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        by Christopher Rudy,  UltraMedics Services™

People take their health for granted until they lose it, and then they’ll pay just about anything to get it back.  Upgrading this health-wealth equation requires more than a check up from the neck up.

Give yourself a check up from the “bottom up”.  Can you identify the one organ system in your body that is most easily upgraded for ‘whole’ (holistic) health?  Is it true that a toxic colon leads to toxic blood and a toxic biological terrain for your body and brain?  Would you agree that colon health is your bottom line for a long disease-free life?

The primary side effect of the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) is that it corrupts the colon.  This widespread “dis-ease” is the most common and least addressed ailment behind systemic toxicity, chronic fatigue and work related absence in America. 

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 25 million Americans,
and is the leading cause of work-related absence."
[Harvard Women's Health Watch, April 2004.]

Common sense regarding colon health is uncommon.  It’s almost like a taboo subject – a disconnect from biological reality in health-afflicted Western civilization.  Why do you think it is common for Kinder-moms in Japan to ask their kids how their bowel movements were when they come home?  Such biological health fundamentals warrant nurturing. 

What they don’t teach in Kindergarten – Colon Health Basics

What goes in must be processed in the gut, and the wastes must come out.  If we don’t eliminate well, we assimilate poorly.  If the body’s sewer system gets clogged or toxic with "SAD" nutrition or poor food combining, the membrane in the colon transfers toxins into our blood along with whatever nutrients are available. 

It is now known that the gut environment is a critical interface for health in the whole body.  The colon is the front-line of an on-going battle between both beneficial and pathological bacteria in competition for nutrition and attachment sites on the permeable cell walls of the intestines -- the colon-to-blood pathway.  The side-effect of a battle-weary gut -- toxemia -- circulates in the blood and poisons the biological terrain of the whole body, creating an environment for systemic toxicity and dis-ease. This is why researchers say 80% of immune function is related to the gut.

Many years ago, the natural health pioneer Bernard Jensen proclaimed, "death begins in the colon." A morbid truth, yet pointedly factual, and critical to understanding good health in today’s supersized world of substandard nutrition.  A toxic gut indeed has serious side-effects; it poisons the blood, burdens the liver and can dramatically afflict the quality of life. 

Toxic buildup leads to chronic free radical damage, heart and liver disease, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and aggravation of auto-immune disease, allergies and chronic fatigue.  Free radical damage affects adequate blood flow throughout the body, especially the brain. This frequently causes depression, diminished mental function and memory loss.

The bottom line is that quality life extension is typically in direct proportion to colon health.  

Restoring Colon Health

Having developed three holistic health centers integrating numerous health modalities, I learned that the bottom line for health is truly the colon.  Patient attention led me to a core understanding of gut health.  One’s gut bioflora is the “seedbed” of health or disease.  Reseeding the “seedbed” is critical when gut dysbiosis symptoms are present.  And the better the “seed culture” (probiotic), the better the results.

There is no greater environmental influence on the body than the gut.  The prime source of toxins is not “out there”, yet many people don't want to "go there" -- their own sewer system.  Rural homeowners often pay more attention to microbes for their septic tank than seeding the “soil” in their own body’s GI tract.  But there is not a more common cause of biological stress and distress than this "bottom line" for health.

Many health researchers have taken the study of gut culture probiotics seriously.  However, many probiotic products quote research of limited quality that is not peer-reviewed by leading medical experts.  Lack of good information is a huge problem for millions of people seeking relief from a toxic colon, irritable bowl syndrome, and a host of body-mind-spirit “dis-ease” consequences of a toxic gut. 

“Soil-Based Organisms” (SBO Probiotics)

As a colon therapist, I have closely followed the research on probiotics.  I’ve seen lots of research touting the advantages of “quantity” – a large number of bioflora strains -- rather than “quality” (the best probiotics).  Rare is the research that emphasizes superior results through published peer-reviewed clinical trials, until recently.

Just as the natural foods industry has evolved to emphasize whole food concentrates rather than chemical isolates for vitamin supplements, so has the probiotic industry evolved to recognize soil-based organisms as the best microbiota for colon health.

That’s actually common sense when you think about it.  Anyone who has studied biodynamic farming or organic gardening knows that a healthy plant grows out of a healthy bioculture in the soil.  Chemical fertilizers can stimulate the growth of a large plant that is nutritionally empty if the soil is depleted or “dead” from chemicals that poison the soil microbiota which predigest soil for assimilation.

It’s the same with the “dirt” in your gut.  What you “plant” in the gut is supposed to grow the cells in your body.  Good nutrition is poorly assimilated if the soil in the gut is depleted or “dead” from antibiotics.  We need those soil-based organisms for enzymatic conversion of food into a form that optimizes nutrient assimilation. 

The Latest Research on SBO's

Over the last decade, one research company has focused on soil-based organisms, developing a probiotic with a unique “prebiotic” component that feeds the probiotics for improved efficacy. Double-blind clinical trails have been peer-reviewed by doctors and published in leading medical journals.  Both doctors and nutrition outlets have found extraordinary word-of-mouth referral sales with results that speak for themselves.

After six years of Clinical Development, Tests and Evaluation (CDTE) “Prescript-Assist™”, has become available to health professionals nationwide. At the Gesundheit Nutrition Center in Bozeman MT, it became their best seller in just a few months, largely by word-of-mouth referrals.

The name “Prescript-Assist” (PA) is in reference to “assistance” for “prescriptions”.  Most drugs have the common side-effect of causing dysbiotic toxicity in the gut, especially antibiotics.  But the value of Prescript-Assist goes far beyond a complimentary assistance with prescription drugs.

The effectiveness of any nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, herbs, etc.) will be limited by the extent of healthy organisms for enzymatic metabolism in the colon.

Prescript-Assist™ optimizes your “bottom line” for a good “gut feeling” and quality life extension.

- 80% of immune function via "gut health";
 - GI tract is the "bottom line" for longevity;
 - PA normalizes a variety of gut imbalances;
 - Proven superiority to other probiotics;
 - Aids digestion, assimilation and elimination;
 - Biological terrain support re: colds and flu;
 - Remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS);

 - Assists with toxemia and drug side-effects;
 - Critical adjunct to prior use of antibiotics;
 - Benefits for a vast variety of health ailments;
 - Refrigeration not required (4 year minimum).

"We have been offering Prescript-Assist since December of 2005.
  It is the best product I've ever seen for Inflammatory Bowel Disease,
  including Crohn’s and Colitis. To their delight, my customers are
seeing huge improvements, especially where bleeding is present.
They continually reorder the product."
­Tony Sweet, Sunshine Corners Nutrition, Kent, Washington


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