2018 Global Upgrade Series

The Light of Always Prevails

1- The Healing Power of Belief
(short video);
2- The Healing Wisdom of the
 'Crowd' (in the 'Cloud');
3- The Power of Wisdom with
-TLC standard 
for Global

November 4, 2018

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Global Shift from Deep State to High State

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As the midterm elections commence on Tuesday,
a small but prescient minority is aware that our
 horse-and-buggy system of representation is
grossly inadequate for Internet Age reality
with instant-everywhere and interactive
Internet capabilities to upgrade our
Five Core Internet Freedoms.

The current system of electing representatives
is being hacked (systemic manipulation)
as explained in this timely video:

Election Fraud Epidemic:
Cannot Trust Results Country Wide

Nov 2, 2018 / Sarah Westall
 Daniel Wolf, founder of Democracy Counts,
joins the program to discuss the epidemic
voting fraud that exists across the U.S..

The current system is too often bought off
by dark money of the Deep State, and is
out of step with new tech capabilities of
real-time mass-to-mass interaction.

This gross anachronism is a disconnect
from 'Net reality', and it's the cause
of paradigm paralysis as division
in the name of independence
- U.S. versus the world -
rather than paradigm shift
to unity consciousness
as interdependence
in a global village
with ‘
US’ as the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The Healing Power of Belief

In Newtonian Physics, the Universe is divided into two realms, the physical material realm and an invisible energy realm. According to Newtonian physics, an object (a body in this case) made of matter can only be influenced by another form of matter. The establishment of the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is totally predicated upon this belief. If a body is not performing appropriately, it is perceived that a chemical-based intervention is necessary to restore health.

That ‘BS’ (Belief System) is disconnected from quantum reality and the spirit that matters for holistic healing of the health care system worldwide – Global TeLeCare.

Oct 17, 2018 / Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
A dose of levity from ‘Placebo Man
for healing the ‘BS’ (
Belief Systems)
that must be purged for our health.  

“Beauty is the purgation of superfluities.”
~ Michelangelo

The Healing Wisdom of the Crowd

Freedom of Assembly upgraded with
mass-to-mass interaction that could
now represent social conscience in
any social network holodeck cloud

The Power of Wisdom with
-TLC standard
for Global

The higher the standard of public communications
for 'coming into unity' (REAL CommUnity)...
the greater the
TeLeComm (TLC) results;
heart coherent ‘levity’ (self elevation)
for conscious ascent ‘salvation’.

Anchoring the archetypes of
universal law language for
our global return to unity
consciousness with the
common sense of our
quantum 5-D nature
TLC w/.

All connected quantum
is defining the power shift.

If you don't understand how and why
global economic power is shifting
from centralized bank cartels to
decentralized value trades,
watch this video classic:

July 6, 2014 / 1.7+ million views
Transcript and Resources HERE
[required viewing for mature home schoolers]

Social conscience is the preeminent criteria for
qualifying whether a social network community
is a REAL community or a pseudo community.

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.
~ James Madison, Fourth US President and
chief architect of the US Constitution

At the highest level of social conscience,
we all know that the Family of Mankind
could now co-create our Net reality
with an upgrade of conscience
- how we are united as one -
for unity in our diversity;

 With all the fake news communities out there,
   we should welcome the opportunity to become
 our own gatekeepers of social media with a
 universal interface that makes it possible.

At a lower level of social consciousness
we can see mass political polarization
with severe contention if not conflict
between divide-to-conquer forces
and the Power of atONEment.


The High State of Social Conscience

  Fearless faith in the Power of
naturally neutralizes faithless fear of
losing security, fear of change, fear
of others, and fear of loss control in
our world of holistic transformation
from U.S. Nationalism to
  'US' (United Sovereigns).

With as the rule - a universal interface
for global Net reality – naturally rules.

 With bits as the currency of valuation
for global Internet infrastructure innovation,
   we'll see the Currency of Conscience mature
   via Global TeLeComm - with systemic '

The ‘TLC Connection’ for
Global Holistic Healing:

A 'Community Building Process' for
 TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience,
TeLeCare, TeLeCommerce, etc.
So Keep the Faith ~ See the Good
 - more Light-Life- Levity -
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

Light, and Levity IS
what ascension DOES!


Support a global upgrade while
supporting your holistic health:


 Advanced holistic modalities
for optimal health

Spiritual Video of the Week
for Initiates:

Nov 4, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org
El Morya's message on being a signature of God,
 delivered through David Christopher Lewis Nov 4.