Food Reserve Packages

Christopher Rudy
UltraMedics Services

Buying storable whole food in bulk is a great way to cut food costs,
  but the greatest value of food reserves is in a serious crisis when it
could be priceless for health and security. Those who are aware of
global economic reset and warning signs of economic collapse
 know that quality food reserves are the bottom line for preparation.

Those who order either of the food reserve packages below
   will receive a $500 discount plus an extra bonus with the two
 most important supplements for an optimal immune system:

1 case (12) of Swedish Pollen Extract, worth $479.40
PLUS 1 case (12) of Prescript-Assist, worth $599.40
That's a supplement bonus worth $1,078.80 dollars
PLUS a $500 discount on the package below
for a total bonus worth $1,578.80 dollars.

There are three good reasons why this is
the best food reserve deal, bar none:

1- These are high quality food reserves with respect for
 natural ingredients, herb flavorings, savory taste,
ease of preparation, plus customization options.

    2- As a wholesale distributor of the Pollen Extract and the
       SBO probiotic Prescript-Assist , I can offer them FREE
with the discounted prices of these food reserves.

     3- You get far more food value when your immune system
          and digestion are strong, and no one else can offer you
            the combined 'Super Immunity' value of Prescript-Assist
      plus Swedish Pollen Extract that work synergistically.

  Realize that you can have the best food in the world for
building the immune system (Swedish Pollen Extract),
 but it's not what you eat - it's how you assimilate it -
  and Prescript-Assist has a well-documented history as
 as the most effective SBO probiotic on the market for
  gut health, food digestion and immune system support.

  It's the same with these food reserves, providing
far better assimilation of nutrients with enzymes
   from both the Pollen Extract and Prescript-Assist,
  so you can assimilate far greater food value with
    these two unparalleled immune system activators.

These two packages are comparable in calories and high quality.
Gourmet Reserves package has the advantage with
bulk, dehydrated food quantity, including a cookbook.

   The Adventure Foods package has an advantage
  in freeze-dried and ready-to-eat food for less prep.

Shipping cost may be a factor. Free delivery locally
Adventure Foods (Montana), and nationally for
Gourmet Reserves SuperPak (from California).

Gourmet Reserves SuperPak

 1 Year Food Supply for 2 People

 FREE shipping but
4 weeks shipping time

2,040 calories per day;
 56 different food items;
 81% No Cook Feature


Plus my supplement
bonus worth $1,078.80
when you order direct through me.

 More 'SuperPak' information HERE

Adventure Foods Package
1 Year Food Supply for 2 People

In stock / Will ship within a week with
cost based on shipping zone.

2,246 calories per day;
Customizable for food
sensitive preference.


Plus supplement
bonus worth $1,078.80
when you order direct through me.

More 'Platinum Package' information HERE

Call me if you are interested in either package or
smaller packages available on their websites.
I'll discount them with a proportional amount
of supplements for optimal support of your
digestion and immune system.
Christopher Rudy

"I fully realize that most of us Americans cannot fathom a world in which food cannot be obtained
from the supermarket or fuel cannot be obtained from the corner gas station
or that the power grid could be offline for more than a few hours...
In the meantime, remember the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared."
~ Pastor Chuck Baldwin in his recent article HERE