The 'InnerNet' will Define and Refine the
Next Big Thing in the Computer/Internet

The quantum reality of the Holographic Universe
has created a new 'Net reality' that represents
the vast unchartered frontier of inner space,
and conscious evolution of global humanity
has arrived at the '
TeLeCom portal' from
cyberspace to inner space as involves
and evolves our '
social Conscience'
in all-connected social networks.

Co-Creating a Prayer Field for Global rEVOLUTION
As Will Unite Hearts and Minds for Global
Freedom and Opportunity as We 
Pay it Forward

Einstein once said that we can’t solve our problems
with the same consciousness that created them.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that,
if we are to evolve as we never did,
 we must do what we’ve never done.

To do the same thing over and over
-- and yet expect different results --
is a good definition for insanity.

It follows that a new consciousness is needed…
a consciousness with a good ‘
and that ‘
Enlightened Sensory Perception’
is the ‘
ESP’ that has nothing ‘Extra’ about it
when we utilize the ‘Cultural DNA’ whereby
social Conscience will thrive.

Culturing "Enlightened" (Effective) Sensory
is not a mystery when known.
It’s like the intuition of the whole brain
that makes any lockstep left-brain
BS” (Belief Systems) obsolete.
The paradigm shift behind higher
is the ‘attitude’ whereby believing is seeing
  rather than 'aptitude' for seeing is believing.

Such attitude requires a moral compass
if we are to see the good and make it so.

The new Net reality will make ESP self-evident
with the understanding that it is ‘attitude’
- and not one’s egotistical aptitude -
that determines one’s 'altitude';
whether one soars with the
eagles on thermals of
conscious grace,
or scratches with the turkeys
on bugs of begrudge.

Living grace is the attitude of gratitude
and kindness is its natural expression.

 Any belief system without the kindness of Conscience
 is simply the ‘
BS’ that puts the cart before the horse…
   like the mainstream insanity of endless war, for peace,
     or a health care system where a pound of cure is valued
       16x’s more than an ounce of prevention… or an economy
   where Wall Street profits at the expense of Main Street
      with riches for the few and austerity for the mainstream.

When Believing is Seeing, Faith Neutralizes Fear

  If quantum realty has taught us anything, it is that we are
no longer bound by the physics of 'seeing is believing'
because one’s mere attention in a quantum experiment
  always changes the observable quantum reality… which
    proves that THOUGHTS HAVE WINGS and the universe is
  an extension of one’s ‘InnerNet connection' just as the
 telephone is an extension of the ear, the computer is an
extension of the brain, and
ESP extends one’s ‘seeing’.

   One’s holodeck of Conscience in the holographic universe
 is governed by universal law, for love’s retention, and the
 ‘Operating System’ (OS) for each one’s holodeck
promises that the instant we create good intentions as a
     ‘prayer field’, they are already received at their destination.

Through one’s holodeck of Conscience, we shape our
  relationship with the ‘OS’ – the divine prime directive -
with whatever ‘programs’ of intention, attention etc.
 that we have running… and then this ‘OS’ shapes us.

Conscious evolution is thus inseparable from a
    process of alignment and attunement with a self-
  correcting habit of "Self elevation" (ascension).

We are what we believe, having become what we believed.
We are what we think, having become what we thought.
We are what we feel, having become what we felt.
We are what we DO, having become what we did.

   True beliefs are mirrored in our most intimate relationships,
      and as we mirror and model ‘cause and effect’ relationships,
   the intention of attention for ‘mental congruence’ naturally
synchronizes with
retention of love via ‘heart coherence'.

  The resultant synergy for ‘ascension’ in a divine dimension
   of ‘Co-Creation’ with
G.O.D.~  is far greater for our
    conscious evolution than the sum of heart coherence in the
 right-hemisphere and mental congruence in the left brain.

This is how the ‘Law of the Prophets’ governs the process of
ascension in the dimension where
G.O.D.~  rules:

             To love with all your mind ~  ~  eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
  and all your heart ~ ~  right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
and all your strength ~
 ~ balanced brain of a synergistic nature,
             and your Netizen neighbor ~
 ~ local/global "wholEness" (whole brain)
                                     as thyself ~ ~ interdependent 'TLC' Co-Creation.

Net reality standards for a Golden Age:
the conscious rEVOLUTION concept
whose time has finally come with
understanding of personal and
dimensional shift
in the image and likeness
  of holographic 

Seize the Vision Embrace the Virtue

                                                      Congruence                 Heart Coherence

Commit with Valor Claim the Victory

                                                 -in-action             The Power of Love

    Culturing Conscience in ALL Dimensions:

1-D:  The singular intent of neness and atnement
            for the '
SIN' of 'Stuck In Negativity' that suffers
         with a sense of separation from 
ne .

      2-D: The Two-in-ne C-Creation of Spirit and matter 
 that matters in the hearts and minds
                     of "
US" (United Sovereigns) on Earth as in Cosmos.

         3-D: The Three-in-ne trinity  of C-Creation synergy
                that is greater than the sum of 
heart coherence +
congruence with  as Law and Language.

   4-D: The Four-in-ne integration of the four sides of
                the 'pyra-mid' of Self and global-universal civility:
 Self government spiritually via Heart Coherence;
 Self education mentally via Mental Congruence;
 Self healing holistically via Universal Self Care;
 Self employed via an economics of abundance
         whereby we take care of all the above, and
        all the above takes care of all of "
United Sovereigns) of Earth

5-D: The Five-in-ne 'spiritual fire' of the 'pyra-mid'
          as the "
Creative Ascent Process" (CAPstone)
              at the heart of each one's holodeck as functions
             to mirror and model the 'Law of the Angles' and
Language of the Angels' of a wholEness nature;
culturing the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet.



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