The 'Real' Olympics, Sovereignty Games
and Winning from the Beginning


Preface article at: "Sovereignty Games"


Coming Down the 2012 Home Stretch;

Good time for a Check Up from the Neck Up
as true "Olympians" (from ‘higher realms’)
 step through the thinning veil of separation.



The mass power of goodwill among global Netizens,
  the dynamic effect of instant-everywhere interaction,
 and the opportunity for well-informed public opinion
     as engages the greatest good of the greatest number, 
are beyond belief of the 99%,  feared by the 1%,  yet
    going mainstream in 2012 to neutralize fear of the 1%
  and optimize faith with good works among the 99%. 
This dynamic power has rarely been employed.
(Gandhi and U.S. Founding Fathers come to mind)
It can begin the world over again in 2012.




1-  Your ‘Winning’ Made Sure: IT’S YOUR CHOICE!


Sovereignty and ‘Consent of the Governed’:
 Public love of freedom vs. tyrannical love of power.


Based on your pure intention to focus attention with great love of freedom,
  consider the common sense solution proposed by Jefferson and Madison

CONTINUED… with an excellent video included at:
Sovereignty with Consent of the Governed



The 'CENTERING' Video:

When you watch this brilliant video, you’ll know why
approx. 12 MILLION people have also watched it.
Conceive, believe and achieve the real value.


Sign in HERE to empower the 'tipping point' as explained in the video above.


2-  Alignment of Earth with the Milky Way Galactic Plane,
Alliance of Lightworkers for Conscious Evolution,
and Shift from Mass Dissension to Consensus.

Overcoming the Sense of ‘Suffering Separation’:
Cultural DNA of, by and for Common Sense Unity Conscience

4 Ways to Focus Personal Attention for
Enlightened Planetary Alignment:


2012 Alignment


  Archived with graphics and videos at:




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