturally from my heart.

Heart coherence is a classic sign of
optimal cognitive function.

I confess that I was brain-damaged at an early age in a car accident, so I have a better excuse than most people:)  Fortunately, the body and brain cells are all entirely replaced either weekly or as much as over seven years in the case of bone cells.

Humans are extremely resilient. We are far more than just our physical body and brain, as you can see in this profound 1 1/2 minute video by Foster Gamble following:

So with all your searching for optimal health solutions for yourself and loved ones, remember the spirit that matters on Earth as in 'heaven' where everything is in divine order and harmony; always has been and all ways will be. 
That's the 'heaven realm' whereby the Family of Man is now ordained to heal and unite in unprecedented ways that are far different than you ever imagined, and yet, far better than you may have ever hoped for.

So keep the faith in natural healing modalities, and keep in touch; tune into to hear the live (or archived) interview with Tony Stephan on Cosmic Love,

For Optimal Brain-Body Health,
UltraMedics Services

* UltraMedics Services does for preventive health as paramedics do for crisis medicine.  For over 33 years while developing three holistic health centers, Christopher Rudy has pioneered ultramolecular medicine and 'Universal Self Care' with a vision of emerging preventive health assurance standards that support holistic care-for-health policies.

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