2012 Countdown

Final Six Months to 12-21-2012

The 'Big Shift' culminates with the accelerated transcendence
of our perception of '
TIME' as traditionally experienced.

Conscience rules with emerging common sense
 of an uncommon '
NEW TIME' nature.

Updated from 6-20-2012 (Solstice)

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Their Time is Short and Hubris is Great

The robber barons of modern society are being exposed
as their mask comes off with unabashed hubris.

Now is the time ordained when the higher power of love in the 99.999%
will check and balance the inordinate love of power in the .001%.

 Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

By Christopher Rudy, Metaphysician


Montana Senator, Jon Tester sent this e-mail to Montanans on 6-26-2012:

“In 1899, William A. Clark, an infamous Butte Copper King, literally bought one of Montana's Senate seats. In 2012, the Supreme Court rolled back the clock on Montana by striking down our century-old law approved by Montana's voters to fight back against Clark and the Copper Kings.”

Copper King Robber Baron, William A Clark

That was the lead into Senator Tester's email to me in Montana. His point was that the Supreme Court has effectively nullified Montana's state rights and our sovereign rights as free citizens.

The U.S. government is rapidly becoming "a nation of the super-rich, by the super-rich and for the super-rich," U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said Monday (June 25th).

Sanders was reacting with anger to Monday's U.S. Supreme Court knocking down of a Montana law placing limits on corporate contributions to political campaigns.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday reaffirmed its disastrous 2010 'Citizens United' ruling that gave 'personhood' to corporations, granting corporate spending to influence elections as if it was a right of 'free speech'.  But that legal fiction is the formula for economic slavery by and for the super-rich.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices 'over-ruled' the Montana Supreme Court, State Law, and the sovereign Constitutional rights of "The Last Best Place", as Montana is known.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, in good Conscience, had this to say:

"The U.S. Supreme Court's absurd 5-4 ruling two years ago in Citizens United was
 a major blow to American democratic traditions. Sadly, despite all of the evidence that Americans see every day, the court continues to believe that its decision makes sense."

"In recent weeks, multi-billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson
have made it clear that, as a result of the Citizens United decision, they intend to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this election for candidates who support the super-wealthy. This is not democracy.
This is plutocracy. And that is why we must overturn Citizens United if we are serious about maintaining the foundations of American democracy.

"In his famous speech at Gettysburg during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln talked about America as a country 'of the people, by the people and for the people'. Today,
as a result of the Supreme Court's refusal to reconsider its decision in Citizens United, we are rapidly moving toward a nation of the super-rich, by the super-rich and for the super-rich. That is not what America is supposed to be about. This Supreme Court decision must be overturned."

The robber barons in the early 1900s didn't go away. The most ruthless robber barons at that time organized to control banking, and created the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913, with themselves the owner. It's been almost 100 years, and we now see the fruit of privatized banking that is neither 'Federal' nor has any 'Reserves'.

All these years since 1913, Americans have banked on the leadership of ruthless plutocrats who have concentrated their Big Bank power in vast corporate empires that include Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big War (military-industrial complex), and virtual control of Big Government.

The deception of who owns and controls government would be self-evident
if politicians displayed their sponsors like NASCAR drivers.

This 'corporatocracy' or 'corporatism' is the merger of big business with big government.  It is based on corporate law that puts stockholder interests above public interests whenever profits are at stake. This system of stealth government by the superrich has infiltrated centralized federal government with privatized special interests that override decentralized public sovereignty.

The Law of the Land has become corporatocracy on demand
and the choice between freedom and tyranny is at hand.

The Supreme Coup: Doctrinaire Corporatists Seize Power with Personhood for the New Corporatocracy.

This represents the betrayal of an independent and fair judiciary...
the abject inversion, subversion and perversion of the public's
 core Constitutional principles via corrupt corporate tyranny.

