by Christos Lightweaver

To get a better grasp of the
now defining a BIG SHIFT,
 consider this synopsis of the
that is now going global.

The 4 Archetypal Geometrized Thought-forms for Understanding
the Dimensional Shift in Harmony with Cosmic Order
along more enlightened "lines" that frame
Universal-Cosmic Law at the
Heart of Full Spectrum 



(From , to , with 4’s in the )

 *  “co-creative
۞ integrative

- Conceptually: The left-brain “logical” (reasoning) intelligence that excels in
focusing attention on your highest and best gifts and talents in the
image and likeness of divine order as
aw and anguage... also known as
"Intellectual Intelligence of the Whole Mind"
that SEES (visualizes) the Big Picture of Cosmic Law as the
Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (
Geometrically Ordered Divinity).

- Emotionally right-brain “vibrational” (e-motional) intelligence that excels in
pure intention of a “SPHERICAL” () nonlinear nature that can grasp
the highest and best intentions of others… also known as
Emotional Intelligence of the Holy Heart”.
that HEARS (feels) Cosmic Harmony as the
Language of the Angels of Love.

- Co-Operatively: left-right balancing of the holographic brain hemispheres for
evolutionary ascension that co-creates a “marriage” (balance) of these core
~ natures. This is the balanced “holy trinity” as the “throne” (three-in-one)
~~ that cultures the natural ascent of masterful balance as the
 3-fold Flame of divine
power~wisdom~Love within your heart.

