August 'TO YOUR HEALTH' Newsletter
Summer 2018 Upgrade

Interesting 'In-Your-Face' Revelations

Facial Recognition Technology
For Holistic Health Analytics

 Both facial scans in general and iris scans in
 particular could revolutionize our health care
  with non-invasive analytics for holistic health.

Face Up to the Opportunity!

UltraMedics Services

Like acupuncture, Oriental face diagnosis has been around for thousands of years. The modern science of biomimicry has confirmed that the face is a map of bio-energetic conditions in the whole body just as one's DNA has a blueprint for the whole body.

Indeed the whole body is 'holographic' with each part providing a window into the whole from a different holistic angle. For example, foot reflexology connects to every part of the body through the feet even as iridology windows into the whole body through the eyes.

Back before allopathic (drugs-per-symptom) medicine monopolized the health care system, iridology was taught at Harvard Medical School. The iris of the eye is actually an extension of brain tissue to the surface of the body, providing a readout of the biological terrain.

Explained at: Global Holistic Healing
This provides a holistic readout of health conditions in the whole body - a highly developed biomimicry science that was greatly advanced by Dr. Bernard Jensen.
Iris Scans - Then and Now
I personally studied under Dr. Jensen about 30 years ago, and still have the iridology camera he developed for photographing the iris of the eye.  Back then I had to have the color slides developed before projecting those slides onto the wall of a darkened room for clients, pointing out the anomalies associated with a myriad of health conditions that have been studied and compiled for a century.
Today you could make an instant digital
  photograph, enlarging it on a big screen
 almost immediately.

Imagine looking yourself in the eye, while an UltraMedics consultant points out corresponding eye conditions on a big i-pad, explaining not only the organ systems of the body involved, but also the corresponding nutrient supplementation to support optimal healing for poorly functioning organs.
After supporting this healing process for several months, it's amazing to witness the signs of this in the iris. Regeneration of organs can be seen with white 'knitting lines' repairing dark areas in the eye where there is a separation of iris lines in the area corresponding to an afflicted organ system.

The more that an UltraMedics consultant works with this process - guiding clients through this 'self-discovery process' - the more adept they become at providing well-informed choice for the self-healing process.
The Future of Holistic Self Care
The biomimicry science of what is biologically correct for the whole body has arrived at this point of reckoning... to either build health with highly personalized non-toxic bio-energetic modalities... or treat disease with lowest common denominator drugs that compound toxicity and dis-ease (side effects) in the biological terrain.
The energies of health versus
the chemistry of disease
Quantum medicine has been suppressed in the West while the old paradigm of the body as a chemical machine is deeply entrenched. This has less to do with science and more to do with politics and economics whereby vast sums of money are extracted from a sick populace to serve owners of the privatized health care system - the medical-industrial complex.
The prime example is chemo for cancer.
It's been well-documented that chemo wipes out the immune system and actually spreads cancer. Nine out of ten oncologists know this and won't allow chemo for their family members. But this is a $200 billion per year industry and the average oncologist makes about $1.3 million per year pushing chemo.
Most people are not aware that chemo is an extremely toxic poison similar in composition to the mustard-gas used in chemical warfare in World War I. The rationale is that you have an enemy within you and the chemo will hopefully kill it before it kills you.
Studies have shown that most cancers have a better survival rate after 5 years if chemo is never used. The exceptions are those with a very high 'placebo effect' via a strong will to live, belief that the chemo will help them live, and a virtually religious belief that God or their oncologist or 'modern medicine' is their best hope.
The same placebo effect but with belief
in holistic health-building modalities
has a far greater healing outcome.
Common sense would tell us that a non-toxic health building process is superior to toxic drugs with deleterious side effects.
'Wisdom of the Crowd' is emerging
 for healing the health care system.
An open system of augmented intelligence - not AI Artificial Intelligence - is maturing with new analytics capabilities of databases that share the empirical results of users.
A good database of health user results
- what works best for optimal health -
will create 'wisdom of the crowd'.
Anyone can access good information on health care - like and - to get extraordinary perspective on natural remedies for a myriad of health conditions.

Read about 'Global TeLeCare'
and watch the videos to see
the future of holistic health.

With Natural Law as the rule,
natural healing rules!

~ 'Dr. Christopher'

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