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Operation 'Alice in Wonderland' Is About To Start

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The collective consciousness of global humanity has never been so polarized. This is not by accident. Two of the brightest men on Earth discussed the mass psychology of the 'Shift in the Ages' decades ago... even as the Secret Space Program was taking off. How prescient:)

According to Carl Jung and Manly Hall
Nov 18, 2017 /

April 25, 2017 /
The deeper we go into full disclosure of Global Crisis, the higher the probability that the reality of the situation will compel pure intention for a conscientious common sense solution.
The better the understanding of cause and effect whereby we reap what we sow, the better the balance scales of justice to adjudicate freedom and opportunity in our ubiquitous social networks.

The higher the concept of cause and cure,

All social problems are at heart communication problems - how we come into unity with REAL community that truly represents what is best for all.

There's no healing the Global Crisis without heroic efforts of enough good people to champion the Ascent Process - sufficient social conscience to compel an upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms in our social networks.

It's not the will of God that mankind suffers for the greed, selfishness and insufferable tyranny caused by a relative few.

Now Just FIVE Men Own
Almost as Much Wealth
Half the World's Population

Nov 2017 /
It's not a meritocracy or democracy.
 It's monopoly by the corporatocracy.
As of June 2017, the world's richest 5 men owned
over $400 billion in wealth. Thus on average, each
man owns nearly as much as 750 million people.
Note that Rothschild & Rockeller oligarchies
own far more global wealth than 'the five'.
  Be aware of the cause behind 'the cause';
 old money has contempt for new money;
The old powers don't like the powershift
to knowledge power - away from the
 $ power of corporatocracy banksters.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." 
~ Frederic Bastiat, French economist

What's Driving Social Discord:
Russian Social Media Meddling or
Soaring Wealth/Power Inequality?

Nov 2017 /

The divisions go deeper than rich and poor or left and right. It's more like collective bi-polar civil war... as if the two arms of Uncle Sam are fighting with each other. His masculine side abused his feminine side which is now fighting back, trying to shame the global bully that has forced himself on sovereigns worldwide.
This is a battle for the soul of the Republic. The obscene war profiteering and disease profiteering of the military-medical-media-bankster complex is killing us. Their population control and reduction agenda is obscene and IN OUR FACE while we worry about overeating on Thanksgiving and who will win in the colloseum spectacle on the boob tube.
That's the weird world of Alice in Wonderland when you go down the rabbit hole and see things differently.

Megadeaths From America:
Yemen Is the Worst Case Among Many

Nov 14, 2017 / Reader Supported News
Boardman writes: "As Americans get ready for Thanksgiving, their government is on the verge of successfully starving millions of Yemenis to death by siege warfare."

So is Trump draining the swamp? Is the Alliance of good guys in the military now prosecuting the real criminals in the Deep State 'Cabal'? Or has Trump hit the wall of the entrenched oligarchy corporatocracy of Big Business leaders in collusion with Big Government?
Last week's anniversary of Trump's election sparked widespread teeth-gnashing by the nation's pundits. Trump is supposedly the gravest threat to American democracy since the secession of the Confederacy. But Trump doesn't have the humility of 'Log Cabin Lincoln', and this civil war is not over 'democracy'.  That word is not in the U.S. Constitution nor in any Constitution of the 50 States.
The Republic has devolved to an oligarchy via corporatocracy. The Constitutional Republic is hanging by a thread. Most Americans are oblivious. They are diverted and divided with so much information overload and cognitive dissonance that they don't even realize how the Republic has been subverted as explained in this short video:

Trump will not heal the divisive warring in our members by appeasing the corporatocracy with massive tax cuts. The rise of the corporatocracy has already corrupted the Republic with extreme concentration of wealth and power at the expense of core Constitutional freedoms.
Neither will Trump heal the war agenda of the military-industrial complex by backing his good friend Netanyahu and the 'Greater Israel Agenda' to side with Saudi Arabia to unite the Sunni Muslims against the Shiite Muslims to attack Iran. U.S.-Israel collusion in Mideast wars has already devastated the Middle East, flooding Europe with millions of refugees.
Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US Plot War
Against Iran and Hezbollah.

11-19-2017 / by Kurt Nimmo
Having failed to unseat Bashar al-Assad in Syria,
the cabal has switched focus to war against Iran.
For those serious investigators of the Global Crisis who are willing to go down the rabbit hole to understand the Grand Illusion veiling cause and core REALITY, here's a new article with two interesting videos:

'The time is upon us - Operation Alice in

is about to start'
Nov 17, 2017 /
We're about to see 21st Century Nuremberg Trials.
Judgment time for the corrupt Deep State Cabal.

Cabal purge accelerates: Marines storm CIA;
Over 2000 indicted in U.S.

Nov 20, 2017 /

Excerpt: The purge of the satanic Khazarian cabal that turned the West evil is accelerating at an undeniable pace.  Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend. One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.
The Global Crisis in Conscience
Is Reaching a Crescendo

You might say that the cause behind 'the cause' of the Global Crisis is willful ignorance of the Prime Directive.

The first step in problem solving is a clear definition of the problem that is typically a blockage of the flow of resonance with the Prime Directive - to DO NO HARM.

There's no healing of sick social institutions without realization of WHY they are sick. That awareness naturally compels interest in HOW the holistic healing of core social institutions can quickly empower wisdom with TLC conscience in our global social networks.

Ask yourself WHY medical students are saying goodbye to the Hippocratic Oath to 'Do No Harm'... and WHY monopoly medicine as we have known it is doomed. Article HERE. Video HERE.

It's the SAME REASON why Google no longer claims its motto as 'Do No Evil'... and WHY heartless technocracy is the tool of evil that prefers the love of power to the power of love - the TLC principle.

The Internet, controlled and manipulated by Technocrats, is in jeopardy of meltdown to the same degree that democracies are being rapidly eroded around the world. Programs and web sites could be reinvented to serve humanity instead of enslave it. However, the goal of Technocracy is 'Social Engineering' - an oxymoron - aka Scientific Dictatorship. Those who control what we see will also control what we believe and think. ~ TN Editor

Sweden Is ‘In The Process Of Dismantling
Democracy’, Headed Toward Technocracy

on Oct 17, 2017 / By The Local, Sweden

Excerpt: A socialist in Sweden says democracy is being dismantled and warns that it could be on the slippery slope towards technocracy or a dictatorship. This politician gets it, but Americans do not. I have warned for years that the clear and present danger to America is Technocracy, and NOT socialism, communism or fascism.
~ Patrick Wood, Editor of

Big Data Meets Big Brother as China
Moves to Rate Its Citizens

Nov 9, 2017 /

Excerpt: Chinese Technocrats have mastered surveillance and control methodologies throughout China. Social scoring of all citizens for the sake of control is evil, dangerous and destructive.

“In Technocratic Scoring We Trust”
(State of Coercion in China)
G.O.D.~ We Trust”
(State of Coherence of ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Or as "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi said, “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than power derived from fear of punishment.”

The next wave of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION was ordained for this time to define, refine and 'shine' MORE LIGHT as TLC~ for integration of 5D Conscience while mass illusion disintegrates.

See the Good, Share the Vision and
Make it So!

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