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Final Preparations / Get Ready

Christopher Rudy
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If you read, 'Believe It Or Not', you know the background story:

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The foreground is coming into focus. Obama was reelected, the stock market plummeted and then corrected. Gold prices spiked and then settled down. Gun sales shot up, and there was looting in devastated New England, much of which is still without power after hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter that brought freezing temps. A FEMA camp is set up for the homeless.

Those who were prepared are the new heroes -- the 'preppers', once called 'survivalists -- who were ready in spite of government condemnation of them as 'crazies' and 'food-hoarders'.  Those who prepared are doing well.  Be unprepared at your own risk.

Should we be making final preparations?

A cheap digital camera and a cheap #12 welding filter were used for this photo.
It's 'PX' next to the Sun.  People worldwide are seeing it, 'believe it or not'.

So you want the straight skinny on the deep doo doo?  REALLY?

Global 'reboot' is imminent, coming to a neighborhood near you. If you haven't noticed, worldwide earthquakes, volcanism and superstorms are increasing in frequency and magnitude. But no one in government or the embedded media will tell you what's coming to prevent panic and civil disruption... so 'insiders' can still prepare; no economic disruption.

The government has known what's coming for decades; the end of government as we've known it. You can read about their plans for 'Continuation Of Government" (COG). They've built about 200 Deep Underground Military Bases across America. They have civil defense for 'their' people. There is none for the public.

Let's face it.  You're on your own, and time is of the essence. Prepare while you can because panic buying will empty store shelves of necessities virtually overnight. 

The most important thing you can do is strengthen your immune system for the stress and distress that's coming. I don't know how much time is left, so I'm moving out case lots of Swedish Pollen Extract at 40% off the wholesale price on my website. Supplies are limited.

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As you can read at Swedish Pollen Extract,
I've brokered this product into North America for medical nutrition companies, health food stores, sports nutrition outlets and direct marketers going back to 1987.

Safety of this product is such that it is an excellent pre-natal supplement. The 'side-effect' is increased white blood cell count, a marker for a strengthening immune system. Subtle energy boost may find you wide awake late at night if you take it in the evening.

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I can't make medical claims but the health benefits are unequalled. Read for yourself.

Swedish Pollen Extract (Nutraceutical-grade royal jelly). Optimal health benefits HERE.

Category / Health Concerns:
'Immunity Response': This non-allergenic RNA/DNA genetic material is made into drip-IV's for immunotherapy (via Big Pharma), increasing the body's white blood cell count as no other natural ingredient does. Rather than mainlining it, you can take it orally for 'optimize health'.
'Detox Support' and 'Metabolism Support':  As a 'metabolic activator', this standardized nutraceutical grade 'royal jelly' supports the mitochondria 'energy factory' in the cells, empowering them with vital force to eliminate cellular toxicity in your biological terrain.
'Allergy Support':  The parent company (Sweden) has led the world in pollen research for 65 years, and created the RAST test used by allergy doctors worldwide.  This Pollen Extract has prostaglandin precursors (like beta carotene for Vit. A) to strengthen the endocrine system for homeostasis in the body's "allergy response" (immune system).
'Inflammation Response' and 'Digestion':  For decades, this product has been used in Europe and Asia with unprecedented results for prostatitis, urethritis, colitis and irritable (inflamed) bowl syndrome, however non of these medical claims can be made in the U.S. because of catch-22 FDA laws.  Although Swedish Pollen Extract has more than 100 different enzymes that aid in digestion (listed in my literature sent with the product), they are not of sufficient quantity to classify as a probiotic, such as the leading probiotic.
'Superfoods, Preparedness and Radiation Response': This whole food concentrate is the quintessential 'superfood' from the source of the food chain; select pollens that were researched to provide the ideal micronutrient profile for land-based vertebrates. As the most biologically 'potent' superfood for humans, the preparedness value is self-evident, especially considering research showing cellular resistance to the effects of free-radical damage from ionizing radiation and systemic toxic chemical mutagens in the food chain.
'Emergency Medicine':  This is an ideal remedy for emergency health concerns ranging from immunity crisis to radiation exposure.  Although it has been used by health professionals in Europe and Asia for colds, flu and cancer for decades, no medical claims or documentation of this fact can be used in the U.S. due to 'red tape'. 
Servings per bottle: 33,000 milligrams in powder form. That's a three month supply at 1/8 teaspoon per day, although 'therapeutic levels' may include 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

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To Your Health and Thrival,

Christopher Rudy
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