Healing Checks and Balances in the Body Politic of Global Humanity.


by Christopher Rudy, Publisher,
HEARTcom Network



An economy can rise only as high as the
foundational values that support it.


The economy is bankrupt and health care is sick
because the public does not believe in an
economic system that profits from the
creation and management of war,
disease and the dying of life.
Holistic healing begins
with public options
of, by and for
L O V E.




An individual or civilization can rise no higher than
their concept of “GOD is LOVE”… and is for giving
not forgetting to pay it forward (network freely)
for a revelation rEVOLUTION that will assemble
the components to the capstone vision of, by and for


The accelerating rate of global change through 2012
will see the public’s option to check and balance
each institutional crisis with social conscience
that self-corrects self-governing self-healing
through a process of
homeostasis as will
naturally create a healthy immunity and
spirit of full-spectrum "l i g h t" as will
heal the body of humanity and all
the cells and all organs of kind
men and women (mankind);
the homeostasis process
is now culturing new
social conscience
in global social
networks of


[Preface Note:  For newcomers to the HEARTcom Network, read HOMEOSTASIS the first time as a whole, with pure intention to get the Big Picture without too much detail.  Go back and read HOMEOSTASIS the second time to focus attention on the hotlinks to previous wisdom coordinates which you may not yet be familiar with -- an in-depth comprehension of the Big Picture.  Those who read HOMEOSTASIS a third time -- from this expanded perspective -- will have a good grasp of the evolutionary ascension process, winning from the beginning as "Keepers of the Focus" (KoF) who 1), Keep pure intention with the vision of full spectrum light language; 2) focus attention with this pure intention (the "lens of G.O.D." and "language of the angels"); and 3), culture "more light" -- full spectrum enlightenment -- with evolutionary ascension of this vision, the whole vision, and nothing but the truth of this vision for holistic healing homeostasis. ~CR]




The personal and planetary changes at this time of 9-9-2009 on the 2012 timeline, is like a dozen Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one big shift of consciousness – the powershift to a new awareness of the larger scheme of things with the Galactic Shift of energies affecting our solar system, planetary energetics, and the collective conscience of global humanity.

--------- article follows:



Healing Checks and Balances in the Body Politic of Global Humanity.


Homeostasis is what a healthy body does, coming back into balance with a healthy nervous system and immune system.  Homeostasis is also the self-correcting intelligence in civilization with a healthy communication system (nervous system) and a healthy immune system (health care system).


We don’t usually think of these two core social institutions as a reflection of natural laws governing a healthy body, but that’s why we have a sick health care system and systemic dis-ease – a healing crisis – in the new “GM” (Global Mind).


The natural evolution of human consciousness through the predominant paradigms of the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age -- and now to the instant-everywhere-interactive “Communications Age” (Global Mind) -- has not progressed without collateral damage, like what recently happened to the old “GM” (General Motors). 


All nostalgia aside, we now have bigger fish to fry;
The Global Power Shift


Our core institutions of MEDIA, MENTORING, MEDICINE and MARKETING (governance, education, health care and the economy) can be seen in the Powershift Chart to represent what goes on externally in the self-governing processes of each individual (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically).


This is what modern psychology (Jung) has brought to the discourse of civility for the Family of Man in our global village.  There is indeed a common pattern of common archetypes that have framed all ancient and modern maps of consciousness.  Those archetypes are the holographic coordinates of the new GM (Global Mind) that provide the “Operating System” (OS) for each individual’s “holodeck” – the field of consciousness between our ears.


Ancient hermetic wisdom taught us that, In the beginning, God geometrized. Now we know what they were talking about – the fractal nature of the universe and Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) that the modern mysteries of quantum reality has revealed as the Language of the Angels of LOVE; the frequency of holy compassion as in frequently.


The synergy of that ancient and modern wisdom is, metaphorically, the programming language for the Operating System for everyone’s “holodeck” – individually as well as within our social network.  In fact these pure geometry codemap coordinates provide the archetypal frame of reference for the processes of consciousness -- a whole brain frame of reference -- that is geometrized in the Powershift Chart


The higher your concept of this process,
the greater the results in terms of
 Effective Sensory Perception,
a process of enlightenment.


The personal and planetary changes at this time of 9-9-2009 on the 2012 timeline, is like a dozen Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one big shift of consciousness – the powershift to a new awareness of the larger scheme of things with the Galactic Shift of energies affecting our solar system, planetary energetics, and the collective conscience of global humanity.


The holographic “code to the codes” for each one’s programming of their own holodeck is the same quintessential programming language for mass-2-mass TeLeComm in the new GM (Global Mind).