Since 2000, the corporatocracy has fully demonstrated the hubris of power without moral principle or honor of core Constitutional freedoms.  Bankster-backed legislators deregulated government checks and balances on financial markets, then those markets created the housing bubble, stripped them of equity, plundering the equity in our home mortgages, and then bailed themselves out with more public debt, foisting austerity on Mainstreet America while Wall Street celebrated record profits.

"There is no political right that is morally wrong." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Perhaps you agree that highly organized selfishness -- the inordinate love of power -- has robbed the wealth of America, plundered the public treasury, profiteered on terror and war, and made a killing, literally, with a medical-industrial complex that is domestically as nefarious as the military-industrial complex is to foreigners.

Guess who owns and controls that racket? Is it true that their time is short and hubris is great?
Are you aware that the 'Occupy Conscience' movement is making that corruption obsolete?

Would you agree that the 2012 surge in the Power of Love (the 2012 EM Shift) will mitigate and then neutralize the
inordinate love of power of corrupt plutocrats and sociopaths in government?

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. And where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." ~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

Consider how 'Shift Happens' when public up-wising and uprising neutralizes the dumbing and numbing of the American Spirit of Freedom and Opportunity.

    1- The poisoning of public water systems with fluoride industrial wastes will end.


2- The
massive public fraud of vaccines and disease profiteering will end.

 3- The
corrupt corporate 'Fed Fraud' privatizing public institutions will end.

And that's just the begging of the end of the world of
  terror, war, disease and tyranny as we have known it!

There's no doubt that 99.999% of the public worldwide -- global Netizens -- would like to see the type of responsibility and accountability for global self-governance that represents core Constitutional freedoms with the 'Currency of Conscience' and a more enlightened love of the Constitution with the
'Constitution of Conscience' in form and frequency... as in frequently.

Summary Reality Report: Final Six Months to 12-21-2012

Hold onto your hats folks, the next six months will see an acceleration of the rate of change with up-wising and uprising in our collective conscience.

June 20th to Dec. 21st -- Solstice to Solstice -- the 'SHIFT' is going mainstream with a sequence of 'trigger events' in the "Source Field" (see: 2012 EM Shift).

The first half of the year, since Winter Solstice 12-21-2011, has already been monumental for a new social conscience in our social networks.  That has been very disturbing to the plutocrats, their bankster sycophants, and the corporatocracy cabal whose time is short and sociopathic mask has come off for all the world to see.

Some of the public is awakening to contempt... going to the dark side... and others are awakening with enlightened "self-elevation" (ascent) of a 'salvation' nature.  The former is 'outer directed' and reactive to fears that resonate with 'the problem'.  The latter is 'inner directed' and proactive with faith from focus on 'the solution'.

This is a time to see the opportunity with every problem
rather than the problem with every opportunity.

Remember, it is not aptitude but attitude that determines you ‘altitude’; whether you soar with the eagles on thermals of ‘grace’, or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of ‘begrude.

For some, as the veil 'thins' with 2012 EM Shift, there may be perception of angelic realms. For others, their worst fears may come upon them, seeing too much of the dark side.  This is why 'spiritual work' is so important at this time. In good Conscience, we prepare for the coming test of the 'Big Shift'.

Beyond TIME AS WE HAVE KNOWN IT ... is the transcendent power of NOW whereby the ordained Power of Love naturally "mediates" (checks and balances) the
inordinate love of power.

A more 'spiritual' understanding in good
Conscience can be read at: 'Time NOW'.

A more 'scientific' explanation of the imminent shift in consciousness can be read at: 'Nonlinear Perception'.

Such understanding may be a challenge to one's comfort zone, but even though the rewards of conscious evolution may be far different than we might have imagined, it can also be FAR BETTER than we ever thought possible.

So Keep the Faith and Keep in Touch,


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Do you believe there is no ‘right’ that is morally wrong?

Is it true that authentic spirituality is morally right?

Would you agree that the heart of the Constitution
is morality in good

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison