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Is it true that vaccines are now prescribed
too soon and too often in small children?
Are you aware that unvaccinated children
are healthier than vaccinated children?
Would you agree that the TRUTH of this is 
RELEVANT to YOUR health and 
the health of ALL children?
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Beyond the huge controversy over vaccines is the TRUTH that has been obfuscated by the medical-industrial complex.
The U.S. medical-industrial complex has grown exponentially as a 'disease care' industry that profits from the creation and treatment of disease with side-effects creating more treatment in a vicious cycle that has been privatized for profit. 
Non-profit hospitals are a thing of the past. They've been privatized - bought off to profit the medical-industrial complex, NOT the public.
It's Corporate Law: "Stockholders come before the public when profits are at stake" ~ Red Lion Decision 
That corruption of Constitutional Law has corrupted public health. According to World Health Organization statistics, the U.S. health care system ranking compared to other countries of the world was 31st in 2000 and 37th in 2016. The 'system' is obviously sick, and going down.
Consider WHY modern medicine has succeeded to the point (Peter Principle), where gross defects obscure actual gains.
The medical-industrial complex - like the military-industrial complex - has risen to a level of incompetence that makes a killing, literally, on the creation and management of disease and war. 
Just as the whole world KNOWS that the US wreaked havoc in the Mideast, with millions dead and homeless, so do many countries KNOW that vaccines are more harmful than good, OUTLAWING not only vaccines but also GMO's, mass fluoridation, and Big Pharma ads on TV.
By contrast, the U.S. OUTLAWS GMO truth on food labeling while allowing unabashed drug-pusher on TV. Natural non-drug cures for cancer have been outlawed by the FDA policing arm of Big Pharma.
Most people aren't aware that the Rockefeller founders of the medical-industrial complex have long been into eugenics and population reduction. Ironically, or some would say criminally, they found a very lucrative way to profit from mass culling of the population while pretending to 'care for health'.
Anyone who studies the history of John D. Rockefeller's influence on health care will find how his "competition is a sin" policy destroyed the dominant practice of Naturopathy and Homeopathy 100 years ago through Big Money (from Big Oil) that bought off legislators and bought off non-profit hospitals across the US... making drugs-per-symptom medicine the 'community standard' for health care ever since then.
Did you know that old John D. lived almost to 100, having his own private Naturopath and Homeopath to keep him healthy while he was destroying his 'competition' from these natural healing modalities? That's the true meaning of hypocrite... like a disease care system called 'health care'.
So John D. created the pharmaceutical industry to service the thousands of 'teaching hospitals' that he financed with stipulations that drug prescribing be the core of their doctor certification curriculum. And guess who has had controlling stock ownership in most major Big Pharma companies since then?
Today we see that six of the ten most profitable Fortune 500 companies are drug companies. Drug stocks are the darling of institution investors - like pension funds and college endowments - because the mass drugging of Americans for whatever ails them is making more of us sick, more often, with more drugs treating side-effects with more drugs until many are literally walking pharmacies.
Do you see the conflict of interest? Just as insurance companies profit the more they deny health treatment, so do pension funds profit the more that people die before they use them. And college endowments would never bite the hand that feeds them by allowing courses that teach students how the medical-industrial complex is causing as much suffering at home as the military-industrial complex overseas.
It's no wonder that the U.S. is one of the lowest ranked health care sytems of all modern countries on Earth. The incentives are backwards. There's no money in preventing public sickness. All the big money is treating public sickness.
The medical 'drug pushers' ride the wave of profits that follow a lifetime of physical and mental disease. And nothing builds that wave of disease like more vaccines for more reasons from cradle to early grave.
That's why the big wave of short-term Big Pharma profits for Wall Street looks increasingly like long-term "soft kill' for Main Street America. 

See: The True Story of Vaccine Danger (with numerous infographics and videos).
Fortunately, this "barbarous practice' could turn around very fast in 2017. Free online holistic self care has been maturing since the Internet began comparing the efficacy of all the different health modalities. Now a global model of well-informed choice could go mainstream like e-bay or facebook did. See Global TeLeCare. 
Freedom of CHOICE is the Constitutional 'sovereignty model' that Obama once promised as the 'public option', but once elected he betrayed this 'option' with mandatory insurance... and mandatory vaccines in some states; no choice.
One of the modalities that have proven highly effective for mitigating the side-effects from vaccines is the naturopathic formula for immunotherapy - the Super-Immunity Combo. By building natural immunity, you resist sickness. That common sense won't budge. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of treatment.
Many health practitioners across America have come to this conclusion - that optimal health comes from natural non-harmful sources, NOT toxic drugs and vaccines.
To 'Do No Harm' is still the Hippocratic Oath in good Conscience.

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