As a holistic frame of reference for universal law language, the “ Model” is a pure geometry frame of reference for all that IS REAL.  It’s not a mystery when known… how one must conceive and see wholeness to achieve it.  And the higher the concept of wholeness for healing the global crisis, the greater the natural result as a new unity in our diversity – an awakening spirit at the heart of healthy community and communications. 


That's why REAL LOVE heals all.  Always has and all ways will when that spirit is honored and cultured in core social institutions like the health care system. 


This is the SPIRIT that will culture Universal Self Care
as a vision, a virtue and the vow for the victory of
Higher Power as LOVE of, by and for ALL people.


The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age is, in fact, the pure geometry archetypes that frame higher consciousness of this Higher Power… right within one’s holodeck between their ears.  Not just their left brain linear logic and right-brain intuitive knowing, but also the processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance whereby natural checks and balances will create homeostasis and balance between the cognitive processes of the forebrain and rear brain as well as the upper brain and lower brain’s “R-complex” (Reptilian brain). 


This emerging blueprint for the Global Mind – an individual’s whole brain frame of reference -- is the same cognitive framework for the “Language of Light” within each one’s holodeck.  And as a TeLeComm standard for culturing social conscience in our social networks, this light language serves as modern day parable that parallels a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness.


With this  VISION -- the components to the “capstone” framed by the four archetypal “sides” of self and civilization -- the healing process becomes a self-correcting, self-fulfilling prophecy.  Pure intention thus focuses attention on evolutionary ascension both individual and collectively.


For those who have grasped the code map to the holographic timeline -- geometrized at www.heartcom.org/codemap.htm -- it’s not a stretch to understand the consecutive timeline from the year 2000 to the year 2012. 


Consider this 12 year period since the turn of the millennium as s codemap of the archetypal “Cosmic Clock” in the same four quadrants of the powershift chart… and connect the dots to get the Big Picture of the emerging blueprint of the remaining 2-3 years to the Grand Finale.


From the 12 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock in the year 2000, to the 9 o’clock line of the clock we are now on, there are keynote signposts on the road that speak to the “territory” we are about to enter as the spiral of accelerating time sums of the last 2000 year dispensation in the first 12 year prelude to the Aquarian Dispensation of Divine LOVE


Consider the first three quadrants of this powershift cycle of 12 years:


2000-to-2003:  1st Quadrant - SPIRITUAL POWER
The Powerful Spirit of instant-everywhere-interactive Internet connection began the new Millennium with a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness that naturally ran up against the Wall Street golden calf worth ship of scarcity economics in a new world of unprecedented potential abundance.  This is what happened as the dot.com valuation bubble peaked on March 10, 2000 with the NASDAQ
peaking at 5132.52).  On 9-11 in 2001, a new military-industrial bubble economy was created with legislation passed that did what no external enemy could ever do, compromising core Constitutional freedoms.  People worldwide felt sympathy for the American people, knowing that a great injustice had been done to them, and global Netizens began to search and find the truth of 9-11 for themselves.


2003-to-2006:  2nd Quadrant - MENTAL POWER

In January of 2003, American Dialect Society members vote "google" the "most useful" Word of the Year for 2002.  The ability to organize all information -- IN FORMATION – brings a new wisdom to Net reality in our global village.  This accelerates the global rEVOLUTION of highly decentralized Net roots (grassroots) awakening to a new freedom with the opportunity of abundant knowledge power – a new currency of conscience.  This new conscience in the spirit of DISCERNMENT creates a Conscious Movement that focuses attention on the problem with highly centralized, one-way, mass media programming of terror as a tactic to sustain war powers without the checks and balances of core Constitutional freedoms


2006-to-2009:  3rd Quadrant – E-MOTIONAL POWER
A new social conscience emerges with social networks like Facebook and My Space as they go global with virtual communities of people with like interests, connecting as never before possible.  YouTube likewise becomes a phenomenon that empowers the public as independent creators, directors and producers of their own multi-media presentations worldwide.  East meets West at the 8-8-08 Olympics as the power elite continue to rattle sabers in the Middle East over untapped Oil Reserves in the Caspian Basin.  Emotional terror of an economic nature follows the burst of the subprime housing bubble, and the power of public outrage brings a Democratic majority to Congress with a President who promises change.  Emotions intensify as the credit crisis rewards Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.  As public health care becomes the core issue the summer of 2009, the vision of Universal Self Care is met by a massive campaign of the medical-industrial complex to create a new bubble economy that protects corporate interests in profits and power above the public’s interest in global holistic healing for world peace. 


