2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Dear 'Heartcom' (with heart) Family,

    I hope you’re feeling the Spirit of Light,
 Love, Joy and Peace this Christmas.

      I Feel the Light – really appreciate life –
  since my emergency brain surgery
 for a ‘bilateral’ (both hemispheres)
  “subdural hematoma” (brain bleed)
     after a dog tripped me onto my head
   while running backward for a catch
in a game of 'Lightning Frisbee'.  

 No one knew if I would make it,    
including me. But I knew I was in
       good hands – nothing to worry about.

  The helicopter ride to the ICU was
thrilling, the food was great, and
it was like a party with so many 
  caring people visiting all the time;
 a great break from quarantine!

I Feel the Love – It was wonderful to
have all my children by my side, 
       now adults with children of their own.
       And I'm so grateful for all the prayers
     and well-wishes. Sooo much

I Feel the Joy – Another year of life,   
   with 54 weeks of Global Co-Creation
HERE… what a YEAR!   
    What a thrill to share so many reports
of truth-telling heroes with so much
  vision of virtue & valor for the victory
     of humanity’s evolutionary ascension.

I Feel the Peace – It’s all in divine order.
    It may be ‘darkest before the dawn’, but
     the cosmic history of Earth will celebrate
   this time as the greatest light emerging
   amidst the dark winter of treachery and
     treason with the plandemic and extreme
      Presidential election polarization politics.

The Battle for the Soul of the Republic
is a spiritual battle above all.

'Peaceful angel warriors’ claim the victory
as REAL. See the good to make it so.
 Energy flows where attention goes, so
pay attention with pure intention;   
invoke the
Nine Choirs of Angels.  

'Joyful angel warriors’ can transmute trauma
 with effervescent unabashed joy that
   transcends faithless fear with fearless
 faith, hope and charity.

'Loving angel warriors’ harness Power in Love
  to co-Create a unified
heart-coherent field
naturally neutralizes the negativity of
 ‘DUH’ – Dense, Unconscious & Heartless
and ‘SIN’ – Stuck In Negativity.

'Lightning angel warriors are ‘light weavers’ who
  weave a web of light for our enlightenment,
networking for the net worth of Net reality
   that links the light with ascension intention.

As Aquarius surges, the Deep State purges.
Sooner or later, a Golden Age emerges.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Two months worth of hair
since they shaved it.

All Ways , Always