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Ebola and Cancer Myths Debunked

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by ‘Dr. Christopher 

1- True of False?
2- Aware or Not?
  3- Fact or Fiction?

1- True or False?

      Is it true that AIDS and Ebola were created and deployed out of
     the U.S. biological warfare laboratory at Fort Detrick Maryland?

Back in 1996, the book, ‘
was a New York Times best seller. This well-researched documentary
by Dr. Len Horowitz (with a Masters in Public Health from Harvard),
provided the paper trail of government documents which showed the
legislative measures that funded AIDS research and the Fort Dietrick
role in creating this cancer virus that attacks the immune system.
Horowitz later published other books and videos explaining how live
AIDS viruses were deployed in hepatitis B vaccines administered to
homosexual populations on the East and West Coast (U.S.), and
how tainted blood with AIDS got into blood banks for transfusions,
causing AIDS in many hospital operations nationwide. Horowitz also
documents in articles and videos how AIDS virus was also deployed
by the World Health Organization in vaccines in Africa, a policy of
unofficial depopulation that Horowitz linked to long-standing eugenics
policies of the Rockefellers and the new power elite like Bill Gates
who has invested about a billion dollars in global vaccine deployment.

"Underlying 'America's New War' is international 'population planning.'
According to Rockefeller-directed population planners, additional

depopulation must occur in advance of the New World Order.

In the United States, according to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
March/April 1996 Foreign Affairs journal, plans to depopulate America
by half to achieve a U.S. population in the range of 125 to 150 million,
or about its size in the 1940s, are underway."

~ Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H., Health Scientist,
Best Selling Author and Leading Health Rights Activist

Over the last decade, Dr. Horowitz has produced numerous video
documentaries on the collusion between Big Pharma companies
and the Big Government agencies embedded with Pharma reps.
Because of this, Dr. Horowitz has been under ongoing attack by
covert disinformation agents who use the media to discredit him.
The reason why Horowitz is so controversial, as you can see HERE,
is his brilliant exposure of a subject so dark and evil that most of us
prefer willful ignorance and won’t go there, preferring the cherished
illusion that the medical-industrial complex truly cares for our health
which is like believing the military-industrial complex wants peace.
If you click on that link above, you’ll notice that the video trailer to
Horowitz’s documentary has been deactivated by Google, just as
Wikipedia has taken down the extensive bio on Dr. Horowitz, and
if you want to know WHY, simply watch his full documentary video:
                        In Lies We Trust:
             The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

    This is powerful truth telling, but I’m prejudiced. Back in early 2001,
 right before 9-11, I was the Communication Director for Horowitz
       at his home office in Sandpoint Idaho. I helped promote his new book
 “Death In The Air – Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare’.
   Turns out it was rather prophetic with 9-11, and the section of this
     book on chemtrails is still officially denied by government agencies.

2- Aware or Not?

Are you aware of the 2 minute cure for Ebola (and Cancer)
   that gets no mention in the drug-pushing corporate media?

Article by Mike Adams, Natural News, HERE.

If you look at that picture closely and read the article about
this technology, you may be surprised to learn that ultraviolet
light kills viruses. Did you know that many public waterworks
in Europe use UV light to purify their drinking water by killing
fungus, bacteria & viruses with the violet frequency in light?
You may also be aware that healing with light or frequency
has been made officially illegal by the FDA arm of
Big Pharma… because it works and could make most drugs
virtually obsolete. And when you consider that six of the ten
more profitable companies on Wall Street are Big Pharma
companies… you get the picture. Or as the founder of the
pharmaceutical cartels once said, “Competition is a sin.”
~ John D. Rockefeller, America’s 1st billionaire who parleyed
   his oil fortune into petrochemical distillates (drugs) and paid
   for legislation to make them ‘Community Standard Medicine’.
   John D. began his long career by selling patent medicine
   (snake oil) out of the back of his wagon, finding bubbling
   crude in his Pennsylvania travels… but I digress.
So it’s “the law” that drugs be used for whatever ails you?

The exception, of course, is radiation used in the treatment
of cancer. But that’s like antibiotics that are indiscriminate in
killing good bacteria as well as bad. Radiation also destroys
healthy cells as well as cancer cells, just as chemotherapy
poisons the biological terrain of the entire body with the idea
that you have an enemy within you that “hopefully” will be
killed before the chemo kills you. Did you know that most
chemo agents are similar to the mustard gas formulations
used in trench warfare in World War I?  Or that a survey of
oncologists, the highest paid medical specialists, found that
most would NOT use chemo for themselves or their family?
        Is that what happened to the Hippocratic Oath?
              To do no harm… unless it pays well?

3- Fact or Fiction?

Is the power of belief  in natural healing (placebo effect),
   just as important as non-toxic holistic healing modalities?

The power of belief, known as the placebo effect, is well
known with double-blind studies showing that a placebo
(sugar pill) can be as effective as a drug if the test subject
believes it is the drug. In one study, doctors gave subjects
an ‘upper’ (amphetamine) and told them it was a ‘downer”
(tranquilizer), and the subjects reacted in a tranquil way.
The doctors then gave other test subjects a tranquilizer but
told them it was a stimulant. They reacted as if on speed.
That’s how powerful is the belief in modern medicine when
administered by the high priests of medicine with their drug
‘sacraments’, which is why I always recommend that you
find an enlightened holistic doctor before consulting them
about health regimens that actually build health rather than
treat disease with chemicals that have toxic side effects.

As for the media mania over Ebola…

On the Health Freedoms Alliance website you can see their recent article:
The Five Biggest Lies About Ebola Being Pushed By Government And Mass Media.  Here’s an excerpt to give you a taste:

                                       Lie #4:
The only defense against Ebola is a vaccine or a pharmaceutical drug.

     This lie may get millions of people killed if the Ebola outbreak gets worse.
In a desperate bid to make sure Ebola generates billions of dollars in profits for vaccine makers and pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, FDA and even the FTC routinely censor truthful information about natural treatments that might hold promise (such as colloidal silver).
 Companies that offer extremely beneficial essential oils and colloidal silver products have already been threatened with criminal arrest and prosecution by the FDA. The mainstream media remains complicit in the systematic oppression of natural cures, printing the FDA’s propaganda while completely avoiding any balanced reporting that might highlight the extraordinary anti-viral capabilities of many medicinal herbs... [or numerous other modalities -CR]
     If we really want to stop the spread of this viral pandemic right now, both government and the media should be urging citizens to boost their immune defenses by consuming more nutritious foods, herbal spices, superfoods and anti-viral plants (which include peppermint, basil, rosemary, cinnamon and oregano, just to name a few).
     Everyone should be sufficiently urged to make sure they have sufficient vitamin D circulating in their blood, and those who have low vitamin D — which includes just about everyone in America today — should be urged to take vitamin D supplements.
     But instead of urging the public to enhance their immune function and boost their natural defenses against Ebola, everyone is ridiculously told to “wash your hands” and wait around for a drug company to introduce an Ebola vaccine. ###

Watch this vaccine commercial (spoof)

Obviously, if you don’t have freedom of choice over your
own holistic health, other freedoms become irrelevant.
The body is the temple of the living spirit, and if you
desecrate the temple, the lights go out, and ‘light’
(vital force) is what naturally vitalizes the body.
Yes, aging is a factor but so is quality of life
  that heals as well as it provides pleasure.

 Find a competent health practitioner.
Many will take the time to help
sort out the good info they
share to help in making
well-informed choice.

To Your Health,

Dr. Christopher

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