Holistically: The holistic, holographic or otherwise holy whole is greater than the
 the sum of the
~~ parts in all four dimensions of Self and Civilization;
~~ thus represents the four sides of the pyramid ()
        with the "capstone" (G.O.D.~
vision as the  fire in the middle (pyra~mid).
~~~ thus represents the process of eternal progression in
        a more fully present here and now as represents 5D wholeness, wholEness, and the
holistic~holographic field of divine~quantum potential:
the awakening~ascension process.

This is the process that defines multi-dimensional "integrity as integration".

Realize that integrity is what integration does, both individually and collectively.
   Such integrity is what it means to be a fully present BEING (BE IN G.O.D.~

This holistic integrity not only represents
5D consciousness individually, but also represents
our Net reality (mass-to-mass TeLeComm) in all
five dimensions collectively -- the same
geometrized process in our collective consciousness (
from the 6th to 10th dimensions)
as explained at “Ten Dimensions”.

The 5th Dimension of cognitive perspicacity
- a perspective shift of a unified field nature -
 is the prophesied revelation rEVOLUTION that
holistically integrates the holographic field of
quantum potential for individual and collective
 pure intention, focused attention and
evolutionary ascension of wholEness:

integrating all four dimensions.



You might say that the 5th Dimension is the “capstone” (vision) of
the four sided "dimensions" of the pyramid of Self and Civilization.
Each side of this 3-D hologram also includes the 3-fold nature of
the "
", "" & "" that are holographically integrated in the "".

 Or as said by the Chief Architect of the United States Constitution:
“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President


The Brain’s Holographic Field of Consciousness

Think of the brain as a holographic multi-dimensional field of energy - the "Cosmic Cube".
Consider how the holographic universe is geometrized with fractal patterns,
not just throughout all nature but in all dimensions of consciousness.

Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, the car an extension of the feet and the computer an extension of the brain,
consciousness is an extension of the holographic field of energy between your ears.

The Divine Order of the Universe Within You

Each one's psychology is a holographic field of cognitive capabilities that are virtually programmed into cellular DNA memory (subconscious) as above (the astrophysics of your astrology), so below (womb environment) -- your core formative creation.

There is a time-keeper of cosmic proportions that maintains the grand symphony of harmonics in the ocean of quantum actuality that we interpret as "reality".   To the extent that we harmonize with this divine order, to THAT extent are we in synch with the natural order of reality in the cosmic scheme of things. 

Divine destiny follows divine synch -- as above, so below.  We all go to where we're coming from, ultimately getting what we "ask for" whether we know it or like it or not.  The only thing we ever have to worry about -- ultimately -- is that we fail to exercise the free will, free thinking, free loving and free doing that fulfills our highest and best "divine plan", individually and collectively. But that's all ways a CHOICE... moment to moment.

Harmony as the healer and celestial music is the medium.  Orchestration of that symphony is from above - the music of the spheres.

Mastery of that medium begins in the formative years - the imprinting of one's environment, the nature of one's up-bringing, and the nurturing that cultures heart, head and hand.

We all have latent "
G.O.D.~given" gifts and talents... that are programmed into your DNA during gestation... the DNA in your cells being "programmed" by the computer language that it understands; Geometrically Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.) as the geometrized order of the universe imprinted your psychology, programmed by your astrology, during the creation of your body in the womb.

As explained by the Ancient Chinese understanding of acupuncture and the energy fields of the body, the order of the universe above is programmed into the womb during pregnancy.  They understood how the energy fields of the seven glandular centers (chakras) corresponded to the programming of the child's energy fields in the womb.  This is an advanced science that drug-based contemporary medicine has suppressed to our detriment, even though quantum physics has well-explained how we live in an ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as "reality".

According to this ancient science of the order of the universe -- regarding the programming during pregnancy -- the 12 lower spine vertebrae acts as a "step-down transformer" (like a modem) for the cosmic energies of the 12 Constellations.  As the single fertilized cell in the womb (YOU) went through the extraordinary cell-division process as you split from one into two, two into four, and four into eight cells, etc, until you became a baby.

That was your core formative experience - the programming of your cosmic BEING as an integral programmed function of the cosmic nature of the heavens during your body's creation.  Think about this - the psychology in your astrology behind your "theology" (frame of reference for
G.O.D.), that is the quintessence of BE-IN-G (BE IN G.O.D.) as the geometrized "astro-logic programming language" that is the language of the order of the universe. [The cosmic "computer" (mind) of G.O.D.] 

Think about that -- the programming language for the holodeck (platform for consciousness) in the holographic field of energy created by our brain.  Each one (brain)... into two (hemisheres)... into four (2-D quadrants), into eight (3-D holographic cube)... according to the same biophysics order of cell replication.  These law "1st laws" of spirit and form pervade ALL creation -- the spirit that matters... on earth (your body) as in heaven (body of the universe).

Modern quantum physics is rediscovering what the original acupuncturists knew so well:

 "In the beginning, God geometrized,"
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

Fact is, in the end, we all become what we geometrize in our DNA
as our cellular computers continue to reboot (replicate)
with what we feed them, physically and spiritually.

Music is a powerful tool for hemispheric balance in the four quadrants and three dimensions of your holodeck... especially when you are making that music with an instrument of pure vibrational mastery, such as the violin.  The heartstrings of the violin speak to the mind-strings of your whole
BEING...  in ways that your visualizations, meditations, determination and integration all ways achieves.


Bless Your Heart as the Deep Shift Accelerates,
Compressing Time Faster through to 2011-2012

Pace yourself as world changes accelerate with “plenty of time”.  There is an abundance of time because "time" (as we know it) is being compressed (accelerated to NOW).  Quality time NOW (moment to moment) trumps quantity. 

The more that time compresses, the more that knowing (in the NOW)
goes mainstream
… with more people knowing better to do better...
what full-spectrum love really means.

This is NOT an easy shift for those who are "stuck" in love-challenged habits of
   believing thinking, feeling and acting; (the four sides of the pyramid of BEING).

Nor is this an easy shift for social institutions that are "stuck" in love-challenged habits of
governing, mediating, healing and doing business (the four sides of the pyramid of civilization).

Ready or not, an accelerated global Dimensional Shift is rapidly transforming Earth's evolutions.  Those who are "stuck" in linear thinking in "concrete" terms are resistant to any change from their "stoned" (fixed in stone) world view.  Their mind is made up -- a linear timeline into the future that can't get past the past -- like driving into the future with eyes stuck on the rear-view mirror.  But there's a big curve in the road ahead folks.

Indeed, those who are poor in the nonlinear spirit (that matters now) will always be with us.  There are a lot of depressed, stuck or otherwise "stoned" people on Earth these days.  They can't see the present solution because they can't get past their linear time line that sees the future only in terms of continuation of their past habitualized ways of reacting, thinking and believing religiously, politically or otherwise.

A new vision of the accelerated DIMENSIONAL SHIFT is rapidly transforming the collective conscience of humanity from the inside out.  There is a deep healing going on in the web of light - the morphic energies of cosmos that are morphing our DNA and the web of conscience on Earth. 

The business of planetary evolution is what is at stake. 


The genesis of global freedom is for the living - not the dead. 

Love wins in the end for those who are
 winning from the beginning.

The past is prologue.  We all go to where we are coming from.
The best way to predict the future is to create it NOW…
in full faith that…

Blessed IS what Blessing DOES
for rEVOLUTIONARY Ascension

Full-Spectrum Awakening 

To Establish THAT Foundation...

-- above all -- is for giving.

Networking for the Net worth of Net reality that
cultures the Power of Love at the heart
the HEARTcom Network


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
Teihard de Chardin


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from Revelation~

The Global rEVOLUTION in cosmic Consciousness,
emphasizing 90% of the word "revolution".

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776