Sovereignty Games - The REAL Olympics

People worldwide are watching the Olympics in their homes, offices, and on mobile hand-held TV's. 


This level of sustained global attention is unprecedented.


We are ALL in this 'World Game' together.

by Christos Lightweaver

In the larger scheme of soul evolution, the game of life and the game of love have a lot in common;
the spirit that honors eternal progression via individual sovereignty under a Higher Power.

In the 'final judgment' of who wins or loses, the REAL Olympians in spiritual realms have one standard. Life, liberty and love are sacred. How we conceive it and believe it is how we achieve progress... worlds without end.

To get ahead in these 'Sovereignty Games', it helps to know the sovereign rules whereby each one is 'K.IN.G.' with the 'Keys to the INternalization of God'. (REAL love).  Don't confuse this with the professed 'divine rights' of kings who made serfs out of the masses... or the professed 'personhood' rights of banksters who make serfs out of the masses. But I digress.

Winning the Sovereignty Games is through the holy Spirit of 'K.IN.G.-in-action'... the personal-individualized spirit of divine love-in-action.  Why?  Because there are only divine solutions to human problems.  Human solutions only compound human problems.

The games in London are meant to showcase 'good sports' in our global village where global consciousness is tuned-in to a singular world competition as never before in modern history... and in the larger scheme of things, this is an extraordinary OPPORTUNITY for global unity in our diversity.

That SPIRIT has naturally evolved with the new global game of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities for upgrading personal sovereignty as 'K.IN.G.'.... core Constitutional freedoms as 'K.IN.G.'... the Constitution of Conscience as 'K.IN.G.'.  Or as one rebel American spirit said so well,"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." ~ Thomas Jefferson, September 23, 1800 (inscribed in stone on the Jefferson Memorial)

Global interaction with the Olympics -- at this stage -- is limited to watching with expectation and anticipation of winners and losers in this global win/lose game... and in the spirit of that game, the odds of losing remind us that being a 'good sport' is important.

For those 'good sports' watching the Big Games, this is a time to put aside all political, religious and economics differences. For others, not so much.

For the former, the win or loss of sovereign individuals representing sovereign nations is the only game perceived... the only 'Olympic Games'.

For others, win/win cooperation of the United Sovereigns of Earth is the only real game at this extraordinary time of global emergence from the aristocracy of plutocrats, oligarchs and their corporatocracy.  From that perceptual perspective, the sovereignty championed with global win/win makes win/lose obsolete... the REAL 'Olympic Games'.

Between those two 'extremes' of win/lose and win/win is where the rest of us play a 'World Game' that finds global civilization at the same stage of conscious evolution that took a quantum leap with the American Revolution as championed a new win/win sovereignty game "of the people, by the people and for the people".  Today that would be ALL people.

So now it's a global issue. Or as wise old Ben Franklin once said, "Either we hang together, or most assuredly, we'll all hang separately." That's a CHOICE between the REAL sovereignty games and tyranny games.

The thrill of win/win for everyone...
or the agony of defeat for most of us.

More than a billion people worldwide are watching the London Olympics.  The highest aspiration of this collective attention is the pure intention for win/win -- a higher standard in civilization -- as will peacefully resolve the global crisis in sovereignty consciousness.

That's the REAL game folks. We already have a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality capabilities. Its time to ACT like we are united with the common sense of "E. Pluribus Unum" (Latin for 'Out of Many, One'), that U.S. Founders had the wisdom to emphasize on the Great Seal of the United States.  Or to quote the common man and 'citizen journalist' who sparked the American Revolution with 'Common Sense',
The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
                                We have it in our power to begin the world again.
~ Thomas Paine, 1776

Today that means culturing social Conscience
in our ubiquitous-global social networks.

So how do we get our ACT together with unity in our diversity… for Universal Sovereignty'? 

There was never a time in modern history that was more appropriate for ACTION as will recognize and utilize our conscientious common sense... utilizing our advanced interactive communication tools to come into unity… agreeing on ways of defining, refining, combining and shining our individual and collective God-given gifts and talents... and a breakthrough way to culture social Conscience in social networks via interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm (emphasizing the TLC).
Steve Jobs did his job. The communications infrastructure is in place worldwide.  It just needs some tweaking with a 'heartware app' for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm.  Then we can all participate in the 'REAL' Olympics to see who will make the best contribution for a golden age on Earth.

