Health Care Dawning Series
Oct. 4, 2013
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Continued from PART I

 Navigating Public Health Care Options
From a 'Debt and Disease' System
To Free On-line Holistic Self Care

Tens of thousands of ‘Navigator’ jobs are being implemented nationwide to service the ‘Affordable Care Act” (ObamaCare).

In a previous article on ‘ObamaCare Navigators’, the first 8 min. video by ‘
Ben Swann Truth In Media’ explains how the massive government computer database for public health care has now gone ‘live’ (October 1st), and millions of uninsured Americans are now signing up on ‘Health Insurance Exchanges’ with the assistance of ‘navigators’ who are being hired nationwide without background checks and minimal (20-30 hours) of online training. Tens of thousands of these 'navigators' will be entering your most sensitive banking information and health care records into the giant database that numerous government agencies can access in collusion with the NSA.

This video also reveals how this sign-up process
is also being used for ‘voter registration’.

Realize that the Democratic Party has developed its own massive database of ‘community organizers’ who helped get Obama elected, so they have their own ‘in-house list’ of nationwide activists to contact (ACORN, etc.), for offering this well-paying government job that registers voters who don’t have health insurance…
mostly of a “Democratic” demographic. That looks like vote rigging to me.

  So you can see why Republican Constitutionalists
  are saying,
This far and no further!”, and why
  the ‘embedded’ mainstream media talking heads
    make these Tea Party Republicans look like fools.

Don’t expect much resistance to ObamaCare from mainstream media. The giant corporate media conglomerate networks receive about 3.2 billion dollars per year in ad revenue from Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex. This collusion of Big Medicine and Big Media is NOT going to bite the Big Pharma hand that feeds them.

All the civilized nations of the world -- where good Conscience rules -- have outlawed the pushing of drugs on public television. That's because it profits from disease rather than disease prevention. The incentives are wrong. The intent is wrong. It's evil.

This corruption of ‘representative’ government
is now the “pathological” (sociopathic) norm
as explained in the second short video at:
 ‘ObamaCare Navigators’.

That system of abject self-serving corruption is rapidly self-destructing, ‘imploding’ with debt, disease and destruction of the ‘American Way’ that no longer shines as a model of freedom and opportunity for the world. But it could again... sooner than later.

The only way we can self correct into the future
is to see our way out of the core pathology
with a clear and present opportunity for
 culturing ‘Universal Self Care’ for all.

Thinning of the Veil – Pathology Unveiled
Behind the Creation of Debt and Disease

The line between social media and traditional media has been blurring but the focus on truth has increasingly exposed: 1- the systemic problem of big money incentives for the creation and management of public debt, and 2- the systemic problem of big money incentives for the creation and management of public disease.

So who owns and controls the beltway 'District of Criminals'?

Question: When the U.S. Government "borrows" a trillion dollars from the privately owned Federal Reserve, where does the privately owned Federal Reserve get the trillion dollars to loan to the U.S. Government?  
Answer:  The FED "creates"  a "credit" in the amount of one trillion dollars in the account of the US Treasury at the Federal Reserve.  And the Treasury then writes its checks on that account.  To get that check "created out of thin air,"  the U.S. Treasury department has to tender to the privately owned FED, as collateral, a trillion dollars worth of U.S. Government bonds.  And then, (this is the best part) the American taxpayer, and subsequent generations yet born, get to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in interest on those bonds in perpetuity . 
The United States pays $1.2 trillion interest each year, to the privately owned FED, for loans created out of thin air.
You can imagine that when a lender is getting that amount of money each year, and more from all the other countries that borrow from them, that the puny US Senate and US Congress is not going to be sticking its neck out to fight this racket. Washington
D.C. has over a thousand hit men looking for contracts.   They always side with the highest bidder.

See: 'Money Owned and Owed: The Two Faces of Money':

Or as our President once said while still a Senator:

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that "the buck stops here." Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." ~  Sen. Barack Obama, March 2006
"I doubt there is any statement Obama has ever made in public life with which I agree more
than the one he made seven years ago in casting a vote to oppose a hike in the debt limit.
He was 100 percent right then."
~ Joseph Farah, WorldNet Daily, continuing with:
"Obama has called those who refuse today to raise the debt limit 'deadbeats'.
What did that make him in 2006 when he opposed raising the debt limit
to exceed $8 trillion for the first time in American history?
What does that make him today now that he has presided over a
doubling of the red ink to $17 trillion?"

  Deception on this issue is so deeply embedded in the public psyche
  that most U.S. citizens now suffer mass delusion regarding not only
 massive economic deficits, but also massive health deficits seen in
a sick health care system that is the most expensive with the least
health benefits compared to all other advanced nations worldwide.

The fork-tongued two-faced doublespeak deception is so bad that  
    even our own President said this at the beginning of this recent video:

"Increasing the debt ceiling does not grow our deficits by a single dime."

If you believe that "more debt doesn't increase the deficits",
then welcome to the 'Grand Delusion' of 'ObamaCare' whereby
you are required to pay health insurance with no
it will build health and prevent disease... but instead will
be highly profitable for a medical-industrial complex
 that profits the more you get sick for treatment.

  This creates an incentive for health deficits,
for more money for the sick economy
through disease care profiteering
that profits from pathological
caring for disease more
than for 'health care'.

  Optimal health is not dependent on disease care.

Preventive self care that builds health is always
 the common sense worth a pound of treatment.

  That which builds optimal holistic health will also
   cure disease naturally when at therapeutic levels.

   Health assurance is the best health insurance.


The Nature of Universal Self Care and
Global Health Assurance Polices with
"America's Holistic Alliance" (AHA!)