2009-to-2012:  4th Quadrant -- PHYSICAL POWER
What began spiritually in the 1st quadrant, going mental in the 2nd quadrant, and gaining momentum in the 3rd e-motional quadrant, now goes physical through 2012… the end of core social institutions as we have physically known them.  Breakthrough energy technologies make Big Oil virtually obsolete (in principle) just as breakthrough healing technologies make Big Pharma virtually obsolete.  Big Media of a corporate nature is likewise checked and balanced by a new social conscience in our social networks.  This “revelation rEVOLUTION naturally follows the self-correcting, self-healing path of social self-elevation of a salvation nature as a new economics of abundance fulfills the Great Law of Consequences according to universal rules of the holographic universe whereby “LOVE rules”.


The nervous system of humanity has finally been stressed to this point of awakening to both the primary stress causes and self-evident homeostasis methods for stress reduction.


The necessity for holistic healing is now crying for our attention,
the opportunity for holistic healing has become self-evident
 but the optimal solution for interactive mass TeLeComm
-- social conscience cultured in our social networks --
will only self-correct institutionalized dysfunction
 when enough intelligent people do enough
with self-determined self-elevation of
an upward-mobile salvation nature

(rEVOLUTION in conscience);
mass-2-mass TeLeComm
 whereby the universal
law and language
of LOVE rules

An economics of abundance is the new model that will make the economics of scarcity obsolete.  That requires abundant LOVE at the interactive interface "heart" of social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks -- a model of "heartware cyberethics".

Have you read "Black Swan" by Nassim Taleb?  The Internet was an "improbable event" as was Google and 9-11.  From a more enlightened perspective, you could say that each event had their "divine destiny" awakening humanity to the light side as well as the dark side... to get the big picture of the process of mankind's evolutionary ascent as kind men.  The integration of hardware, software and netware with heartware will do that.

The "improbable event" we all want to see, I believe, is the next "Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution -- a non-violent rEVOLUTION in business models that culture the business of evolution.  The "electronic currency" needed is a multidimensional model that frames the currency of conscience with a "brightness" dimension, a "full spectrum language of consciousness" dimension, and a "depth" dimension of synergized light-color pattern recognition of overall meaning, value and purpose (contextually framed via heartware in real time or overall program replay content).

The prime directive warrants a "crop circles 101" upgrade of the first laws and language of the prime directive.  How to crystallize, catalyze or otherwise geometrize universal law language  - a new "Common Sense" -- is the "improbable event" needed for global reboot.

Our friends "upstairs" are waiting for us to get our act together.  Someone has to do it "down here" -- new metrics for culturing the currency of conscience with the language of consciousness at the heart of it.  E-valuation capital for e-lightened e-media, e-learning, holistic healing e-care and e-governance models which are all accountable to the purpose that response able servant leadership was meant to serve; informed choice with a heart.

Holistic healing in our new all-connected social networks will naturally self correct just as a healthy glandular and metabolic self-regulation system that has the natural wisdom to self-heal.


“… life is for the living, not the dead.”
~ Thomas Jefferson


The self-healing process is also the self-learning process.  It’s the natural feedback loop between what we learned from the past, and how that awareness serves the optimal future; full spectrum conscience on the timeline of accelerated change to “O-Point” in the Galactic Alignment of 2011-2012.


This largely unknown “reality” is a mystery to the masses that is being “unveiled” on this timeline of mass awakening… a process of homeostasis as accelerated learning HOW to learn... becoming conscious of HOW we are conscious.


This homeostasis process is a sense of connection IN TIME… with a greater sense of the fully Present time NOW… for culturing a global village culture of wholeness and HOMEOSTASIS for healing of our social, political and economic institutions.


The abundant life naturally follows from abundant HOMEOSTASIS.  Not just in the body of each of us, but in the body politic of all connected civility in our instant-everywhere interactive Internet world.  This is the global village Net reality that the Internet has brought us to.


When justice is honored, abundant conscience pays off, abundant love pays it forward,
and the abundant life naturally results.


Global homeostasis and healing in our core institutions
will naturally follow the self-healing process defined
by Universal Self Care whereby We the People
can establish the foundation for healing and
fulfill the pure intention of U.S. Founders
to truly say, "We did it ourselves!".


I Am,
One for All.
Holistic Visionary
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Promoter, Global Upwising ~
Global Independence

As pure intention for freedom’s opportunity goes global,
inordinate desire faces the fire - global judgment.
Better to know better and choose wisely
for one’s
evolutionary ascent and
blessing that is for giving
to all that lacks the
united power
of love


PS:  If you’ve read this twice and even thrice, please be nice with support that will suffice;
network for the Net worth of Net reality
with a heart -- the power of love
that will empower others with a vision of virtue for the victory of
the golden rule/law language at the true heart of every
golden age in cosmic history.  So please,
freely give as you have received to
 pay it forward


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin



Worldwide LOVE Foundation
CopyRound © 2009

Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
the Components to the Capstone Vision
for Holistic Healing in our Global Village.


“To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.” 



~ budding enlightenment as higher conscience
of Higher Power in fully Present