This SURGE in freedom and opportunity for Earth's evolutions
  is the prophesied 'judgment time'... discernment of high order.
   Some will. Some won't.  Lightworkers will. Others, not so much.

This SURGE is a process of cooperation and coordination for 'Co-Creation' with Higher Power through interactive mass TeLeComm of, by and for "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).  Our sovereignty will be honored. Our solutions will be implemented so we can truly say, "We did it ourselves."

The 'system' -- with heartware cyberEthics - is the solution
for culturing
social Conscience at the heart of
the new global
'Sovereignty Games'. 

So how do we get our ACT together with unity in our diversity?  And how will 'Universal Sovereignty'
CO-CREATE with 'Planetary Solidarity' for a massive mobilization of hearts and minds worldwide? 

      The mass power of goodwill among United Sovereigns,
  the dynamic effect of instant-everywhere interaction,
 and the opportunity for well-informed public opinion
     as engages the greatest good of the greatest number, 
are beyond belief of the 99%,  feared by the 1%,  yet
going mainstream in 2012 to neutralize fear of the 1%
  and optimize faith with good works among the 99%. 
This dynamic power has rarely been employed.
(Gandhi and U.S. Founding Fathers come to mind)
It can begin the world over again in 2012.

This will require our collective affirmation, confirmation, determination and integration with an uncompromised vision of integrity that anyone can understand who wants to; a vision of virtue
and valor for the victory as will make it so… AFFIRMING that vision with pure intention…
CONFIRMING that vision with focused attention… DETERMINING that vision with love’s retention…
and INTEGRATING that vision with conscientious ascension in a common-unity dimension of

ffective Sensory Perception; Cosmic Love on Earth as in Cosmos.

To repeat for emphasis, "What we conceive and believe we achieve".
The higher the concept of our conscious evolution through
belief in win/win cooperation and 'CO-CREATION',
the greater the RESULTS achieved.

Everything else is a diversion with inversion, subversion and perversion of universal sovereignty...
so keep your eye on the "ball" (global sovereignty) with a new COMMON SENSE... unity in diversity
for global holistic healing via alignment with the common law and language at the heart of global civility.

The meek will inherit the Earth because
kindness is a common language that
the deaf can hear and blind can see.

This is the pure intention of "Co-Creation with Universe" (divine law and order). Co-Operation with that sovereign 'common law' is the spirit of win/win in the REAL Olympics of eternal progression, conscious evolution, soul ascension, etc.

Those who see only the win/lose game find it easy to rationalize and justify that a few super-rich power elite can win at their command for profit and power through terror, war, disease and destruction of Earth's life support systems.

That virtual 'insanity' is gnawing at the soul of global humanity now.  The only future for that win/lose mindset is the 'Hunger Games' for all humanity - a bleak future.

A bright future awaits a new win/win game.  People worldwide want to play that game.  Clean virtually-free energy technology is ready to power global civilization. The next phase of the computer/Internet revolution -- web 3.0 -- is ready. Global holistic healing with 'Universal Self Care' is ready.

Are you ready for evolution revolution?  Not yet? By default, do you want more win/lose terror for tyranny?  Some say this is PLANNED for these London Olympics games with another 9-11 or the UK's equivalent with the 7-7 London Bombings... God forbid!

So WHAT is the MESSAGE that will come out of the London Olympics?  Who will claim the thrill of victory for the REAL Olympics, and who will suffer the agony of defeat with the victim dictum of 'stinking thinking' as paradigm paralysis that gradually surrenders freedom for false-flag security until we have neither freedom nor security? 

Would you agree that all enlightened Netizens of Earth
want a win/win in 2012?

Some will see the problem with the opportunity for global up-wising and uprising of the United Sovereigns of Earth.  Others see the opportunity in any problem that serves to WAKE UP the whole world to imminent CHOICE between universal sovereignty and totalitarian tyranny.

We're ALL in this 'World Game' together. We're coming down the home stretch of a long-distance marathon of 'Olympic' proportions. 


Claim the victory that was winning from the beginning.
 When the rules are win/win, the outcome is foreordained. 

We All Win!

~ Christos



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