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June 21, 2015 Solstice - Father's Day

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To Your Health,
'Dr. Christopher'

Vaccine Side-Effects for Kids and Adults
And How to Compensate for Risks

Let's assume that you have children or grandchildren who received vaccines, if not yourself. There are short-term and long-term side-effects, but healthy ways to compensate.
Vaccine side-effects range from mild-fever and rash to autism, crippling disease and death. Secret vaccine courts have been paying out billions of dollars for vaccine injury. They're 'secret' because mainstream media has a conflict of interest - Big Pharma is their biggest profit center. Big Media won't bite the hand that feeds it by reporting vaccine risks. Instead we see anti-vaccine advocates branded as fanatics against science and public health.

See the recent article by Dr. Mercola: Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

I did a Google search for 'vaccine rash', and this is what came up at the very top, from the CDC website: Vaccines: Vac-Gen/Side Effects, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Possible Side-effects from Vaccines. ... Fever (up to 1 person out of 6); Mild rash (about 1 person out of 20)...
If the CDC admits that 1-in-20 suffer mild rash from vaccines, it's probably 1-in-10.  And severe rash for 1-in-20. The CDC has been thoroughly exposed this last year for rigging research data to cover up vaccine side-effects with autism, crippling disease and death. Search 'vaccine injury'.

In the compendium at you’ll find that doctors in 2012 prescribed 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age six. That includes neuro-toxic mercury and live viruses. You’ll also find the CDC has admitted that 98 million Americans were given polio vaccines contaminated with cancer-causing viruses. The burgeoning cancer pandemic in America, the worst in the world, may thus be linked to vaccines from decades ago.
The body tries to eliminate vaccine poisons one way or the other, and since they are injected right into the bloodstream, the skin is the dominant elimination organ. Those toxic irritants can cause rashes whenever the immune system is strong enough to push them out.
Steroid ointment applied to itching-burning skin rash will block the metabolic process of elimination, but not only on the surface. The steroids are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream; not good for the biological terrain 'microbiome' which is 90% micro-organisms that make vitamins, trigger hormones and thus define the immune system.
Different areas of the body eliminate toxins through the skin in different ways, some better than other. That's where rashes occur, where the toxins are dumping. It may irritate the skin for awhile, but that's better than irritating body organs until acute or chronic disease manifests.

Toxicity irritation in the joints may cause arthritis. In the heart, it may cause inflammation and disease. In the brain it may cause brain fog, autism or Alzheimer's. With aging, settlement of metabolic wastes in any part of the body can create a toxic environment in which latent cancer viruses can thrive. So the body needs to detoxify on a regular basis.

The toxic shock of an 'elimination crisis' forces the immune system to respond as best it can. Some kids recover well and others not so well. Kids have different immune systems as do adults. Supporting the immune system is critical once vaccine toxins are injected... and for any health concern.

The most advanced nutritional support for the immune system is SPX pollen extract which is nutraceutical-grade royal jelly. It is now used worldwide by immunologists in drip IV's for cancer and other immune-suppressed diseases. The SPX also comes in a powder form with a long history with natural healers, professional athletes, and for home self care.
For symptoms of rash, you can mix about 1/4 teaspoon of SPX with a tablespoon of pure coconut oil, adding a drop of pure lavender essential oil... to apply to the rash.  Some recommend honey for the ointment base. You might alternate to see what works best. Not all skin responds the same.
A rash can be 'triggered' by a healing crisis with high fever or dysbiosis in the colon that overloads the blood stream with toxins. Dysbiosis in the gut can be caused by sugary drinks, including fruit sugars, that are sweet in the mouth but sour the stomach and disrupt protein and fat digestion in the GI tract.
Some kids have poor digestion, especially if oral antibiotics mess up the microbiome in the gut that 'composts' food into nutrients for the blood stream. Poor 'composting' leads to poor nutrating of the body, starving if not toxifying the cells, and weakening of the immune system.
Biological science now identifies 'gut health' as responsible for about 80% of the immune system. That's also where about 80% of the 'microbiome' is concentrated in the body - the composting 'digester' microbes that convert food into vitamins and hormones that regulate the immune system.
As a colon therapist in my 2nd holistic health center 30 years ago, I've followed new research on probiotics very carefully. Several years ago I discovered a breakthrough formula of Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) that was developed with peer-reviewed research over six years before coming to market several years ago.
Prescript-Assist was originally intended for the medical market - for doctors who want to compensate for the toxic gut caused by medical prescriptions… but most doctors weren’t interested. However, sales in health food stores have been unprecedented, becoming a best-seller through word of mouth.

No other probiotic has more benefits for a good ‘gut feeling’ and an optimal immune system. It's so effective that a bottle will last for months with occasional use whenever foul gas, constipation or irritable bowl occurs. It’s the leading remedy for traveler’s diarrhea.
Both children and adults have an immense boost to the immune system when their gut health is optimized. This immunity against disease effect is multiplied dramatically with the "symbiosis" (synergy) from combining the SPX with Prescript-Assist. It's like 1 + 1 = 3 times the benefit.
That which builds health will also cure disease. A strong immune system is your best 'health assurance' policy for a long disease-free life. 

May Optimal Health Be
Your Greatest Wealth,


Bio brief: Over 35 years, Christopher Rudy has developed four holistic health centers, pioneering quantum medicine (1991) and Global TeLeCare (2015). He now lives in Paradise Valley Montana and consults health practitioners in the use of advanced nutrition with quantum healing.

Disclaimer: No medical claims are made for healing cancer or other serious ills that mainstream medicine has claimed their exclusive right to heal. What I'm saying is that the body naturally heals itself when you create a physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual environment for healing to thrive. ~CR

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