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" is the language of the angels of our better nature that embraces
cooperation through co-Creation with the order of the universe framed
by the Law of the Angles of “
G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity) as
 represents whole-holistic-holy unity via the power-wisdom-love trinity
   at the
heart of virtue’s divinity.”

~ Christos Lightweaver


12 Inconvenient Truths Commonly Ignored

by Christopher Rudy, Host of BBS Radio's 'Cosmic Love'

Previous article at 'Wake Up Smiling' (5 videos).

Table of 'Spherical' Contents:

These '12 Inconvenient Truths' follow the 12 lines of the
      "Cosmic Clock" (Cosmic Law) that steps-down co-Creation
       manifestation through the 4 archetypal (Jung) processes of
      consciousness governing cognition of a 'clockwise' nature:

From the 12:00 line (spiritual~fire), to the 3:00 line (mental~air)
the 'Alpha Thrust'  from spiritual to mental cognition -
to the 6:00 line (emotional~water), and finally through the
9:00 'holy spirit' line initiating the physical~earth quadrant
the 'Omega Return' with the Spirit that matters.


12:00 line of the Cosmic Clock:
"Alpha Thrust" to the 6 o'clock line

1- Global Warming, weather changes and other geophysical anomalies are occurring on ALL the observable planets in our solar system. Earth's axis wobble and consequent jet stream fluctuations have been increasing along with "Schumann Resonance frequencies" (Earth's 'heartbeat') which is identical to alpha wave frequencies in the human brain.
This 'Big Shift' is explained by the surge in photonic light in the quantum field due to the 25,920 year 'Galactic Alignment' and the science of 'resonance' explained in this video:

RESONANCE ~ Beings of Frequency  Documentary Film

2- Quantum reality is eclipsing mechanistic models of our relationship to the universe and each other. Quantum physics has shown that the rate of vibration defines what manifests.
Fear resonates as low vibrations that are "reactive" (instinctive fight or flight) in the lower reptilian brain. Love resonates as high vibrations that are "proactive" (intuitive conscious evolution) in the higher brain's pineal and pituitary gland centers. Effective Sensory Perception as "Nonlinear Perception" (ESP) is the emerging 'Net reality' of the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet. The science for this is according to 'Natural Law'.

"There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is.
I prefer the latter." 
~ Albert Einstein

3- The actual frequencies of universal love with holy compassion and "enlightenment" (Effective Sensory Perception) are all quantifiable with the quantum science of heart coherence in the quantum field of torus field dynamics from atoms to galaxies; this is the golden ratio algorithm of a coherent heartbeat. Practical application of this science of the hearts central role in co-creation has profound implications for global conscious evolution
as is well-documented in this short video by heart coherence pioneer Dan Winter:

Consider the implications for 'TeLeConscience' in social networks

4- Higher education is the natural consequence of higher consciousness. Just as we are what we believe, having become what we believed, so we are what we think, having become what we thought. When 'formal' education emphasizes left-brain compartmental-ized 'brain stuffing' of WHAT to think rather than HOW to QuantumThink, right-brain nonlinear intuition is compromised. We pay the price with paradigm paralysis as 'stinking thinking'; the inability to get a grip on new information of an in-depth global healing nature.

5- The "Media is the Message" as Marshall McLuhan famously said, and the Net reality message today is that our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities are now defining, refining, combining and 'shining' our individual and collective-social conscience of, by and for the Family of Man in an ALL-connected global village.

6:00 line of the Cosmic Clock:
"Omega Return" to the 12:00 line

6- The "M5" (Management, Media, Mentoring, Medicine and Marketing) megatrend movement is defining a systemic worldwide paradigm shift FROM the 'linear' (hold that line) "letter of the law of local left-brain logic" (patriarchal top-down, highly centralized command-to-control ownership values), and moving TOWARDS the "nonlinear" (out of the box) "spirit of the law of non-local right-brain intuition" (matriarchal bottom-up,
highly decentralized, cooperate-to-coordinate community virtues)

7- Our all-connected social networks are maturing with a new social conscience that is '
The Blessing' of global "
TeLeComm" (TLC) at the heart of self governing TeLeComm-unity, enlightened TeLeConscience, healing TeLeCare, and prosperous TeLeCommerce.

8- The conscious evolutionary ascent of global humanity will accelerate with 'Cultural DNA' as an interactive interface for real-time mass-to-mass
TeLeComm that naturally involves and evolves the 'Constitution of Conscience' at the heart of interactive social networks.  As "above" (cosmic conscience as the top circle in the '8'), so "below" (cosmic
on Earth as the bottom circle in the '8').

9- The holy spirit of
TLC-in-action in our social networks will matriculate the morphic matrix of Net reality with conscientious 'Evolutionary Ascent' momentum as naturally cultures our wholEness and holistic healing with conscientious common sense -- social Conscience.  The holy spirit that matters - in good Conscience - represents the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help us G.O.D.~

10- With the VISION of how advanced technologies can be used to liberate global humanity, finishing the process that U.S. Founders began locally, global Netizens will thrive with an upgrade of Net reality for all of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth) beyond the "BS" (Belief Systems) that no longer serve
"Conscience... the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief architect of the Constitution, James Madison

11- Fearless faith in the power of love for humanity's evolutionary ascent is our highest and best purpose as will check, balance and otherwise neutralize the inordinate love of power that creates and manages faithless fear through terror, war, disease and destruction of our planetary life support systems. Our 'Higher Power' claims the victory.

12-  An economics of abundance based on the 'gold standard' of abundant '
TLC' will make the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" (scarcity economics) obsolete as we know it... culturing a systemic 'powershift' from the outer sense of authority and power to the innocence of the inner sense where cosmic love rules on the 'Cosmic Clock' from minute to minute and hour to hour, day by day and year to year of 'time' in the Great Year of the 'Great Crossing of Galactic Alignment'... beginning the Great Cycle once again with the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-.


What we do to the quantum heart/mind web of the InnerNet, the morphic 'Source Field' web of light maturing as Conscience in social networks, we do to ourselves.

Great is the fulfillment of the Great Law of manifestation spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The higher the concept of in form and frequency - the holy spirit of -in-action as in frequently - the greater the results.

     For more love, easier and faster...

  Get the Vision, as universal law language;
  Embrace the Virtue,
as the 'gold standard';
  Vow with Valor, allegiance to 'The Alliance' of "US"
United Sovereigns in a United State of
  and Claim the Victory whereby
heals all.


Remember to set your clocks back an hour and be aware
of the rare powerful solar eclipse tomorrow-Sunday.
(Sun-Moon-Saturn-Mercury aligned in Scorpio)
 Shift happens with 'triggers' such as this:)