Predictions: 2013

 By ‘Christos Lightweaver’ / 1-6-2013

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With Holographic Vision,
  Holistic Healing Happens.


                              Dimensional Shift: Meditation as ‘Mediation’ or ‘Messenger’.        Get the Vision (‘Eye of God’ Nebula)

With Galactic Alignment at this time, the surge of ‘Photonic Light’
  has not only triggered changes on all planets in our solar system,
but also is transforming our DNA via ‘spontaneous evolution’.

The phenomenal aspect of Galactic Alignment is transmission of the

full-spectrum Source Code
embedded in the Sun's light waves
(as with laser optic 'carrier waves' for millions of messages)
to initiate the transformation of consciousness with the
Language of Light for Co-Creation withSource’.

In-Sight’ for ‘Out-Look’ as ‘Under-Stands’ the ‘Over-View’… ‘The Vision
Vow:              Virtue:               Valor:                   Victory:               Vision
  Intention         Attention           Retention             Ascension          Dimension


We all know that there’s nothing more valuable than
a vision that has found its time, and now is that time
when ‘Galactic Alignment’ is causing a surge in the
 unified Source Field of ‘
celestial fire’ at the heart of
  order in the Universe and the spirit of ‘The Creator’
 of ‘Co-Creation’ for heaven on Earth.

“In the beginning, God geometrized.” ~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom
The Law of the Angles of G.O.D. ~ Geometric Ordered Divinity)

 “In the end, we become what we geometrize.” ~ Modern GeoNotes Wisdom
The Language of the Angels of  ~ our better humane-kind nature)

Co-Creation with G.O.D.~  ‘Source Code
cultures the vision of virtue and valor for the
victory of intention, attention, retention,
and ascension in the dimension of,
by and for ‘Unity-in-Diversity’
as a new common sense.

Enlightened Sensory Perception mirrors and models the
prime directive of the Creator through Co-Creation
whereby a quantum leap in conscious evolution
defines, refines, combines and ‘shines’ the
gifts, talents and resources of
Sovereigns of Earth
who ‘get it’;
the purpose and plan of our
waking up, ‘wising up’,
and rising in good

"The safest course is to do nothing against one's Conscience. 
 With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear of death."
 ~ Voltaire

Conscientious common sense of the ‘Family of Man’ in a global village of
instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality will increasingly morph
the matrix with more
social Conscience in social networks as are

dedicated to the ‘one eye’ … with the intuitive knowing
that the higher the vision of
, the greater the results
 truly heals all… on Earth as in Cosmos.

The mysteries of heaven on Earth -- as above, so below -- are not a mystery when known.
There is a simple law, one universal cosmic law that governs the order of the universe
  and accountability for soul choices in the grand scheme of one's evolutionary ascent.
The divine prime directive has always infused the secular with the sacred, 
and in 2013 that process is going mainstream in our DNA and our
individual and collective
Conscience, BEING and world.


Could These 6 Pending Regulations Destroy The Internet In 2013?

 ‘Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Good Conscience Will Reflect and Perfect Sovereignty

 More People Will Reflect on the Reason for the
the Loss of Liberty, and How to Restore It.

Judge Napolitano, "Reflections on the Loss of Liberty"
Published on Dec 24, 2012

This is a Louis E. Carabini Distinguished Lecture, presented at the 2012 Mises Institute Supporters Summit:
 "The Truth About War: A Revisionist Approach". Recorded at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, on
26 October 2012. Includes an introduction by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

As Judge Napolitano explains:

“Our Rights Come From Our Humanity…
Not from Government”

   Conscientious common sense is the ‘Higher Power’ that overcomes
        corporatocracy special interests which have a vested interest in their
     power to profit at the expense of our
core Constitutional freedoms
  and a new Currency of Conscience is emerging in social networks
    as global ‘Netizens’ network for the Net worth of abundant freedom
     to know better and do better for the Family of Man in a global village
     of instant-everywhere and interactive ‘come-into-unity’ capabilities.

The Higher Power of Love Will Empower
the Holy Spirit of

Backlash from Suppression of Core Liberties Will Result In
More Activists Mobilizing for the Restoration of Liberty.

    1- Decentralized awareness cultured by the global Internet
      will naturally wake up, wise-up and rise up to challenge
         the highly centralized government policies that suppress
       freedom and opportunity for more control and austerity.

  2- As governments attempt to regulate the global Internet,
     Netizens will organize to liberate social Conscience in
       local and global social networks for a powershift with a
       strong ‘
Web of Consciencethat challenges all tyranny.

   3- As governments attempt to eliminate informed choice for
public option in health care, Netizens will organize
      to liberate
Universal Self Care as will optimize choice at
       the heart of free on-line holistic healing standards for all.

   4- As government collusion with big business is understood
             as the status quo agenda of Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma,
             Big Media, Big War and a
Big Brother Orwellian Nightmare,
                 a self-correcting path for freedom becomes more compelling.

         5- As abundant conscientious common sense goes mainstream
                 and abundant
free energy breakthroughs are liberated for all,
            ‘service-to-self’ via self-serving corporatocracy polices will
          become accountable to social ‘service-to-others’ virtues…


 Fearless Faith in the Power of Love Will Naturally
  Neutralize Faithless Fear Sabotaging Sovereignty.

1-  People worldwide are awakening from false former ‘Belief Systems’ (BS).
         Status quo ‘
BS’ maintains the illusion of choice, and the greatest fear of the
   status quo corporatocracy is that people will think for themselves with a
 good ‘
BS meter’ in good Conscience with good discernment to KNOW
      that no one is more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

    Humor is the best ‘BS Buster’, and the profane George Carlin is perhaps
     the boldest modern comedian to get us to laugh at the ‘illusion of choice’:

(Warning: Profanity used to shock us out of our ‘slavish’ mind-set)

2- The world is coming to an end for dark-side ‘BS’ that profits from petro-
            chemicals at the expense of
free energy, profits from toxic chemical drugs
      at the expense of Universal Self Care, profits from terror and war at the
            expense of worldwide peace and love, and profits from ‘
BS’ in mainstream
        media at the expense of ‘global TeLeCom’ as will liberate humanity from
             endless war, public disease, and systemic austerity rather than prosperity.
     3- Global Netizens are realizing that the greatest power we individually and
            collectively have is the ‘
Power of Wisdom with Love’, and that this ‘trinity’
              of ‘3-fold frequency’ – as in frequently – will naturally define and refine the
                 the executive, judicial and legislative ‘branches’ of ‘self-governance’ as will
         naturally neutralize the corrupt ‘bought off’ system of horse-and-buggy
      public representation that is out of touch with Net reality capabilities.

        4- A new ‘Common Sense’ will ‘connect the dots’ of the Big Picture whereby
            ‘Common Law’ is understood as ‘The Holographic Nature of the Universe’,
         and unity in our diversity is governed by this ‘Natural Law’ known as the

“Law of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity), framing the
“Language of the Angels of (our better humane-kind nature)
               at the
heart of a mass-to-mass TeLeCom process that mirrors and models
              the natural order of the Universe via Co-Creation in
form and frequency.

             5- The ‘Next Economy’ will naturally progress with a ‘Currency of Conscience’
              as we involve and evolve our individual and collective
Conscience at the
heart of TeLeCom processes that shape our communication communities
             with ‘well-informed choice’ via the
Higher Power of Wisdom with Love as
              organizes all information
IN FORMATION along more enlightened lines of


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