Deep Shift Happens - Believe it or Not!

Two suns rising - reported worldwide

Be Aware and Prepare for
'2016 MegaShift'

Compendium by

The Cosmic Cowboy

Four Mind-Blowing, Paradigm Shifting
That Change Everything in 2016

Feb. 10, 2016

.          Ignore shift at your own peril.        .

1- Converging Cycles: “Year of the Fire Monkey
 (as began Monday, Feb. 8th)
 - Cosmic fire ignites the souls of mankind;
- Public contempt for the “monkey mind”;
   - Systemic decentralized global powershift.

  THANKS to Dr. Kathy Forti for sharing this excellent article
in her blog at

  Synopsis: The same ‘flame’ of cosmic fire that ignited
  the American Revolution is now a global phenomenon
 towards new checks and balances on the inordinate
 love of power that inverts, subverts and perverts the
power of love as infires our holistic healing.

THANKS to David Lewis for channeling cosmic fire
 in his Feb. 7th dictation from Saint Germain

Fiery Intent: Spiritual solutions for human problems.
(“Only human” solutions compound human problems)

2- Full Disclosure of the Secret Space Program
 - The Internet has blown the lid off cover-up;
- Mainstream news can no longer contain it;
- Check out:
Disclosure Project –

Full disclosure over the Internet also includes the criminal cabal that has “rigged” (privatized) social, political and economic institutions to serve the corporatocracy of special interests that have a vested interest in profits from war, disease and destruction of our life support systems on Earth.

There is no mass healing of this pathological insanity without full public disclosure and 'shunning' of these power elite potentates. A well-defined disclosure of ‘the problem’ better qualifies a well-defined solution.

2016 is thus the fiery nexus of decision for humanity. It's our last best change for mass turning away from collective evil and turning toward an upward spiral that goes viral with a surge of social Conscience in social networks, naturally neutralizing the downward spiral of despair, depression, dystopia, dysfunction, disintegration and self-destructive devolution.

 3- Earth Wobble & Weather Weirdness Explained
- Global energy shifts with the Planet X fly-by;
Magnetic influence increasing Earth's wobble;
     - Internet exposure of wobble weather extremes.

In the following video, John Moore discloses current verified Naval intelligence sources regarding Planet "X" - the REAL "X-Files". He has interviewed dozens of US Navy submarine and surface fleet veterans on the subject of rapid global sea level rise, gleaning information from the questions he asks, questions the main stream media is afraid to ask. John has produced two other major videos on the subject of Planet X; videos that are backed up by diligent research, documented history and scientific fact. Here's John's recent update:

Nibiru Planet X ~ The Best Evidence to Date

Published on Dec 15, 2015
[warning: profanity in host's intro.]

Many ex-government officials, political insiders and astrophysicists are saying the same thing... 2016 is the year we have all been hearing about; return of Planet X or 'Nibiru' to some, 'Wormwood' to others.
Is this giant, highly magnetic dwarf star actually the binary 'twin' of our Sun just as most galactic star-suns are binary systems? And will PX trigger pole shift with Earth changes on a scale that is unthinkable?
John makes it clear how this has happened many times in Earth’s history, corresponding to the 3,600+ year orbit of PX. Noah's flood was one of the worst such events. Response to 'great evil in those times'?
With Obama's recent speech on Global Warming, take notice of what he also had to say about a possible end of life as we know it here on earth. Why was this said? With so many conspiracies of the end times already spreading around the world, why make such a statement?
John Moore also broke the story in the alternative media on the actual stoppage of the Gulf Stream in June of 2010. Through his carefully cultivated ties with noted domestic and international scientists and with learned academics, he was able to bring to the public's attention the potentially devastating effects of the current's termination off of the coast of Cape Hatteras. Unfortunately, the Winters of 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 have borne out his fore-stated hypothesis of bitterly cold winters afflicting the UK and much of Western Europe.
Let us all Pray that these people are wrong, and life will continue to proceed as normal, or as normal as we have come to except into 2016. But if they are right, Let us all be very thankful for this information while there was still time to receive it.

For more on John Moore, visit his website.

  And here’s the kicker; PX is 'intelligently directed'.
 It’s coming slowly this side of Venus, and can be
 witnessed near the sun at sunrise... worldwide.

 The PX path is directed by the Council of Worlds,
well-explained in the Disclosure Project: #2,
to adjudicate ‘re-alignment’ of Earth’s evolutions
in harmony with universal sovereignty principles
 destined for the Aquarian Dispensation on Earth.

4- Universal TLC Upgrades Global Conscience
 - Unity conscience cultured in social networks;
  - Universal
5-D as Effective Sense Perception;
United Sovereigns of Earth: the Constitution.

  The global instant-everywhere and Interactive Internet
 has brought down the walls in the mind just as surely
   as radio and faxes across the Berlin Wall crossed the
 ‘walls in the mind’ that rebelled to ‘tear down the wall’
   which divided East and West.
That shift is now global.

 Navigating the new frontier of ‘inner space’ requires
 the unified field golden ratio standard of
- the golden rule language of the angels framed by
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.~ -
 that defines mind congruence and the next phase of
the computer/Internet r
evolution via full integration
of hardware, software and netware with

The media is the message – we’re a global village now.
Universal Sovereign Rights are being recognized to
define, refine, combine and shine those global
conscious evolution revolution revelations
that just KNOW -
Nonlinear Perception
beyond the lockstep-linear matrix
 of 3-D truth as we’ve known it.

The Key to 5-D ESP is TLC.
Specifics at:
2016 Waking

Conclusion from Year of the Fire Monkey:

Only through a 2nd American Revolution will the world be spared the Second Great Depression and subsequent World War III which have been planned by the power elite [ed.] over many decades.  

The United States is the pivotal player in this Great Game that has seen nations large and small destroyed by resource wars and unprovoked military aggression.  The USA (in tandem with the U.K.) has also been the biggest purveyor of economic sabotage and financial terrorism the modern world has ever seen.  Therefore, its superpower status will be adjudicated by a 'Higher Power' either the 'easy way' or by a more severe 'reboot'. [edited]

2016 has been ordained by the heavens as the year of radical global transformation.  Only the Year of the Red Fire Monkey can guarantee such a necessary outcome.  Because the Year of the Red Fire Monkey possesses all the right qualities necessary to tame the out-of-control American Fire Monkey, this year will empower those who join the contest for soul freedom, soul liberation and soul integration of, by and for kind men among mankind. [edited].

2016 is the year when the Truth Movement
will merge with the Patriot Movement
to form an
overcoming [ed.] force.

The falsehoods of the FEDs have been exposed for the whole world to see.  In Putin’s Russia have the American people once more found a true friend.  Not only has President Putin exposed that the U.S. Government created and sustains ISIS terrorism, the Kremlin has periodically released 9/11 truth which proves unequivocally that 9/11 was an inside job set up and covered up by the FEDs.

This is the kind of potential that the Year of the Red Fire Monkey holds. <cut>

Will the U.S. citizenry use it or lose it?  

The whole world waits with anxious anticipation … and optimistic apprehension.

~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group
February 7, 2016

2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both
Ultimatum To America: Change From Within Or Be Changed From Without

Endnote - The “Earth-shaking Year” already began in Taiwan just before the Year of the Red Fire Monkey began: Taiwan Experiences The Big One! Buildings Fall In Tainan

Global Healing Option For 2016
2-8-2016 / New Moon in Aquarius


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